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Caption me – Vinnie

Photo (of Vinnie) by Tengel28

Tengel28 sez: my Siamese mix, Vinnie. I pulled him from our local high kill shelter, along with three others, who were all in the euthanasia list. The were scheduled to be put down the next day. One of the other three was Luci-fur, my torbi girl that I sent you a picture of before.
I’ll send more later. I have twenty resident cats and three foster babies, so there’s plenty of pictures to send. 🙂
(Hey, mqos – aifinkso you lose yur crown! ~pk)

Caption me – Joey

Photo (of Joey) by Tengel28

Tengel28 sez: Ohai!
I have been a lurker for several years. I have been meaning to send pictures of some of my kitties, but just didn’t get around to it. I hope you like them.
The first two pictures are of my Joey, aka Joey Baggadoughnuts. 🙂
(That name sounz lyk there be a story behind it! Oh, and conga-ratz onna

nawt-sekkund on Cheezland wiffa handsum tabby-boy!!! ~pk)

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