Nawt to panic, no grades or anything! Jsut a place where you can test if your unblooness of name is working, or practice special characters, or anyfing else you might not want to interrupt teh current thread with.

Some useful links on the Cheez Town Cryer:

Not all the sections in cweenmj’s helperz and majik tricks be relevant here, but these ones be:

Special characters

Weirdpress Smilies

posting a linkee (pls note, more than one link in a comment will get your comment placed in moderation)

bold, italicz adn uzzer html stuffs

For avatars (the little pictures next to your name), get an account at gravatar.com and set up an avatar through that.


  1. avatar test

  2. let’s see how this works



      1. Feffer pebs wear yoo beee

          1. Um… you’ve used at least 3 different emeow addresses. Gravatar links teh image to teh emeow address. An when yu change it, it can take a few minutes for it to change. When you do change it, it will apply the change to all previous comments using that email address (so you only need to hit F5 – but clearing your browser cache can’t hurt). You can has multi email addresses on one gravatar account, and if you do, you’ll have to change the image for each one.

            1. Um… aye noze … nawt reelee kinfuoozoled — jest trin da gets ridz ub da linkkee atween da Sister and EM … SSSHHHHHHH donut tellz!!

  3. dis be a test?

    1. aaah! all is well. I had been using a wronged spelling of bellaandbonnie. don’t even know my own name,

      1. I totelee get you – is hard sumtiems!!!

  4. dooze i hab noo abby tar? I kleered alla my kookies (dey wuz da yummy)

    1. Hrm ,. I jest eetid more kookies …

      1. Oh wellz — will chanjee ober soonerz oar laterz….

  5. ¡(slǝ ʎuunqʎɹǝʌǝ u) ɥǝʇʇıʞ ıɐɥo

  6. test test …. test

  7. *•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•☆.。.•*✿*•.¸¸❤ •*¨*•☆.。.•*

  8. abbytar test

  9.         *
        ~*  *~
        *  \/  *
    ∂ * – * – * ∂
          \ * /

  10. Teystiing.

    Tesytinng, wun, tew, free!

  11. Seein’ if this thing works…..

  12. I can haz votes, plzthx?

    I wuz nawt completely happy with teh hopeful smiley. So, I made anudder one.

    Old – [hopefulold]
    New – [hopefulnew]

    1. I nawt dshur bout da fumb — kinda looks likee himz pikkin him nose .. sowwee!!!

      Cahnj da fase of “old” hopefull an it kin be [OHMMM} meidationshun man …

      1. *tee hee* Dat’s wot I wuz finking. Looks liek he is pinching sumfing.

        Fanks foar teh feedback, EM. [schmoo]

  13. Sister Mary Kitteh


  14. 🎶🎵 Blue notes test.

    1. 🚴🏻🚃🚝💰🐹🐗🐠🗻🐔🐰🐂🐨 also other stuffs.

      1. (things that TJP found on teh Mac, on 9-21-15)

        1. Did yoo just cut adn paste? Sumhoaw I donut think you hunted them awl doawn and retyped ebbrything.

          1. Yu got that rite! Ai found out they could cut-adn-paste, so Ai stashed them heer, to use later when teh occasion calls for a yellow hen or whatnot. Thnx!

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