How to submit a LOL:

Please make sure you include EVERYTHING below

Email to:
Subject: LolSubs (Please don’t get creative with the subject line – the email filter cannot sort them into the right place if it doesn’t actually say “LolSubs” – but you can add other info to it)

  • Your cheezname (or other name you want credit as) Please don’t assume that prysma can figure out your Cheezname from your email address!
  • All credits (Photo by AND Caption by) and source links if applicable. Please don’t assume that I’ll figure out whether you took the picture yourself or where you found it.
  • Optionally, names of animals and/or people in the pics, anything else relevant, especially if you want it mentioned
  • Any notes, eg, theme day you’re submitting it for, background on the situation in the pic

LOLs/Pix: Attach images you want to submit, with or without captions, OR links to where to find those images online. Please limit submissions email size to about 3 to 5 images per email, maximum. You can send all the LOLs you want, just please not all in one message.

Size and Format Specs:
jpg / jpeg is the only format being posted, anything else will have to be converted, so plz try to just send them as jpg.

Images will not be posted any larger than 640×480 pixel.  500 or 600 for the larger dimension is usually just fine. If you send larger ones, they’ll be resized.

What prysma would love to see:

  • Interesting animals – we all love teh kittehs, and I’ll keep primarily posting kittehs, but one or two a day that are nawt-kittehs is nice variety!
  • Stuff sent in by peeps who have nawt sended stuff before – try it! Plz to not nawt-send lols or photos because you don’t think they’re good enough! Is an eezy and happeh and friendly audience, y’know!

FAQs (Frekwently Asked Qwestions)

Q: Can I submit my lols from ICHC?
A: Yes. Lols captioned via ICHC (aka DOP) are fine as long as they’re your own. Lunarmommy fownded hip waders and slogged thru the DOP Terms of Use (TOU) in the nawt-sekkund day or so – they has permission to use ennyfing submitted, but it nawt belong to them, it belong to teh creator. Thank you so much to lunarmommy for wading through the ICHC TOU to clarify! Menny fings being posted came from there. Trying to avoid using front-page stuff, but there’s soooo much awsumness that got lost in the flood over there! So plz to feel free to send stuff made at DOP.

Q: How do I submit a lol from ICHC?
A: On your ICHC profile, go to your pixors.
Click on teh thumbnail of teh lol you want.
It will open up a bigger version.
Now RIGHT click on teh pixor. A list of options openz up.
Click on “Save As” and save it to a folder on your computer.
Send it to prysma at with credits n stuff.

Note: plz to be careful you aren’t right-clicking on teh thumbnails (teh lil version that am on teh page wif lotsa your other lols) – otherwise it saves only teh lil teeny version, an sizing pix bigger duz not well! (Lotsa peeps has done this.)

Q: I know I can use my pixors, but what pixors on teh web can I use for lol submissions?
A: If not your own, the images in the LOLs should be used with express permission from, and credit to, the photographer. Sources for these images should be from (a) our own Gallery or friends, or (b) Creative Commons with a link to the source. Using Creative Commons material without credit given violates the CC license in most cases, so you need to send the source link with the lol.

There are many sites collecting and offering pics with no effort to provide links to where they found it or to the original source.  “Photo source unknown” means we cannot verify whether we have the fair right to use it or not. These can get us in trouble (although admittedly it’s highly unlikely). It’s also a question of ethics: would you want pics of your critters all over the interwebs with no name or credit at all? LOLs have been submitted based on pics from these sorts of sites that were NOT free to use and have been disqualified on those grounds, which is a waste of time and effort on all sides. Given that, and since it would take an impossible amount of time to check on sources for all, pics from sites like goaww and similar are no longer being used at all. 

The glaring exception to this is DOP, also known as ICHC: anyone can upload pics there, and they do, and sometimes they really shouldn’t, but realistically, an immense percentage of Cheezland’s LOLs are from those made by Cheezpeeps on ICHC, which has a familiar interface and on which many have made large numbers of lols over the years. Out of sheer practical necessity, these will be used.

There are lots of images out there that are expressly fair game, try to use them and keep track of the source, okay? Check the Pics to Caption page for possible sources.

The captions themselves need to be (a) your own, OR (b) used with express permission of, and credit to, the captioner. Stuff found already captioned online, (not stuff you captioned) that were posted under Creative Commons or “Source Unknown” won’t be used.

Q: I know I can use my pixors, but wut pixors on teh web can I use for the Gallery and Caption-me submissions?
A: Images need to be either (a) your own, OR (b) used with express permission of, and credit to, the photographer (relative or friend of yours, basically). They’ll be uploaded to the Gallery for others to caption unless you expressly state otherwise, and will be removed once they’ve been used or are scheduled to be used. Images found online with a Creative Commons license may be used for Caption-me spots IF a link to the source is provided, but they won’t be added to the Gallery. “Online somewhere” or “creative commons” or “wiki commons” with no further info isn’t enough.

Q: I haz a Flickr account, hao duz I add my pixors to teh Cheezland Gallery? (Or, duz I need to haz a Flickr account to share Gallery pixors?)
A: The Cheezland gallery am no longer hosted on Flickr thanks to Flickr’s “improvements” making it harder to use, so it are nao on ipernity. To submit pics to the gallery, emeow them to for prysma to add. (Chronically a little behind, but they usually get there eventually.) These are also used for the 12:00 caption-me spots.

Teh Cheezland Flickr account am just a regular account, just like yurs. Uvvers cannawt put pixors on yur Flickr; uvvers cannawt put pixors on teh Cheezland Flickr. So, yu duz nawt need to haz a Flickr account, coz it duzzint matter. To add pics tu teh Gallery, yu need to emeow them, or at leest emeow teh links to teh specifis pixors yu wanting tu share. Tehy will stay on Cheezland’s Gallery until they be used, wun way or teh uvver.

Q: How do I putting a caption on a pixor?
A: Lols captioned via ICHC (aka DOP) are fine as long as they’re your own. There are also a variety of other sites out there that allow you to upload and caption pictures, for example roflbot or BigHugeLabs or piZap. Or you can add captions on your own computer using Photoshop, GIMP, Paint, or other software. Several are suggested on the Links page (under “LOL and Pix Links”) – there are links there as well for ways to resize your own pics.

Techie bit (ignore this paragraph if you don’t understand it): prysma is, by the way, running a web optimizer in GIMP, the software she uses, to bring files down to under 100kb as much as possible, to keep load times fast, and also a batch program that resizes all files to under 100kb and max 640px wide while adding the watermark. jpegs do not really need to be saved at 100% quality for use on a site like this – at 90%, it will drop the size substantially and you’ll never notice. Keep the high resolutions, huge image sizes, and 100% quality for your personal photo albums. DOP seems to have done an auto resize to 500 as the greater dimension, and given the file sizes, I guarantee they were being saved at less than 100% quality. I’m not advocating poor quality pics, I’m trying to keep things quick and smooth.

IF YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS, DO NOT PANIC OR GIVE UP! Send it anyway! If you have an awesome picture and a caption but you just canNOT figure out how to put them together, send the picture and the requested caption and  prysma will add it or forward it to a volunteer who will, but it will take longer.

Q: What shud I avoid?
A: Here am a list of things not to submit.

  • Anything too hard to read (caption font is miniscule or too ornate or the caption is impossible to make out against the background colours, mainly). Keep in mind that not everyone is able to read fancy elaborate script fonts and people may be looking at lols on screens of various sizes. Also consider the colour of the font vs the colours behind it. Keep it easy for everyone to read.
  • Anything that prysma thinks has a srsly high chance of being distressing instead of fun to a significant number of people (that one’s a bit of a judgement call, sorry) – basically anything that doesn’t fall within “play nice”. This is, after all, supposed to be a safe place. This has, so far, included guns, alcohol, overtly sexual themes, and excessive bathroom humour. It can also include excessively obscure references, not because they aren’t nice but because they’re less fun.
  • Anything with violence, death, cruelty, sick or injured animals, abuse, etc etc. This needs to be fairly emphatic to be a problem, since any photo taken by Cheezpeeps prysma will assume has a safe backstory, but pics of unknown source is up to prysma’s discretion whether it’s questionable.


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  1. Okee dokee smokee! :) *gets tu wurk*

  2. Can ai bii sendifyin in wuns dat ai capshunned frum the UVVER *ahem* site dat ai tuuk frum dere awferrings an capshunned? Wud dat be teh otay? An cud ai juss emayi dem tu yu frum day site oar wud dey slap mii daon fur it? Cuz yu no day awls say teh webbysite’s naynm at teh bottum?? Cuz ai DU hab sum priddy ufny wuns :blush: if ai DU sai sew maiseff.

    1. Aifinksew dat was deemed to be ok, as long as we can cite the creator and the photographer (if available, just use what the otter site has cited).

  3. Ai just wented awn teh ICHC and it was nawt in Beta :shock:

    1. Bits of it always are. If you look at a pic under a profile, then it is in the Beta view and can be commented by either Facebook comments (optionally with Yahoo or Hotmail accounts) or with Cheezburger comments (using the ICHC login instead of wordpress / gravatar authority to comment.)

      The Faysbuk comments go first to last
      and the Cheezburger comments go last to first (‘cepting replies in a threaded conversation). What a mess !!

      Teh ICHC emphasis seams tu bi awn counters for favorites, reblogging, sharing on Faisbuk nd Twitter, “liking”, thumbs up and down. Hardly anyone comments anywhere except for contentious videos and the like on the other cheezburger sites.

      T’uvver day, I posted a comment on “alpha” lolcats, it sed, “posting comment”, refrosht teh payg nd brott mee bak up awn Beta nd ai cudnawt get bak, eben wiv teh backdoor triks :mad:

      1. … on Beta, withowt teh cawmint ai juss made, mite I add !!

  4. Fankees fur usin sum uf mai pics. Ai wil twie tu makem smaulr. :)

    1. Fank u! Is nawt a complaint, it took a lil trial an error to get teh bestest formatting figgured owt. Ai nawt mind resizing a few, but nowai can ai resize ebree pic taht comes in! :-D

  5. Ai putt awn a hazmat soot adn wentid tu mai profile in DOP tu reskew mai pixors adn lols ai had madid ob mai oan kittehs, wich ai had nawt sabed ennyware els. Ai dragged dem intu a desktop foaldur, but dey’s tu smawl. Wen ai trai tu resize dem, dget guts awk blurry. Wat tu du???

    1. On ur ICHC profile, go to ur pixors.
      Clik on deh thumbnail uv deh pixor u wants.
      It will open up a bigger version dan teh thumbnailz.
      Now RIGHT clik on deh pixor. A list uv options openz up.
      Clik on deh “Save As” and save it to a folder on ur pooter.
      Dis will b a 500 x 375 pixel pixor. Shud b just rite fur Prysma.

      1. Yu beeted me tu it, yur majestea. ;-)


        Ai has, bai teh way, had tu ask a cupple peeps alreddy tu plz tu resend because all tehy sended me was teh thumbnails, so yu nawt aloan.

        1. O fankew both!!! Ai’ll du dat wen ai gits hoam tunite!

  6. fur enneewun yoosing Verizon awn dere fone, pix place awfurs a berri limitid capshun bloon (25 karakturs) in dere ‘fun effects’ sekshun, nd dey size teh pix tu 640×480.

    1. …speshully iffen ur lyk mii, in dat ai awlmoast awlwais ketches teh funni stuf awn mai fone!

  7. Ohai! Prysma oar Seanya oar enny Admin hoo happinz tu be ‘rownd…

    (1) Wut am teh eye deel size fur pixors oar LOLz?

    (2) Ai noez a weigh tu capshun yoozing teh Mykrosawff Powurpointyendz… aifinkso ai culd mayk a tootoareeyul, if ennywun wuld be innerested.

    Kthxbai! ♥

    1. Da bestest size iz 640×480 that = “web Large” in the resizer on Microsoft Picture manager

  8. O! Wun moar submeeshuns kweschun, ai can haz?

    (3) We can yooz LOLz we mayd at DOP if dey NAWT maykt it tu teh Frunt Payj?

    Kthxbaiagen! ♥

    1. yup! (not because is Not Allowd, but becawz Prysma wants teh content at Cheezland to bee unique an never-before-seen)

      1. Well, teh wun ai rilly wants tu submit sirtinly wuz nawt seen, butt ai alwayz thawt it wuz pritty durn gud! :-D

        Fankies sew mush, LM! {{{{{{{{{{{LM}}}}}}}}}}}} Ai hoeps yoo am well. ♥

  9. Ai haz submitted! *dans dans dans* :-D

  10. Ummm….ai fink ahm a bit dense tooday, ai hazza confuzzled. Az long az ai make teh kapshun iz otay tew uze ‘source unknown’ pixures? Oar noe source unknown pixures tew bee uzed at awl?

    Ai gets taht anee pixures submitted tew be put inn teh galleree fer awl uv uz tew kapshun mus be our own. Ahm jus nawt kleer awn iffen wuns wee add kapshuns tew an submit kan bee ‘source unknown’.

    Iffen noe unknown source pix allowd at awl den ahm sawree, ai haz sent u kwite a few dat wil nawt bee uzablol. :(

  11. Ai iz just hoeplessly confyoozed. Ai hoeps teh piccies ai sendified wuz ok, but if nawt, ai iz doomed.

    1. Does this particular edit clarify it?

      “I said previously that captioned images (IE, STUFF FOUND ONLINE WITH CAPTIONS ALREADY, NOT STUFF YOU CAPTION) that were posted under Creative Commons or “Source Unknown” were okay.”

      I’ve had a number of submissions along the lines of “I found this at X place and it made me LOL”. Previous version of the guidelines said that was okay, but like I said, I thought about it more and reconsidered. This doesn’t apply to anything you’ve captioned yourself.

      I can live with Photo source unknown stuff that you’ve captioned, although I really don’t want to go down the road DOP went where credits are considered pretty unimportant no matter what they claim so I’d rather be able to give sources for things if possible.

      1. Okay, thanks prysma! My brainium wasn’t working too well there but I getcha now!

        1. Nope, wasn’t you, I didn’t realize that there were multiple ambiguities in that statement. It made perfect sense to me when I wrote it, I mean, *I* knew what I meant! :lol:

  12. Iz nawt teh attribyooshun kwestchuns dat confoozle mii — iz teh techno part. Maek shur teh piccie is elebenty million by elebenty four fleebs adn in jibblized format adn glorg scrutified adn up, down, adn sidewais loadified heer, dere, adn ebberwhere….ai cans cope wif a piece ob lined paper adn a pencil, but beyond dat ai gets confoozed. Iz hoepless in mii kase. Fankees for trying to eggsplain.

    1. If you feed a photo into one of the resizing websites I gave links to, it will take care of the resizing and all for you. If it asks you how big to resize it to, give it numbers that are something between 500 and 640 for whatever the larger dimension is (width if it’s landscape, height if it’s portrait).

      At that point, send in whatever it spits out. :-) Or, run the result through one of the captioning websites, I haven’t tried them yet but I’m assured they’re easy to use, and add a caption, and then send whatever IT spits out!

  13. Ai cn haz a stoopi qwexshun anshured? I resized my pictures in Paint, now how do I get them out of paint and attatched to an email? Ai sowwwy ai cn haz a cornfuzed.

    1. Ai nawt use teh Windows so ai nawt gud at instrukshuns for it, and I nwat quite sure what you mean by “out of paint” buuut…

      Yu see a menu that sez File, mebbe, and under it, iz opshun “Save As”? Save As whatevername.jpg and remember where you saved it tu.

      Yu hazza yahoo emeow… yahoo’s instructions be here, just tell it where you saved the pics to.

      1. Wen papa wuz a pyooter tekkie, hims gotted dis kynda kweschun alla tyme.

        Fingz ar nawt “in” Paynt, or Word, or Watebber. Dey is juss teh fingz u yooz tu mayk stuff.

        Its lyke sayin “ai roted a letter wiff mai typryter, but ai kant fynd it der no moar.”

        Awl teh typryter did wuz let u ryte teh letter. It duznt store it. Its wayrebber u put it.

        Sumtymz pyooters has playsez it puts fingz by defawlt. Dat is, wen it asks u iffn u wants tu sayv whut u has dun, it has a playse in mynd alreddy, adn dats wayr it will going iffn u nawt choozes sumwayr elss. Lyke mebbe “My Dokumints”? Tu fynding owt, opin paynt, draw a littlol sumfin, adn say “save as.” It shud pop up wiff a bawx askin u whut naym u wants tu cawling it, but will also show u wayr its gonna put it. Lyke in sum folder awn ur pyooter sumwayr. Luuk der for ur fyol.

        Whut papa duz is has a folder speshully for cheez stuffs. Whenebber hims mayks a lol, hims puts it in teh cheez\lols foldur. Sumtymz hims hastu telling teh Paynt program spesifikly, cuz sumtymz it finks it shud going sumwayr elss, but juss lyke u hastu mayk shoor tu putting ur letterz in a drawer or fyling kabnit wen ur dun typing dem onna typryter, u hastu mayk shoor tu putting ur lolz in a foldur wen ur dun capshuning dem.

        Den wen u goes to emayl dem tu prysma, u will knowing wayr tu fynding dem.

        1. Fankeeess AP! Aiz nawt az stooopified naow az ai wz bfour. Fankeeeesss to alll da peeps ho takifies der tyme to hepls us oawt wit hour cornfuzzeledfiednesses!

          ** Aiz iz hazing da “Interwebs Cornekkedtiviy” pwoblems soz ai mite bees ns an oawts a bit befour it getz allll fixiefied. Itz a lawng swowwwry stowrie…….

  14. I have an idea/request… Can you set the email up to send us a “yay – got ur pics, fankies!!!”-response when we send you submissions?
    I’m never sure they’ve arrived and not been eaten as spam :-D

    1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you on this, nenne…

      I can set up my email program to do a response to any email that has the “lolsub” tag in the subject line – which is, well, some of them. Anyone sending stuff with a subject line that does not include that (it doesn’t have to be the WHOLE subject – Bluesfan’s system, of “Lolsub/Theme Day It’s For” is great, but it has to have those six letters in that order in there somewhere) won’t get a response. I’m willing to set this up and hope to CC I don’t get 25 copies of the same email from someone who used a completely different subject and decides it didn’t go through. ;-) The email address mostly gets used for lols and pics, but not entirely, so I don’t particularly want to set it up to send responses to every email – and there are still some arriving via the old address, as well.

      Probably the best thing all around would be to get the contact form working again – it sends responses, so anyone who wants confirmation could use that, and it forces the subject line to include one of a list of dropdown options. Will put it on the to-do list.

      There is, by the way, no spam filter on the cheezland account – I see everything that comes through. ;-)

  15. I don’t use Windows Paint, finding it entirely inadequate for what I want to do, but the resizing instructions can be made simpler by opening the photo you want to use and then clicking on the “Open” button. This will open whatever manipulation program you have when you click on your choice, in this case Paint. Follow the rest of the instructions, and click Save As. (add a number or letter to the title to save as a separate pic). It will then appear in the same file that you got it from right next to the original.

    1. Note: if you click Save, or neglect to add a number or letter to your title, a box will pop up telling you that there is already a pic by that title, and do you want to replace it. In order to make it a separate pic, you must add one or more characters to the title.

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