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comee on in

Photo (of River Wandle ducks) and caption by puddy_tat

puddy sez: moar dukks on teh river wandle, near wimbloldon, London. (the dukks seem to be away for teh winter, not seen them for a while)
Classiclol from April 2018

Lungdoc’s Parade and Concert

Photo (from the Rabbit Hole pub in South London) by puddy_tat

puddy sez: the ‘rabbit hole’ pub in streatham, south london. teh painted cheshire kitteh are one of the murals, the whole pub has an alice in wonderland theme.

Okay, evreepeep! Parade to the pub, followed by teh Karee-Okee Concert of teh Century!!!

Lungdoc nawt bein ablol to type currintly (altho Ihopeso watchin from teh Meddow wif alla furry and otherwise famblee members), I are going to repost his words and his song contri… countri… teh songs he wants. (Stop slicin those unyuns! Sheeesh… good thing I got the industrial crate of shamwoes.)

Friends: I have left this note for my wife to post in the Forums after I’m gone. You have known me for the past several years as Lungdoc. My real-world name was Neal H. Fellers (MD). I was born December 25, 1950 and died on 4/9/19. The end has been coming for a while and I don’t want anyone grieving, but I want you all to know how much your friendship has meant to me over the past several years, both here in Cheezland and in ICHC back in the old days. Our little community has been a bigger part of my life than I could have possibly imagined, and I have been greatly moved by the kindness and mutual support of the Cheezpeeps in good times and bad times. Please keep being good to each other. I hope to meet you all in the Meadow one day, whatever form it may take.
I include links to the songs I’d play in the next Cheezland parade if I were there… (Jo Stafford singing “I’ll Be Seeing You”) (Benny Goodman with Peggy Lee, “We’ll Meet Again”)
Or if these links are broken, just do a YouTube search for either song, especially the Vera Lynn versions. ;) –Yours always, Lungdoc.

o hai

Photo and caption by puddy_tat

puddy sez: This are one of teh fockses that lives in annipuss’s garden. There are another focks who are bigger and floofier but did nawt want to have their photo taken. This one must have been about 6 feet away from the house and was quite happy to pose.
Classiclol from March 2018

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