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Test! 2

New page fur testing fings ’cause nawt-sekkund wun geting crowded.

Nawt to panic, no grades or anything! Jsut a place where you can test if your unblooness of name is working, or practice special characters, or anyfing else you might not want to interrupt teh current thread with.

Some useful links on the Cheez Town Cryer:

Not all the sections in cweenmj’s helperz and majik tricks be relevant here, but these ones be:

Special characters

Weirdpress Smilies

posting a linkee (pls note, more than one link in a comment will get your comment placed in moderation)

bold, italicz adn uzzer html stuffs

For avatars (the little pictures next to your name), get an account at and set up an avatar through that.


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  1. Test (‘cuz I ain’t bin heer inna lawng tym)

    1. Nuvver test…

      (_ )

      1. Adn anuvver

        )::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.. ..::::
        _'-. _:::::::::::::::::::::::::::.. ,--. ..::
        ( ) ),--.::::::::::::::::::::::. ( ) .::
        )-._::::::::::::::::::.. `--' ..::
        _________________):::::::::::::::::::.. ..::::

        1. Yuk … fayloled dat test…

  2. Trie agin…

    )::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.. ..::::
    _’-. _:::::::::::::::::::::::::::.. ,–. ..::
    ( ) ),–.::::::::::::::::::::::. ( ) .::
    )-._::::::::::::::::::.. `–‘ ..::
    _________________):::::::::::::::::::.. ..::::

    1. Wunts moar…

      (_  )

  3. testestestestestsssss

    1. This is testing the load speed – without stars … first reply post was immediate …

      1. replying again … testing speeds

        1. testing post speed … via stopwatch.

  4. Abatar test.

    1. Yippee!!!!!!

  5. test

      1. Wisspurrs: tehre seems tu be an extra quote mark, ie ” in your linkee wen ai luk at the status bar wile hovering on teh links …

        1. Fanx, PB – ai fownded it n eggsterminated it!

  6. Testing another quilty

    1. And another one

      1. And let’s put the original wun here

  7. hao due ai luk

  8. Testing birfingdai grabatar

  9. red

    1. gess nawt… one moar try…

      1. Still no. wunder hao Prysma didit…

    2. (mite wurk only fur mods – nawt shur)

      1. Pawsiblolee. No biggee

      1. (psst – you need to do this: <a href=”link”>text</a> )

          1. :roll: I use that particular bit of code so many times a day lately that it’s practically tattooed on the inside of my skull. But judging by the timing, you got it without me.

            1. Yes, yor rite! I struggled through, found the answer, then saw your confirmation that I was on the right track. Fanks agin!!! :grin:

  10. Testing my computer’s speed…

  11. *YOINK!!

    :oops: Sawry abowt teh landing.





            ,           ,
          #           # ,
         [-_ -=-__=-_ -==_-]
         [=]             [=]
         [-]      `(     [-] 
         [_]     (_.)    [=]  
       /==_]    )_*._(   [=_-\
       [=_ ]  (@)#####)  [ _=]


  12. Standin bai in caes Burfday Fairy iz missin!

  13. testtestetsteggwohqohfvalwdj – there — did I already say THAT??!!

    1. This is a test of bold print.

      1. Back to regular name.

    2. Test. Test. This is only a test. If this were an actual event… ;)

  14. testing lights shortcode

    1. testing smiley shortcodes
      Type what is in between the square brackets. Include the squares brackets. The twisted one is an old one dat I am yoozing to compare the sizes of the new ones.

      :twisted: :twisted:
      [innocent] [innocent]
      [sick] [sick]
      [sleep] [sleep]
      [hug] [hug]
      [boop] [boop]
      [dubious] [dubious]
      [doh] or [facepalm] [facepalm]
      [worried] [worried]
      [headdesk] [headdesk]
      [worthy] [worthy]
      [swoon] [swoon]
      [harumph] [harumph]
      [applause] [applause]

      Wolfkit inspired me to add one:
      [rat] [rat]

        1. Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! *duz a happy dansdansdans* :grin:

      1. Excellent! You’re a very clever man, SNC 8D

      2. To SNC == wuz nawt shur ware to post MORE suggestifications:

        A “whewww” or “Phewwww” as in releeved (butt nawt inna flannickk)

        Conga rats

        1. [lights]
          *added tew my honeydew list*

          1. Duz yoo hab a cantelope list two??

            1. [lights]Must hab, coz it’s been almost uh yeer since I propozed tew Ms. NC, and wii still hab nawt fownd tiem to do teh deed.

              Items awn SNC’s cantelope list.
              1. Wurkity
              2. Wurkity
              3. Wurkity
              4. Kids & grandkids
              5. Home maintenance
              6. Car repair
              7. Car repair for kids & grandkids
              *good grief* [dubious] :roll:

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