Halp! How do I…?

Miscellaneous how-to instructions, in no particular order.
The answer might be right in front of you!

If your question isn’t answered here, ask, someone probably knows.
If all else fails, email admin@cheezland.org with Halp in the subject line.

If you want to reply to a post:
  • Make sure you’re on that page
  • Go down to the bottom of the screen and fill in your screen name and your email address (no one will see your address).
  • Type your comment in the box and click on the “Post Comment” button.
If you want to reply to someone else’s comment:
  • Click on the “Reply” link under that comment.
  • Fill in your screen name and your email address (no one will see your address).
  • Type your comment in the box and click on the “Post Comment” button.

You can see who’s made comments lately by looking in the top right corner under “Recent Comments”. The F5 button will refresh your view in most (all?) browsers to give you an update on who’s talking.

If you want to submit a lol or a picture for captioning:
  • See Submissions page for how to do this and for guidelines
  • You can also get pics in the gallery by emailing them to maryqos at gallery@cheezland.org so she can add them.
If you want to suggest a useful link, or have suggestions for what we need, or anything else to say:
  • Click on the Contact link at the top of the page
  • Or email it to lol.admin@prysmcat.org admin@cheezland.org
If you want to register an account or log in to a Cheezland account you’ve already registered (or a WordPress account that already exists): (registration here currently disabled due to excessive spammer accounts – it is NOT necessary for anything)
  • Scroll down and look on the right side for the section that says “Site Stuff (Meta)”
  • Click on Register or Log-In
  • If you want to use your WordPress account, click on the button
  • Note: This is NOT NECESSARY for posting, but it will save you having to enter your info each time.
If you’re registered and want to change your password and/or info:
  • Click on your name on the black bar across the top of the screen.
  • If you don’t have a black bar, then click here to access your profile. While you’re in your profile, make sure you have a checkmark in the box for “Show Toolbar when viewing site”.
If you want to change your avatar (that little picture beside your name):
  • Go to gravatar.com
  • Create an account
  • Upload an avatar
  • Make sure you use the same email address here.
If you want to make your name turn into a link:
  • If you have a Cheezland account, go to your profile and put your web address into the box that says “Website”
  • If you don’t have a Cheezland account, put your web address in the third box when making a comment.
  • Note: Web address or website is where people will go if they click on your name. This shouldn’t be cheezland.org, it should be something yours. If you’ve sent in stuff that’s been posted you could click on your name in the contributors box and use that address if you want (eg, https://cheezland.org/tag/prysma/ ). Or link to your blog, or your profile page on DOP, or your Gravatar profile (eg, http://en.gravatar.com/prysmcat).
If you want to do neat stuff in your comments:

(Please note: embedding of video or images in comments is disabled and is going to remain so. They slow down page load times a lot. You can include links, but more than one link per comment will make that comment be held for moderation – this is because spam messages often have a lot of links.)

To test any of these out, go to the Test! page

If you want to get posts and/or comments by email:

You can look in the sidebar for the box that allows you to subscribe to get a daily digest of the posts from the last 24 hours. Otherwise, unfortunately, you can’t, sorry. Management has tried multiple options and so far has had no success. An independent installation of WP offers some advantages and some disadvantages, and one of the latter is that it doesn’t have the subscription options that you can find on the Cryer and Tea Room. The best suggestion we can offer is to look into RSS feeds, explained on Wiki here, with a list of methods for doing so here. If you have a WordPress account and log in to Cheezland with that, you do have some additional notification options, however. I can’t create or manage those for you, you’ll need to go to https://wordpress.com/. On Cheezland, go to “Log in” in the “Site Stuff” box in the sidebar, and click on the “Log in with WordPress” button.


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  1. Glad yur heer, sawree old ICHC gawin dawnhill.

  2. I LUBS YU!!!! Yu’re HEER, yu’re HEER….Hai, old friend!

  3. Maryh Cookie Holland

    Since BETA basically is a test site, I don’t think Ben Huh and company can use it forever. I wonder what really, really is going to happen to ICHC?? If they plan to sell it, they’ve already wrecked it. Hhhmmmmm.

    1. Maryh Cookie Holland

      OOPS! I meant to say can’t use it forever!!!

      1. maryh!!! :D yoo will make lolz for cheezland, rite? won’tyou plz?

  4. I have been finding some good pics for captioning at Flickr. Here’s how:

    1.go to flickr.com

    2.not sure if you have to have an account to download pictures; I already have one

    3. At the top, click “explore”. From drop-down menu, choose “creative commons”

    4. Select the kind of licensing category you want pictures from. Avoid the no-derivs category (indicated by an equal “=” sign) – these do not allow alterations to the image, such as captioning.

    5. On the page for the category, enter “cats” (or whatever kind of image you want) in the search box.

    6. Look at the pictures and choose what you want!

    7. After downloading the picture, I change the name to show the photographer’s title and name.

    8. I also keep a text file in my lolcats picture folder with the picture name, photographer’s name, source, and license type (example, Cat-John Cheeze-Flickr Creative Commons Attribution) so I can easily include this information when I submit the lol.

  5. Hiya ebberie bodie !!! going to keep mie namez of Dragonryder – but Janet will do to !

  6. I hazza kweschun – Ai can saev teh lols wut ai maed awn teh Oald Wuz-Gud-Izzint-Naow Site (yu noes ware ai meens) tu mai hard driev. Wuddit bee akseptibbul foar mii tu sending inn does, oar wuddit getting us inn trubbuls? Is reelee jus reepoasting teh lols foar shairing (liek reepoasting tu FB), nawt liek wii/yu maeking ennee munnees frum dem. Ennee thots awn dis?

    1. Pls tu be sending them! We has discusst this at lengf an bredth an high-th, an lunarmommy put awn hip-waders an slogged thru teh ToU on That Site. We uses them, yesyes.

      1. YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Sending dem wiffakwikniss!!

      2. Oha prysma! If we send lols made ‘you know where’ (as far as I can see they have the best speech bubbles, etc.) would you prefer the picture to be cropped before submitting it here? To remove the ICHC banner, I mean?

        1. Iz yur call, aifinkso. I nawt gonna ask where yu maked tehm oar hao. :-) On teh uvver paw, is plenty coming in taht duz has teh banner on tehm, including peeps sending me linkees tu their profyle pages an saying, “halp yurself!”.

          Yu has tried roflbot ? Ai nawt has time yet, but have hadda pawful of peeps say nice fings about it.

          1. I haven’t tried that one. I sent you a pic that I made using pizap.com, I can recommend that site, very easy to use, lots of stuff to decorate your pictures,decent editing, like collages and what not. Even has a pretty good sort of ‘photoshop’ function. Just the speech bubbles are very limited.


            1. So far ai has rekreated old lolz by rekapshuning teh orijinlol pikshoor, soz nawt tu has teh ICHC bannur or font onnem.

              Dat way we can showing owr independenss, adn mayks it moar obvius we is nawt assosiated wiff demz enny moar.

  7. May u mayk it! So far seez reeely gud trafik heer! I am postin on Faisbuk fur noobz, and Elders such as NennePuss.
    Bleesinz, BGCMEOWRRRR

  8. Please to be tellin us if you need munnies to keep things goin.

    1. Yes, whut Carosue said! Paypal is mai fwend …

      1. Will let yu gno, but ai nawt fink munnies gonna be an ishoo. Fank yu! {{{{{{{{{carosue}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{{{upfi}}}}}}}}}}}

        1. I was thinking that too – please don’t be afraid if it becomes an issue!!
          I too has paypal an nose how to use it!!

    2. Mi tu. Sumtiems munnies are a gud thing.

  9. Halp!!! Ai gotz mah password losted sumwere in mah headz cuz it bee so lowng and compleCATeded. Ize here, dunno hao, butt(!!) kann sumoen tellz meh hao too chang it soo ai kan remmemmmbre it? Stupee meh. Pleeeze?

    1. Resetting it for you. :-) It will emeow you the new one, and I suggest you change it to something you can remember. Shoudl be able to click on the “lost password” link, if no one’s here and it happens again and get it reset that way, too.

    2. *whaps forehead* Let’s try that again, and this time read more carefully.

      You want to change the password on your account? See on the top left corner it should show your avatar and say “howdy, honeyloclynn”?

      Click on your avatart and go to your profile. Towards the bottom is the option for resetting your password.

      1. Huh? Ai din’t have any of that including a profile there’s nothing up there. I have no idea how I got here, like I said, but there nust be a back door to get in somewhere. I tried to login, and put in a name and email addy. I got a LONG password with all kinds of stuffz in it that I cant remember, and still nothing that you described…sob!

        1. errr, must, not nust. Sorry. I’m an old pussycat and my eyes and brain are showing their age!!!!! (One more reason to love lolspeak – noone can tell!!! Bwa-hahahahaha!!)

          1. I swear, I’m going to track down that bit of code that makes it send insane freakin’ passwords on a reset….

      2. prysma, fyi, ai du nawt haz a WP bar on heer eever, like honeyloclynn seys seh dussnt *shrugs*

        1. *mutters darkly under breath and goes to kick WP into putting the bar there for all registered users*

          1. *throws hands in the air* Too much time looking at the back end settings, they’re all starting to run together. There SHOULD be a bar, like when you’re logged into WP. Did some searching and it is definitely supposed to be there. Might be the theme or a conflict with a plug-in. Will add it to the list of things to fix….

  10. I have a question; I don’t see anywhere I can post an avatar. Is there a minimum number of posts, or some other requirement?

    1. They’re from gravatar, which is a site that lets you link your email address to an avatar and optional other info (like name linkies) and have it read across a huge number of sites instead of redoing it on each one.

      Why the profile settings don’t include “add avatar”, don’t ask me… :roll: I think expanded and accessible profiles eventually would be nice, but for right now, they’re limited usefulness.

      Anyway, go to gravatar and sign up there, and you can set your avatart to anything you like, and it will work all ober the innerwebs!

      1. Ai just madded a grabbatar account and anm just testing.

  11. i lubs you all….as a lurker can i lurk..umm lurkify here 2

    so sad ov the other plce…so noa i ams home wunce moore


    1. Too late !! Yoo cawminted !!!!

      Hee hee, obcawss yoo can lurk, Muncheez !! * Nd welkom hoam *

  12. Ai mayde mai profyle wif WP an told it mai knick-kname. An it stil cawls mii “caroleleah”. Ai lykes mai nayme “caroleleah” but ai am KittySlave. Dat bee wut ai am, an iz sposed tew bee mai nayme awn here. How dew ai mayke WP change mii sew ai am KittySlave awn mai kommentz, oar shud ai just leeve it lyke “caroleleah” sew ai kin member who ai iz? :?

    1. Duz yu has a black bar across the top of the screen, wif “howdy caroleleah” at one end? If yu duz, click on yur name and edit yur profile.

      If you nawt has, cuz fur some reason some peeps be missing the bar, tehn go to profile by this linkee an yu can change hao yur name displays an stuffs.

      1. YAY!! *happi tayle* Ai iz neow KittySlave!! Sew ai wuz CaroleLeah fore abowt elebenty-six sekkundz awn hour gnu site, an neow ai iz KittySlave!! Ai iz happi-happee-happie!! Ai iz knot goings tew trai an change mai abatar. Ai wud knot kno who ai iz wiffout mai fayce awn here. *gigglols* Fanku, Prysma, yew iz mai hero fore tew be doing awl ob dese fings fore awl dah Cheezpeeps!! *headbonks*

      2. Ai awlso habs anubber kweschun dat ai fergot tew askify befoar. Iz der a way tew mayke mai nayme yello wiffowt habbings tew dew ennyfings ober at DOP-ey (Dat Obber Place)? Ai tryed tew dew whut yew told summone else tew mayke a yello nayme, butt(!) it went tew DOP an ai dont kno wut tew dew obber dere.
        An anubber fing: when ai askify a qkeschun oar talkify awn a LOL, iz dere sum way tew kno iffen anubber Cheezpeep tawks tew mii after dat awn mai komment sew ai kin folloe fings moar easy? Ai doan kno whare tew look tew trai an fixify dis obber dan awn mai WP dashbored an it doan kno nuffin. :roll:
        Fankies fore awl dah halp!

        1. Working on the bit about notification of replies, no luck yet on something that will work properly, sorry. Haven’t given up yet!

          As for making your name yellow, that has nothing at all to do with the Other Place. Go to your profile HERE, the one where you changed your name as it shows up, and put whatever you want into the box that says Website.

          (Edited to add link) your profile

        2. Grate Nooz, KittySlave :D
          Yoo can put in a link tu enniware butt(!) there am no poynt unless yoo want others tu go tu fynd owt sumfing else abowt yoo oar yooz it tu send yoo messages. (Ive seen folks link to AOL .. there’s no need for that :roll: )

          If yoo luk at mai yellow name, it sez
          http://cheezburger.com/PoussinBoi which is teh moor recent format for home profiles on DOP and works more reliably than the older formats. A message left at DOP will reach me by email, so I find it very yoosful !!

          Oar yoo cud link to yoor gravatar accownt and put sum basic stuff at gravatar.com (juss login with the same email address ebbrytime.

          All the above if you are commenting by filling in the three boxes above the comment box.

          However, if you choose to register a new account on Cheezland (look under Meta on the right), you can edit your profile to choose the website for the yellow link on your name.

          So, two ways of doing it .. or not if you don’t need it ;)

          1. Hmm, taht Prysma gets out of bed early :roll: ;)

            1. Taht prysma often only sleeps at weird hours. :P

              1. Oh noes! Neow ai yam confoosed wiff WerdPreshs. Ai mayde an akkount awn Cheezland here an had teh WordPress fing wiff dah black bar awn teh tawp ob teh payge. Ai dint hab tew be putting mai nayme an emayo an website (Ai doan eben HAB a websyte yet butt ai will mayke wun up! :-D) befoar ai mayde a kommint.
                Neow ai doan habbs kno blakk bar awn teh tawp obs teh payge, an ai doan sea whare ai can sine in tew tawk wiffout filling in awl teh bawkes.
                Ai thot teh yello nayme wud maybee tayke us tew each obber’s akkounts sew wii cud aks tew bee frenz an stuffs, and neow ai unnerstan dat knot bee neckes.. necci.. doan needz it, tew plai here. :-) Fankies PB an Prysma foar dat gud stuff tew kno.
                Ai yam sposed tew bee sleepifying rite neow, sew ai will trai layter tew unnerstan dis WP fingie. Ai am tew sleepee tew be finking, sew layter will trye tew get mai blakk bar bakk agin. *kinks tayle*
                G’nyte, wunnermouse Cheezpeeps, an fanku berry muchly foar awl teh helps yew bee gibbing mii sew ai kan be mayking dis playce mai home wiff yew. Ai lubs yew awl!!!

              2. Donut panic !! There is a “Display Name” field you can change within the Cheezland profile. Click on the toolbar over your name on the right hand side.

              3. *Ive gawt tu stawp leeving owt teh details*
                So, change your profile “nickname” to KittySlave and save ..
                … then you can choose another display name (and save)!!

              4. Ai haz a stoopy brayne. :oops:
                Ai wuzz knot sined IN tew Cheezland sew WerdPreshs did knot know mii!! WP did knot eated mai nayme after awl!! :P Ai iz KittySlave agin an iz happee noaw. *happie tayle*
                FankU, PB, foar tew beingz sew berry much help tew mayke me komfertablol awn owr gnu home! Ebbryone iz sew berry nyce hear! :-)

              5. Stoopy WerdPreshs haz eated mai toolbar an ai doan hab a nayme up dere awn teh rite syde no moar tew go an chaynge mai profyle. :-(
                Ai haz no blakk bar an no nayme up dere. Der is a big happee banner dat says “CHEEZLAND!” an den dere iz jusst white spayces above dat. Kno blakk bar, kno playce whare it sayd my nayme. It doezznt kno mii no moar. Sew ai iz habbings tew sine in wiff awl teh bawkes tew maykes a kommit each tyme.
                Maybee ai cud start ober an tri tew mayke a bran new WordPrecious akkount? Ai will haf tew fink about dis when ai iz awayke, sew ai will bee bakk after ai sleeps. (Ai sayd dat an howr ago, din’t ai? *gigglols* Bedtyme!)

              6. Yoo prolly logged owt. Luk faw teh login link awn teh rite.

              7. (Ai just notiss dat ai habs neow bin CaroleLeah, KittySlave, and Carole Gahm becaws ai doan kno how tew werk WP yet. Ai can haz multiple purrsonalyteez? *gigglols*)

              8. Taht’s awlrite !! BTW, tihs wud mayk yoo teh 150th person to poast … if wi caont yoo as 3 peeplol ;)

              9. PB, ai nawt finkso Carole haz a WP toolbar on heer at awl tu login or owt or make chanjes awn. Ai du nawt eever, ai haz tu du fru wordpress.com on a diffrunt windo.

              10. Aiz glad yu am sorted kittyslave :)
                ai shall butt owt and go figure wai ai du nawt haz WP toolbar!!

              11. Ohai, GumbieKat! Ai doan know how, but ai mayde a WP akkount not-sekkond. Ai must habbs fergots tew tell it tew “keep mii sined in” oar whatebber it aks, sew it must hab tossed mii owt when ai closed teh windo. Ai founded teh log-in fingie awn teh right-syde bar, after ai skrolled down foar awhyle.

              12. Gumbie, teh wp toolbar heer am only if yoo register heer on Cheezland (nd remember to login ;) ) becoz tihs blog am nawt hosted on wordpress.com. [hope taht mayks senss]

                Prysma am planning to install wordpress plugins (software packages) to enablol things taht will mayk teh toolbar useful. So at teh moment, teh “fill in 3 boxes” method ov commenting am juss as gud :)

              13. how ai register heer on cheezland tehn?
                ai haz a hyooj stoopid wiv dis stuff :(

              14. Gumbie — on deh right sidebar dhere am a section labeled Meta (Itz deh bottom section) clik on deh fingee dat sez Register and den u enter ur name (Gumbie) and ur emayo (wuteber_it_am@ur_mail_serviss.com) and a webby site tu link ur name tu, if u wants (mine linkz to deh CheezTownCryer).

              15. fankees mai leej and PB
                ai haz got theer now
                yu reely du haz to tokk tu me like ai am wun sammich short ov a pikanic wen it comes tu dis stuff!!

              16. Fang U, PB – ai wuz logged owt, jus lyke yew said. :oops: *likks self furiously, pretenz ai ment tew dew dat*

              17. Taht can happen if yoo clear cookies (or hav tehm set to clear wen teh browser closes) ;) !! * any tiem *

  13. Ai hait bein coputer stoopy!! Ai wants to change my avitar…followed directions, nuthin.

    1. And I cannot get a yellow name!!!

      1. try putting dis exactly in teh website boks wen yoo commint:


        (for your ichc profile; if yoo hab anovver website you want to use, put that in after the http:// part)

    2. Yu can has gravatar account? teh abatarts are coming frum there, currintly.

      As fur teh linkee, duz yu has account? if yu duz, go to profile (see wun thredd above) an putta link in teh “Website” box there. If not, tehn wehn yu making commints, yu needs tu filling in all three boxes each time.

  14. annownsingment:

    prysma made us a wiki an i eeted it an i am teh admin :shock: an if/wen i figyur owt how it wurks i will posting instrukshuns for cheezpeeps to adding stuff to it. in teh meentime, if yoo find somefing on a old ICHC thred that yoo finkso shuld be preserved for fyootur generayshuns, plz to eever bookmark teh link or save it wif evernote or copy an paste into a word file. if/wen i get gud wif teh wiki i will gib user-frendly instrukshuns for posting wut yoo fownd on it.

    fank yoo.

    1. Schmoooz tu yooz fur doing dis, Lunarmommy!!! Pleez tu feel free tu steeling stuffz frum deh Cryer. Would it halpz if I gabe u editor priviligez on deh Cryer?

      1. fank yoo, cween! i donut finkso i wuld need editor privlijes; adding to a wiki iz just a matter ob putting yor text in teh text box an uploading (in much teh same manner az a commint on WP) (finking agin ob how much we yoosed to complayn abowt WeerdPress; liddle did we know how happy we wuld be to be yoozing it agin!) so just doing a copy-an-paste ob whatever we’re putting up will be fine.

        i iz not wanting to step on yor toes an wut yoo’ve done to preserve Cheezland hisotry an culchure (an LCB wif her boks sets ob teh musical events) an teh Cheez Town Cryer iz a most valyooble resourse. but it wuld also be handy to hab az much az possible in teh wiki.

  15. Duz we has a way to luuking at ower old commints fur reep lyes?

    1. There’s no way to just click somewhair an “see evreewun whu has replied tu me,” fraid nawt. Is a BuddyPress function an when I installed it as an ekstention of teh basic WP, fings started going wrong.


      1. Ohai PK! No problolem! Fankeez fur teh ants her

  16. This nawt werk in commints —- lesssee heer

    :shock: :eek: :roll:

  17. Otay — wearz my noo abby tarz?

    1. Hello??? Pebs inna ring? wear yoo bee?

    1. nawt yet I see — ah well… weel happin sonnz

  18. [dance] [dansdansdans] [snap]

      1. Sister Mary Kitteh

        I kin finds ewe NE ware —

        1. Um, heerz taht cuppa T yoo wantid. :-) [worried]
          *jen yew flekts den runsliektehwind*

  19. For who it may concern: MARYQS surgery went well , all seems OK and will be going to rehab on Thursday or Friday as per .Mr . Casey

    1. Thank you Mr Casey! Send our best [wave]

    2. Thanks Mr Casey! Best wishes for an uneventful recovery

    1. Check your email address that you’re entering, Jack!

    1. Ohai, Jack. Your gravatar isn’t working because your email address is entered wrong. The one linked to your gravatar ends with a 4-digit number. The one you’re using is the same without the number. Gravatar works off matching email addresses.

      1. Add 2457 directly in front of the @ sign, so the middle part becomes …man2457@v… and you’ll have your gravatar back.

  20. YUIJFTFUIHijhadhuiw31r9jjhhuIG^&$%&*(H

    1. Jack … your email addy you are typing in is incorrect … take a look at what Prysma wrote above … ^^^^

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