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Caption me – Pixie and Coco

Breaking gnus! This camed in just as I were finishing Cheezland fur Whensday!

Photo (of Pixie) by short1fry

s1f sez: Tihs iz noo kitteh Pixie. Coco is hiding unner teh dresser.
(HYOOJ kangaroo-size congarats from teh Howse uv Prysma!!!!)

EVEN moar breaking gnus (all this breakings, izza kittehs throwin things off?). This just in this moarning, so I added wifakwikness!!

Photo (of Coco) by short1fry

s1f sez: Coco finally came out of hiding. 🙂
(Welcome to Cheezland, byootimuss wuns!)

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