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Memorial: Tengel28’s fosters

The first picture is of Peanut, aka Baby Cat. A friend rescued her in the dead of winter, sick, emaciated, dehydrated and freezing. She was literally dying, and q wouldn’t eat or drink on her own. I syringed food and water into her and had her on antibiotics for a severe infection. My vet and I weren’t sure she would make it. But after a few days, she started eating and drinking on her own, and seemed to make a full recovery. She was probably about two years old in this picture. She was a very happy girl, and purred and loved belly rubs. She had significant heart issues, and died suddenly last November. She was only about two and a half years old when she died. I was devastated to lose this baby. Part of me died with this girl. 😟

Photo (of Peanut) by Tengel28

The second picture is of one of my little foster babies. I bottle fed this little guy. He was absolutely precious. Unfortunately, I only had him for 10 days before he died. But, they were quality days for the little guy. At least he knew love in his short little life. I am still fostering his brother and two other babies.

Photo by Tengel28

Caption me – Frank

Photo (of Frank) by Tengel28

Tengel28 sez: my other meezer, Frank, aka Merry Francis Fatty Pantses. He was abandoned as a kitten, and naturally, I couldn’t leave him to fend for himself. He’s a typical moody meezer, a grumpy old man. But, I love him to pieces. He was very attached to my husband, and when my husband died suddenly, he mourned for a couple of months. He would wander around the house, howling. He was looking for him and frustrated when he couldn’t find him. It was really heartbreaking to see.