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Sheena knows a secret

Photo (of Sheena) and caption by Lungdoc

Photo (of Sheena) and caption by Lungdoc

Lungdoc sez:
One day the UPS man brought us two little boxes and Mrs. Lungdoc set them, unopened, on the coffee-table. Sheena immediately took up a position on top of the stack of boxes, and wouldn’t budge off or leave the boxes alone until they were opened.

They were a delivery from a new crafting-supply shop… beads, I think…
and inside each box…
sealed in a cellophane bag…
stowed inside another plastic bag full of beads…
wrapped up in layers of bubble wrap…
was a little bag of kitteh-treats. (The craft shop apparently knows its customers pretty well.)

I couldn’t smell the treats even when I put their little cellophane bag right up to my nose, but Sheena knew they were in there, apparently. :)
Classiclol from May 2016

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