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Just Right

Photo (of Cory-Bear and Freya) by Jackie.Elle
Caption by prysma

There am a story wif this. That mite nawt look lyk a boks, but it are a shallow plastic storage bin wif a pillowcase stretched tight over it to make a hammock, an floofy blankits on top fur ekstra comfies on cold nites. I maked it for Trick, thinking it might be nice fur his arfritis, but he nawt lyk – but Cory an Freya duz! Freya claimed it inna evening cupple days ago. When we lukked around a bit later, Cory had wriggled self into it up against teh Freya-girl, who had no intention of surrendering it. (Yes, that are her supper bowl – Cory’s waz nearby.) And, after awl, he ARE my babybear… :lol:

Caption me – prysma getting pwned

Photo (of Trick and Cory-Bear on prysma) by Jackie.Elle

Photo (of Trick and Freya on prysma) by Jackie.Elle

Mai purrkids can has a silly. A lil over a week ago, I got pwned. Nawt-free times!

Plz remember, our kids love each other but are careful of boundaries, includin purrsonal space.

Round lunch, Trick wanted cuddles, and Cory emerged from his closet hideyhole wanting his mid-day kibble lollowance, which he gets by hand one at a time on my lap. He was annoyed with Trick (That’s MY mom!”), but finally just strolled past him up my leg to settle on my chest.

After supper, was in my jammies in the (chaotic) living room with Jackie, and Freya claimed my legs. Trick wanted cuddles, so he did what Bear did: went past her up to my chest. (She did whap him once for being in her personal space, but tolerated him after that.)

I lolled. Srsly. An Jackie tried to take pics whylol her were lolling too.

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