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The form that was here is out of order!!! Email directly instead to (Older address STILL WORKS but now and then emails get mis-routed and I don’t see them!)

If you’re submitting lols or pics, make sure you tell me your cheezname and include full credits, and check the updated Submissions guidelines if you haven’t recently! kthx!!!


  1. HoverKat Defies grabbity!

    1. Those sound like caps for pics. To send pics, you have to fill in the boxes and click on Submit. :-)

      1. Ohai prysma ai did that tu ;)

  2. Ohai guys!

    Niall Mor (aka strawguy) here. I am so sorry to hear about all the problems with the new site that was supposed to be our forever home. I know y’all are working like heck to resolve the problems, but I wanted to ask if you had considered as a possible hosting service for I hear this service advertised all the time on several podcasts I listen to. Supposedly their prices are very reasonable: custom domain names, one click installation of a wordpress blog, and unlimited bandwidth for $6.95 a month. Check it out and see if that’s something you might want to do. Ai hoap dis iz tu halping.

    Niall Mor (or strawguy)

    1. Thanks, Niall! We did check into them, and the one we went with (TMDHosting) has at least as many advantages. The problems aren’t about the hosting anymore, we’re now on TMD and they’re being very helpful when asked (like sorting out the email issues). From here, it’s largely a matter of sorting out WP and the add-on BuddyPress that’s giving us the neat extra profiles, friending (when it works), and private messages.

      But then, when has WeirdPress ever NAWT given Cheezpeeps hed-acks? :roll: :lol:

      Anyway, it would have to be pretty catastrophic for me to be willing to go through a third moving day!!!!

  3. You are going through a lot of werk four us otters! Fangs a millyun! Ai misses teh kommintz, am lukin gfoarwerd tu nu at-least-for-a-while hoam.

  4. just letting u kno i havent received emails from this site as of yet. (this posting). got here from another site. so i was unaware my previous registration “took”.

    1. Sowree, Mitsu, nawt kwite following. Yu is eggspecting emails? What kind?

      Yu has an active account.If yu registered on teh old version of Cheezland, it carried over.

      1. oh fankyoo, kind Prysma!! Dat ansurrs mai kwestshun. Ai tried to register, and it sez “no yu can nawt dis nayum been yused”. And Ai thot, hoo elz wood be a turtlol besides me? Fankyoo fur klarifiying dat!

  5. Roberta Dinnie (catslave1)

    Saw Cee Sharps post in cheezpeeps, please feel free to raid and recycle any of my ICHC LOLs and Pics.

  6. Your website seems to be badly infected with advertising pop-ups. I thought it was my computer and have done everything I can to stop them from this end. Other sites don’t seem to be affected. The pop-ups all say at the bottom “Ads by Enterprise 1.1 Ad Options”

    It is really annoying. I am afraid I will be staying away from Cheezeland, even as a lurker, for a while.

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having problems, but as far as I know, there’s no problem at all with the site. No one else has reported ads, and I have yet to see any. The hosting is via a paid site and they aren’t adding any advertising.

      A search for that particular credit line suggests that the problem is with malware on your computer:

      Good luck getting it sorted out.

      1. Yes, I was just coming back to say “disregard previous message”. Not Cheezeland’s fault. It was at my end. I have now fixed the problem.

        So sorry to have bothered you, but I thought I had tried everything and it was really annoying. Obviously I hadn’t tried absolutely everything.

  7. Sigh! Sum uv us in the southern hemeysfere get awl ur posts late. I only get new posts evry 2 daes. Nutthin between.

    When ai reply to a post, nobuddy ebber seez it, and nebber replies.

    Sumtymes aye has good stuf, butt nobuddy reeds it.


    1. People do read your posts – I do for one, but with time differences (I am in London UK) it often doesn’t seem worth replying so long after a posting. There are lots of lurkers who read, but never comment too.

    2. Good moarning Martha (frum teh northurrn haff ;)). Ebbrythyme Ai vizzit Cheezland Ai hasta hit teh refresh button, teh little round arrow, utherwise Ai donut see noo posts. Even within the replies, Ai hasta “refresh”again. Mebbee yoo haz teh saem problem?

    3. Ohai MarthaV1! ai’m glad yu ar a cheezpeep an ai hoep ai dunnawt misstify yur komments, ai watch fore dem nao sew shore tew sea.

      “shore tew sea”-littlol (verry littlol) werd funn dere.

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