Test! 2

New page fur testing fings ’cause nawt-sekkund wun geting crowded.

Nawt to panic, no grades or anything! Jsut a place where you can test if your unblooness of name is working, or practice special characters, or anyfing else you might not want to interrupt teh current thread with.

Some useful links on the Cheez Town Cryer:

Not all the sections in cweenmj’s helperz and majik tricks be relevant here, but these ones be:

Special characters

Weirdpress Smilies

posting a linkee (pls note, more than one link in a comment will get your comment placed in moderation)

bold, italicz adn uzzer html stuffs

For avatars (the little pictures next to your name), get an account at gravatar.com and set up an avatar through that.


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  1. Okay then..how about [sleep] ???

  2. wooooooooohooooooooooooooo…

  3. …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…

      1. [lights]Ohai wolfkit. Try the shortcode [lights]

        1. [astrix]

          Wer deed teh pic ib teh rat kum frum?

          1. [lights]
            *tee hee*
            I’ll neber tell. [innocent]

            1. Iz nawt opten ai iz inzpiringing.


        2. Fankee Snc. Ai mai haz bin awaek tu lorng.

  4. o my goodness, dis am ssooooo kyoot!!! [rat] [rat] [rat] [rat]

  5. testy testy!





      1. nooo… [rat] ???

        How yoo doo mousie??

        1. YEA iz a rat nawt a mouse!!

          BF??? Y U no do a MadLib fingie???!!

    1. O mai CC, haow awsum!




      1. WTF?? Wot am alla deez?? I kno [heddesk] butt nawt da sourface or da peep a boo gut …

        1. otay — I nawt kno [headdesk]

  6. Wii can haz sum uf the kitteh smileez frum dis site?


    1. [lights]
      *puts it awn the list*
      *skritchez hed*
      I hab an idea, but it’s along teh line of teh same problem I am habing with teh splort, too many frames. Might be a while before I get to these.

      Wut duz a flannik look like eggzaklee? :-? I always pikshurd it looking liek uh hip flask.

      1. [sick] ewwwwww

      2. :lol: ai haz noe ideea akshulee. ai alwayz fowt uv it azza sorta flannlol dyper kinda fing!

        1. maybe jus a pannikee skayrdee faise wud bee eezier? Tho wee haz ‘wurried’ wich iz awsum sew maybee wee dunt need doze. ai wuz jus kureeous tew see wat ur mynd wud kome up wiv fer pee inna flannik! :lol:

          1. [lights]OK, I did wun (non-animated), but nawt sure if it is any good, and maybe iz nawt eggzaklee appropriate, butt(!) I fink it iz fun. :twisted:

            Thoughts? Opinions? Emotional outbursts?

              1. [lights]I take dat as a compliment. :-D
                I yam nawt gunna publish it until I git sum moar feedbak awn dis wun.
                I’m particularly curious wot PK and JE fink. ;-)
                Don’t wanna push no bowndreez. [innocent]

              2. Dat Iz onlee furr a boiz. Us gurls cud nawt pee onna flannik likee dat …. Purrhapz Iz too literal.

              3. [lights]Oh noes. EM is starting tew fink he IZ a smiley. [wtf]

                Well, teh kissy wun haz lipstick. Whylol nawt entirely restrikted tew boys, iz moar often dan nawt associated wif gurlz.

                And besides, I gno foar a fact dat it iz possiblol foar gurlz tew fill a flannik dat way, no matter hao improbablol. :-P

                TMI? :-?

              4. Um …. Iz nawt a he. [harumph]. Butt (!) I git yer poynt.

              5. [lights][wtf] *snerk* Stoopy sticky S key. :mad: :oops:

              6. Tee hee!!

                We needs a dog wun….

              7. [lights]*YUP* *YUP* Awn teh list awlreddy, dog and puppie.

                Dat reminds mii, I need to update the coming attactions in teh side bar.

              8. Um SNC?? Yoo onna vacashun oar sumpfink?? Do wii needs to kome ober an habz an inn terra benshun??

              9. [lights]I wish. :roll:
                No, I iz just posting comments in between running database queries at wurkity. I did the flannik smiley during lunch.

              10. So now I be JE … I can lives with that *lol

            1. Maibee yu cud jus du [rawak] wiv ‘danga’ red moobmen waivs?

              1. [lights]Dat’s a good good idea too, WK. [clap]

                So, is dat a vote against teh wun linkd above?

              2. Iz afwaid soe. Ai iz such a prood ai noe.

              3. Wee dunt haz tew hav a flannik wun, wateber teh majoritee/er wateber prysma sez iz fyne. Jus wantid tew see wat u wud kome up wiv ;)

                Haow bowt a hayuge manatee? :)

              4. A emotikon wiv a tayle? Sownds gudgudgud.

              5. [lights]Oh noze. Dat’s OK. Beleeb me, I GNO. I hab berry thin filters sometiemz. Dat’s why I didn’t publish it rite away. And, I wanted honest feedbak. So, fankeez. [hug]

              1. [lights]*snerk* Am dat uh vote foar oar against? ;-)

            2. Re: teh flannik:
              [wtf] [orly] [O_o] :eek: and :shock:
              It be cyoot, but purrhaps, um, nawt kwite propriate fur Cheezland.

              (Sowree, got cot onna fone wif my momcat, then we hadda ravver wide-area but breef power blackout.)

              Teh manatee am adorablols, tho, an fanks muchly fur teh uvvers. [kiss]

              1. [lights]Well dat settlolz it then. Fanks PK! [schmoo]

              2. BTW, Cory-Bear approobs uv teh aminaytid wuns: him watching tehm wiffa fassynated. :lol:

  7. testing new user name

  8. [lights]I almost forgot! [doh]
    Wot do yew guys fink ob dis one?

    1. [lights]I almost forgot!! [doh][doh]
      I hab uh meeting tew go tew. C-ya later cheezpeeps. [wave]

    2. [clap][clap][clap][clap][clap]

      1. Hmmmm….? a round of apple sass?


        1. Well day did nawt werk. Hafta ta try onna pooter and nawt stoopy fone

    3. Heeheehee, luv itz!! O teh [manatee] !

      1. Aw, wai it nawt wurks fer meh? :(

        1. Nawt finkso teh manatee wun am live yet, so tu speek.

          1. :shock: Oh noes! Cawl nine elebenty !!!

            1. Ai hazza sertin NC will Frankinstine it soon. ;-)

              1. Otay! Phew! Ai hadda wurried fer Hugh!

              2. It iz skweeedorable!

  9. [lights]
    Testing all shortcodes
    [hug][sleep][sick][boop][doh][dubious][worried][headdesk][worthy][swoon][harumph][applause][schmoo][orly][wtf][O_o][rawak] [cat] [kitten] [rat] [mouse] [wave][phew] [dog] [puppy] [headnod][headshake][fingerscrossed][manatee][caterpiggleh]

    1. Ai don suppoz a pare ob mobing shuz cud becoem ‘dansdansdans’?

    1. Upfi!!!! Dats awsum!

    2. Wooo Hooo faw teh [caterpiggleh]

      1. A manatee, a caterpiggleh… Ai fink nao we need a bunny!

        BUTT(!)… Ai hazza concern.

        Tew be honnist (hesitating heer), Ai donut reely liek hazzing sew menny smileys. Ai liek teh emoticons tew eggspress emoshunz, butt(!) sum luuk a lot aliek adn Ai hasta skwint tew figyur owt wich wun it iz. Ai’m just getting cumfertublol reeding adn riting LOLspeek adn hazza skeered uv pictogramz. Dey gib me a dizzee.

        BUTT(!) Ai fink it’s reely awsum adn appreeshiate awl teh hard werk. [clappity] [hugs] [worthy] ;)

        1. Follow-up: Okay, dese are fun! Considering hao menny Ai’ve bin yoozing, Ai guess Ai’m getting profishint wif dem [phew] ;)

          We still needa bunny, tho [hopeful]

          1. Yep, fun, but gonna be slowing down srsly on new ones. Discussion was on, um, the Diamonds lol yesterday, aifinkso, or teh wun befoar it.
            You duz has a point bowt teh bunny, tho… *lukks thotful*

  10. Testing smileys

    It’s true!!!

    1. It’s true!!!

      1. Hmm… does not show more than one of the hidden words, I see. :???:

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