Test! 2

New page fur testing fings ’cause nawt-sekkund wun geting crowded.

Nawt to panic, no grades or anything! Jsut a place where you can test if your unblooness of name is working, or practice special characters, or anyfing else you might not want to interrupt teh current thread with.

Some useful links on the Cheez Town Cryer:

Not all the sections in cweenmj’s helperz and majik tricks be relevant here, but these ones be:

Special characters

Weirdpress Smilies

posting a linkee (pls note, more than one link in a comment will get your comment placed in moderation)

bold, italicz adn uzzer html stuffs

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  1. Sterogram test


    1. *almoast goez blynd* Izzit teh overlappin “CL” logo ob cheezland?

      Ai fynded it beri hard tu getting it tu lyne up propurly, mebbe kuz ob teh trikk ai yoozes tu du dat. Ai has a bunch ob doze “majik eye” buuks, adn lurnd tu let mai iyez de-kupplol enuf tu let teh repeeting patturn lyne up agen in teh offset pozishun. Its hard tu deskrybe whut dat meenz … eech iye sees a seprit imidj, adn teh bakgrown imidj (heer, teh repeetin letters) needs tu shifting frum bofe iyez seein teh hoal imidj in teh saym playse, tu habbin eech iye seeing it shifted ober by wun repeeting element, soz dey lynes up agen. Dis wuz eezy tu du wiff teh Majik Eye pikshoors, cuz der wuz yoozhully sumfin ravver distinktib ai cud yooz tu watch teh imadjez frum eech iye shift relatib tu eech obber adn den re-allyne, but fownd dat beri hard tu duing wiff teh lettering.

      1. *tryz agen* Otay, ai gettin better at it. Teh L is kloasur den teh C, yeff? But ai has a hard tyme gettin teh bottum ob teh L (teh part belo teh C) tu staying popped owt … seemz lyke teh far-away bakkgrown keeps commin up flat wiffit, unless ai luuks furver tu teh ryte.

        1. Yes, the L should be closer.

          1. Should be eben closer nao.

            1. Teh C and teh L shuld bii awn teh same plane nao.

              Ai fink it wurks best dat way. I shuld jes stick to wun level of separayshun from the background.

              1. Yeff, dats much eeziur to acheev, adn moar stayblol tuu.

                Ai wuz gonna sujjest teh saym fing … stikk tu wun lebel.

      2. *nods* Yep. Yew gawt it. I iz gunna play wif colors a bit tew sii if dat halps, and mehbii sum different character sets. Unfortunately, the letters awr teh onlee fing ai hab to maik patterns out of, nawt dat ai wanna rewrite the program to use pixlolz N-E-way. I had a hard tiem at furst too getting it to wurk, and ai wuz akshully getting uh borked image showing awp fur sum reezun at first, kinda like teh background and foreground patterns had jumblold uh bit in the interior see thru parts of the object. Ai can still maik dat image show awp if ai try hard enuff, but it’s getting harder and harder each time ai praktiss and get the right image. I fownd it easier if ai don’t get too close to the screen, which is cownter to my intuition.

        1. Sumfin dat myte halp tuu is dat eech lyne duz nawt hastu yooz teh saym letterz, so lawng as wiffin eech lyne derz teh proper (saym-length) repeeting elements tu allowing u tu shift dem enuff tu mayk teh popped-owt imidj. Teh reezin ai sujjests dis is so u can mayking sumfin distinktib tu yooz as a “targit” for shiftin teh imidj, wich ai fynd wurks best if dat part ob teh pikshoor is juss bakgrown.

          Fur egzamplol, whut ai fownd wurks best is tu luuk neer bottum-left, den fokus awn teh “c” ob cHeE… lynin up after teh “rlz” at teh end ob teh patturn, adn hoaldin it der till mai brayn re-interprits it as teh far-away bakkgrown. Only den wud ai mooving mai iyez tu teh ryte to seeing teh 3D immidj.

          Adn yeff, bein tuu kloase can mayking it hard for ur iyez tu de-kupplol far enuff for teh repeeting patturn tu re-alygn. Adn u hastu mayk shoor nawt tu tilt ur hedd tu teh syde eeber. Nawt an eezy fing tu du or tu deskrybe!

          1. Hmmm. Different character sets on each line fail. Gotta be selective about characters. The copy/pasta into the comment editor seems to do a little character translation, and I really doan wanna have to resort to HTML hex codes.

            1. Nawt fur me. Diffrint karacturz awn diffrint lynes wurks otay (unless u updated it agen sinss u commented), sept lyke at teh top-ryte ob teh C wayr derz a bunch ob Ls in a row (loozes teh 3D effekt). But it allows me tu choozing a lyne wiff sumfin eezy tu seeing as teh imadjes shift tu lyning dem up better.

              1. Yesh, I replaced the translating characters and updated it again.

                I left the alternating characters sets per line enabled, but limited it to A-Z overall. I think it works pretty well, ‘cept there is still a little artifacting. As you mentioned, it happens on lines where a letter is repeated in the sequence, so I might have to code a filter to avoid that. I also played with the sequence width a little. I had it set to 12 and bumped it up to 16. I find it easier to focus quicker with that setting. Others might not. Everyone’s eyes (and brains) are different. I’ll continue to play with the pattern. Maybe I’ll try A-Z & 0-9 in the character set or even try adding lower case letters. Fanks for your feedback, AP.

              2. Otay, ai is seein teh wun wiff juss kapitlol letters, aifink wiff teh wyder sekwenss. Ur ryte, ai wuz ayblol tu getting it tu wurk juss by defokusing ravver den yoozin teh trikk ob watching teh letters ob teh shifting imidjez.

                Der still seems tu be a glitch at teh lower-left korner, adn a smaller wun at teh top-left korner.

                Adn ur welkoms! Ai lubs hao deez fingz wurk, adn also watchin obbers hoo has nebber tryd it wen dey goez “Aha!! Wowz!” wen it fynallolly wurks, so is gud tu maykin it as eezy as possiblol fur doze hoo has trubblols gettin der iyez tu duing dat.

              3. Yep. It’s fun. I forgot how much I enjoyed programming it.
                I mostly manage, advise and kiss customer butt these days at work and don’t get a lot of opportunity to engage in practical hands on stuff. Wish I did. I know I could fix a lot of things that I’m always apologizing for that don’t work if I did it myself. But…I don’t have the bandwidth to do it all. So I got to delegate, right?

                But I digress. Anyway…Thanks to PB for starting the comment thread that inspired me to dust off my programming toolkit.

                Now, I expanded the character set and increased the sequence even further. I find personally my brain has a limit right around 50 where it not longer wants to let my eyes defocus, but I found the closer I can get to 50 the easier it is right up to the point where I can’t do it any more. So, I set it to 30 hoping that threshold was well within most other people’s limits.

                And, I’ve changed the raster. I’m not gonna tell you what it is because I want to see if you can see it. That’s why the characters are all swishy, because the raster is a little wider than the CL logo and I needed to fit it in the comment box. I was afraid at first that making the text too small was going to be a problem. Then I remembered, it’s just patterns. It’s not like it has to legible.

                Let me know if you can tell what the new picture says.
                Hint: It’s a cheezpeep.

              4. Sumbuddy sed mai naym ??

                No, I can’t see magic pictures at all, probably because I have one lazy eye. That and I don’t want to teach my brain to unlearn how to see properly. Good to see you having fun, anyway. Cheers, -PB

              5. *gets bakk frum teh stoar, tryz it owt*

                Yeff, is ryte at teh limit ob wall-iye-ness foar me, adn fur sum reezin duznt seem tu gib as sharp-edjd or defined of an imidj as teh biggur rasterz creaytid, but ai can mayking owt (spoyler alert!) shepmom (split in tuu parts).

              6. Luukin at it agen, ai seez ders still lotsa repeetin karakturs wiffin eech repeetin unit. Aifink if u eliminayts dat, it will kleerin fingz up alot. Mayks it hard tu reed if teh edjez nawt sharp.

              7. Done. No more repeating letters.

              8. *tryz it* Otay, gud … teh 3D edjis ar sharper adn clearur.

                But still … duznt seem tu pop as much as befoar. Mebbe teh text is juss a littlol tuu smawl. Befoar wuz tuu big, maykin teh text tuu obvius adn distraktin, but nao mebbe is tuu granular, maykin teh separashun ob teh 3D lebels less vybrant kuz teh letters formin teh effekt is tuu mushy wiff pikselayshun.

                Aifink u wented in teh ryte direkshun wiff teh rastur adjustmint, juss a littlol tuu far. Try pullin bakk a bit.

              9. No can do.
                There simply isn’t enough room in the comment box.

              10. *seez it wiff teh bloo bakgrown*

                Well, teh effekt is defnitly wurkin. Howebber, it seems kowntur-intuitib dat u can has reely big text or reely tiny text, but nawt inbetween-syze text. Nawt teh 3D text, teh bakgrown patturn stuff. Fur sum reezin, teh 3D text seemz moar elusib (ethereul? unreal?) den befoar wiff teh bigger bakgrown text.

              11. It’s because I changed the image from
                which is more than twice as wide because CL was overlapped. SHEPMOM take more sideways room to render, and the comment box only allows so many characters left to right. It’s not that you can’t have background text in between, but the size is dictated by the combination of the size of the comment box and how many left to right characters you need to render the image pixels.

                I could render it like this:
                and turn the background font size back up, but then it (generally) won’t fit in a single web page.

                Or I could render it like this:
                and turn the image font size down, but when I do the that, it’s worse because the font used in the image rendering of the SHEPMOM letters needs a minimum number of pixels too.

              12. Otay, ai unnerstand dat … mebbe u nawt unnerstand whut ai is sayin. So furst lets yooz text fur teh patturn ob letters adn imadj fur teh 3D imadj, wich also happins tu be text.

                I mean u shud mayk teh text biggur so its moar discernible tu teh iye as distinkt patturns so teh 3D imadj is renderd in teh brayn better. Biggur text wiff fewer letters per repeating unit.

                U currintly has 30 tiny letters per repeating unit. Can u make it 20 bigger ones? Adn render teh sayme SHEP – MOM imadj wiffin dat feeld?

              13. The number of sequence characters doesn’t affect the total width left to right needed to render the pixels of the image. The number of sequence charters only affects the number of times the background pattern is repeated across the screen. Actually, the more times you repeat it, the more likely that the image will become muddled because the chances that an offset portion of the sequence used on the image corresponds to (or is in close proximity to) the same portion used for the background increases with fewer distinct characters.

                Take a classic stereogram for example, the kind used by a ViewMaster or those olde tyme stereoscopes. Those only used two images because that actually provides the best contrast for divergence. And yes it is possible to construct a stereoscope with more than two images using prisms even though there are only two lenses. Multiple iterations in an autostereogram are only necessary if/when you are trying to render more than two planes.

                And before you point out that those classic stereoscopes render in infinite depth and not in finite planes, that’s because they actually use pictures taken from two different angles and those pictures are both infinitely resolute in relation to the angles they are taken at. What we’re doing here is a bit different. We’re not using two distinct resolute images. All the information on each of the two images (background and SHEPMOM) is entirely contained on the same plane of depth in comparison to the other image because I’m discretely rendering them with pixels in a 2D raster consisting of a single ASCII art file.

                Now, the program that renders the background pattern and merges it with the ASCII art file to generate the sequence offsets does allow 3 (actually 4 including the background itself) planes to be rendered relevant to each other by using a numeric value read from the ascii art file for each pixel of the ascii art image. And, in that case, then I would have to reduce the sequence width to a number below a corresponding multiple of the overall image width (e.g. 120 width / 3 planes = 40 character sequence), but since we decided to only use two planes, the best contrast comes as the sequence width approaches half the image width. That’s why I was getting better results as I was approaching a sequence width of 50, because I was using an image width of 110.

                Short answer: I tried lowering it back down to 20, and I noticed MORE artifacting around the edges even after I removed the repeating background characters. :mrgreen:

              14. Aifink teh mayn fing u needs tu duz is mayk shoor derz no repeetin letters wiffin eech repeetin yoonit.

                Der also seems tu be a slyte glitch at teh bottum-leff korner, bofe in dis verzhun adn in teh last. It shud be juss bakkgrown, but notiss in teh third lyne frum teh bottum, it starts wiff \”KY” but teh negst unit is \YKY” (teh Y shud be a “). Saym wiff teh negst lyne, wayr QXS] bekumz Q]S] (X shud be a ])

  2. bold

  3. Testing spacing between lines
    There should be no blank lines





  4. Iz mi witchy hat gonidded?

      1. deleted kookies — now?

        1. Yes, its gone nao. Ebrywayr.

        2. Sometimes it takes gravatar a few minutes to process the change.

          Also, you can just refresh the page – yu not has to make new comments. :-)

          1. Tuuk myne a hoal day tu ketching up.
            Ai wud go teh teh gravatar payj, adn it showd meh wiff teh hornz.
            So ai wud logging in tu chekk, adn it showd meh wiffowt dems.
            But wen ai loggd bakk owt, teh payj still showd meh wiff teh hornz.
            Wuznt till teh negst day dat dey disumpeerd, in teh middlol ob kommenting.

  5. Barbra Hunter casts her vote at the Urbanimal pet shop polling booth in Chicago, Illinois, as Oreo the cat saunters by.


    Photograph: Jeff Haynes/Reuters.

    1. I put this in the test section because it’s a very long link and I wasn’t sure whether it would work but this is my favourite picture from the election!

  6. Avitar switch test test test

  7. Yippeee Xmas Jazzy

  8. duz dis werk?
    Oar dis?
    Wun larst fing (wich prolly won’ werk…)

    1. Hmm. Hokay, nawt awl html werkz (nawt dat ai kno dat much html…)

    this is a test

  10. I hope Shirley doesn’t mind. ;-)

    1. Dun cawl mii Shirley!

  11. Oh noes! My gravatar am borked! Ai duzzunt want teh green kwilty fingy, even tho itz pretty. Izzit fiksifyed nao?

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