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How-To: Pics to Caption

Peeps are telling me, “Can’t find pics to caption that are okay to use!” And the number of lols coming in is dropping!!!

There be menny sources that are purrfectly fair to use. Here be a few, plus farther down, the bare basics of how to tell if you can use sumfing or not. *crosses fingers that this will be undertsandable to non-tekkie-ytpes*

Cheezland Gallery
Now on Flickr – the instructions given just below apply to this, but you do’t need to do the searching part. :-)
You can go to our own Cheezland gallery and look through the pics other cheezpeeps has sended in (link is at the top of the page). Also, feel free to send pics to add to the Gallery – but the best incentive for people to send pics is, I think, for people to see more pics from the Gallery get awsum captions and make their kittehs (goggies, ratties, emus) famous! This is easy and close to home and you even know the peeps and possibly even the kittehs (horsies, llamas, turtlols) in the pics!

How to use pictures from the Cheezland Gallery on ipernity (thx, poussinboi!)
At the top of the Cheezland page, click on the “Cheezland Gallery” tab or here ( and scroll your way around our contributors’ albums.

When you find a contributed photo you would like to caption, click on the image to open it specifically in its own page.
( like this example: )

(Note: if you clicked once too many then you might find your photo is now surrounded by black; simply hit ESC to return.

Look to the right side of the page for the “Actions” drop down list (it has a down arrow) and select “See all sizes”.
A page with “Available Sizes” will appear. Choose 640 (or perhaps 500) and the photo will resize. Now scroll the page and just under the photo will be a diskette image titled: “Download the 640 format of this photo” so click on that to download to your computer.

Now you are ready to caption your copy of the photo (see LOL and Pix Links here: for suitable sites to make it easy)
then email it along with all the details to
(Full submission instructions here:
Go to their advanced search – scroll down towards the bottom and put checks in the boxes for “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” and “Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon”. Those pics, you can make lols from freely – but you need to send me the link to where you found it. (Email it immediately with the link in the text and you won’t have to worry about it. :-)  )

If you click on “Actions” above the picture, and go to “View All Sizes” you can save it as Medium 500 or Medium 640, then you’ll have it at the right size to send already and you don’t have to fuss around with resizing. (Alternatively, right-click on the pic and choose Medium 500 or Medium 640.)

If you want to be absolutely sure that the pic is okay to use, look down the right-hand side for where it says “License.” Click on what it says right underneath and it will explain, or look farther down for CC-license symbols and what they mean. **This is probably the best option (other than our gallery) for the non-tech-savvy and for anyone who doesn’t want to spend insane hours searching the internet or worrying about license details.**

Wikimedia Commons
Go to Wikimedia Commons – everything there is Creative Commons licensed. Again, give me the link to the source page. (I suggest you download the images at 640×480 or whatever’s the next smallest – then you don’t need to worry about the size when you send it! Just look under the pic and it will have a bunch of links there for size options if there are any.) Double-check the details on the terms of use, though, before you add a caption to it to be sure it doesn’t have a NoDerivatives tag ( take a look at the Creative Commons Basics farther down for what that means). I haven’t found much on here that has restrictions, though.

Library of Commons
The US Library of Commons has lots of images, many of them old enough to have their copyright expire and otherwise be public domain. Go to In the drop-down tell it “Photos, Prints, Drawings” and put in a search term. The “Rights Advisory:” heading will tell you if there are any restrictions on use.

Google – not recommended, but in case you want to try this approach
You can go to Google, click on “Images” at the top, and search for anything you like – but include “creative commons” (in quotes) in the search bar, and double-check on the site that it really is (you know what search engines are like sometimes). **I tested this with anteater “creative commons” since I wanted a pic of a baby anteater the other day and Wiki didn’t have one. I got almost 80,000 hits, but the best three in the first couple of pages were flickr images. One was all rights reserved, so we can’t use it at all – the other two are non-derivative (see below) so I can post them as-is but can’t alter the pic in any way. Searching in flickr’s advanced search would have gotten me more precise and safer results.  If you use Google, BE CAREFUL. Including CC in the search doesn’t mean it will only find ones you can actually use, it only improves the odds.**

Other sites
There are lots of sites out there that are posting pics pretty much indiscriminately with no credits back to the source. They generally say something like, “We don’t claim to own these, we’re just using them.” If you can at least send me the site, I’ll post these ones… but the pics you can find through the sources above are at least as good, and you can know that the photographer who took that skwee or awsum photo is getting recognized for it. And you’ll be helping Cheezland have higher ethical and legal standards than DOP. ;-) I do feel bad about nagging about credit and probably annoying people – but I’m not going to stop, sorry. It’s important, no matter what DOP seems to think.

Fotopedia no longer exists

Creative Commons Basics

Creative Commons stuff is all over the Internet. Unlike stuff that we just don’t know where it came from or whether it’s legal to use it, CC says that it IS legal to use it. But Creative Commons isn’t the same as public domain. There ARE terms of use, four basic ones that can be combined in different ways. This is from here on Wikipedia:

Attribution Attribution (by) Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative works based on it only if they give the author or licensor the credits in the manner specified by these.
Non-commercial Noncommercial (nc) Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and make derivative works based on it only for noncommercial purposes.
Non-derivative No Derivative Works (nd) Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform only verbatim copies of the work, not derivative works based on it.
Share-alike Share-alike (sa) Licensees may distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs the original work. (See also copyleft.)

Here are the valid combinations:

• Attribution alone (by) CC-BY.png
• Attribution + NoDerivatives (by-nd) CC-BY-ND.png
• Attribution + ShareAlike (by-sa) CC-BY-SA.png
• Attribution + Noncommercial (by-nc) CC-BY-NC.png
• Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives (by-nc-nd) CC-BY-NC-ND.png
• Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike (by-nc-sa) CC-BY-NC-SA.png

“Attribution” basically means “email prysma the link to where you found it.”

If it says “No Derivatives” then you can’t make a LOL out of it – but you can send me the photo and a link for a Caption-me spot. Otherwise, if it’s CC-licensed, it’s all good to use. :-) If you use flickr’s advanced search and check the boxes I mentioned, it will ONLY give you results that are CC-licensed and do not have the no-derivatives tag.

You’ll see, on flickr caption-me posts, at the end of the credits, something like (CC-BY, NC, ND). This is the same system as above. If it doesn’t say “ND” (No Derivatives) then feel free to add a caption and send it to me!


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    1. Reel lyf am alwayz getting in teh way uv teh fings that matter!!!!

  2. Hey PK – maebee yoo kin starts a noo gallery wif cc pik togeffer wif der linkeez. Den iffin sum peeps findee piks they kinknot capshuning or jest findee xtree piks dey kin send dem to u fer dat gallery??

    I meen peeps shud tri ta findee der owns too but dis cud be udders.

    1. *ponders this*

      Is true, wud be a rezorse for peeps…

      *ponders moar*

      On teh uvver paw, that could leed tu a nawful lot of wurks. Nawt taht ai trying tu be lazy, ai just finking uv what ai KNOW ai can continue tu du on an ongoing basissis.

      *ponders moderayturs an teh gallery softwares an all kindsa factors*

      Aifinkso this needs much pondering before can see abowt imple… impul… doing it.

      1. PK I knot wanna makes more werkz furr yoo. Dinnawt kno wood bee trubbobobobbolz

  3. ai gotz lotza quete photoz of mai furr wonderz. ai will reed da dyrectionz an gettem 2 u be4 friedegg.

    1. Friedegg oar whenber – site will be heer. :-) But yesyesyes, tehn peeps can oooh an splort an add capshuns. :-)

    2. Noodle! Adoribul abatar!!!

      Sum day Ai tu will git a pic ob wun ob mai kittehs & maek it mai own. *ponders the breathtaking confusion of computers* Sum day….

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      1. Plz tu hazza caerful, bof of you!!! Ai lubs yur lols an wud hate tu see tehm losted in limbo furever an ever (HAY, ennywun else wif lols at DOP, yu tu!), but ai nawt want tu looz yu in teh catus… cata… teh mess over tehre!!!! Use teh ankor ropes an fings so we can pulling yu owt if nessessessessessary, otay?

        1. Aiz heddin ober dare too. *small shudder* Ai promissus to halp Shepmom adn gunnersmama ifn day has trubblols. *CB hooks wun end ob teh anker roap to Cheezland, tayks a deep breff, adn . . .*

          1. *CB resirfissus* Aiz bakk! *shayks hed wiffa sad* It luuks so diffrunt nao, butt(!) ai fownded som oald LOLs ai mayd. Nun ob dem eber mayd it to teh FP at dat ovver plais, so aifink it am okay sending dem heer for considderayshuns. Hao am Shepmom adn gunnersmama? Ai thot dey was rite behynd me.

            1. Sowwy — ai gotted distracted by a shinee fing IRL… ai fink Gunnersmom is close by…

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                Annyhoo, ai gots sum moar ob mai lols owt safely, but rite nao dey is fumbnale sized, so ai gots to fix dem adn den ai wills send dem to PK.

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                See yoo awls tomorrow!

              2. Enny sign ob Gunnersmama yet?

                *starts to hab a wurried*

              3. *assemblols teh surch teem*

  5. Seems eezy, PK

    Ai went tu
    tehn I searched for cat in Everyone’s Uploads
    tehn I clicked on advanced search
    tehn I scrolled down tu Creative Commons nd clicked Only search within Creative Commons..etc
    nd also Find content to modify, adapt or build upon

    As yoo sed, 800 thowsand rezults ….. Ai tihnk isle jump forward tu sumwhere in teh middlol !! (can change teh page number in teh address bar)

    Nd not forgetting tu note teh url to the pikkies I save ;)

    Thanks Prysma :D

  6. A couple of thoughts –

    What do we think the position is with pictures from ? This seems to allow people to upload pictures but they are then anonymous, with the aim of them being seen round the interwebs. And it seems to have a fairly high kitteh quota.

    Also, I remember seeing quite a few LOLs on DOP using pictures from f***yeahfelines (and similar named sites for other species) – apart from the rude name, it’s a potential good source of kittehs. I can’t find any statement one way or the other re copyright, and it has a ‘reblog’ button on every kitteh picture.

    1. The problem is, there’s no way to verify that people are uploading only pics they’ve taken themselves and have the right to offer to the world. Guaranteed, there are people uploading this or that neat pic that was in a forwarded email or they found on facebork or CC knows where else. They effectively are the same as the “Other Sites” section above.

  7. Oh dear. I thought I understood what was wanted lolwise but…well…..I admit I am sometimes not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I guess I better ask this straight out.

    As much as I hate the changes over at DOP I do think the lolmaker is a gold mine of thousands of pictures, unfortunately probably 98% of which have no credits noted. I have yoinked pics and then captioned them over on pizap, then submitted to you.

    My question is this…do you not want us to use those, as there is no way (that I know of anyhow) to verify the credit? I understand that we want to be upfront and more responsible than DOP, but I do hate to lose all those great pictures. But I will be happy to oblige if you would rather we don’t use the uncaptioned pics from the DOP lolmaker store.

    1. Like I said, I’ll probably post lols from sites with no specific credits, if I at least know which site they came from, and I’m still posting lols that people have stored up in their profiles on DOP… but maybe you could try the other options like flickr and all, and see if you can find anything that way? You might get an awsum surprise about the results. If you absolutely cannot find anything that tickles yur funny bone in the gallery or via flickr or what-have-you that involves credits, well… our ties with DOP are probably impossible to sever completely no matter what they’ve done. But please try the other ways. There’s more than one gold mine in the whirrld. :-)

  8. i want to submit photos/lols but need helps in how to do this…I has a scared cause you all know everyone and I don’t…

    1. Ohai, Sue! You’ll find lots ob peeps happy to help you. Are you familiar with attaching photos to emails?
      (Disclaimer: I’m a rank amateur, but enthusiastic. There are more tech-savvy peeps around.)

    2. There are great directions for how to submit photos and lols here:

    3. I like ROFLBOT for simply adding text to a photo. It’s user-friendly.

    4. Ohai, Sue. If you are really struggling, then write an email with the captions and other details and attach the photos being clear about the source of the photo. Prysma, the site administrator, will send them on to me and I’ll caption them and send them back (I’m one of the moderators and I’ve done some like this before). (Prysma’s email is:

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