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We got owr ais awn yu

Photo (of Indy) by gumbiekat Caption by maryqos

Photo (of Indy) by gumbiekat
Caption by maryqos

Okay, sooo… ennywun else whu duz nawt follow teh Critter Room, which are live webcams on litters uv kittens bein fostered by a guy called “Foster Dad John,” mebbe nawt get refrinse eever? Wunce yu duz, this be teh funneh.

Urban Dictionary sez:

proper noun usage: Uncle Chickenfish
abbreviations: CF

1 a : yellow and red ferret toy that is beloved by kittens and cats.

2 a : protector of all foster kittens and cats that are being groomed for success in John’s foster kitten room and viewed globally through the kitten cam.

2 b : named by kitten cam viewer Ingeborg.

3 also associated with the term: chickenfishtarian (one that is schooled in the ways of the Chickenfish).

4 the aura of the Chickenfish has swelled to such great proportions that is has inspired the following prayer:

Hail Chickenfish, full of stuffing,
the kittens are with thee;
Blessed art thou amongst the intertubes,
and blessed is the protector of thy Critter Room, John.
Holy Chickenfish, Guardian of Floofybutts,
watch over us with your reattached eyes,
now and at the hour of adoption.

Apparently refrinses tu teh Chickenfish am supposed tu be followed by peeps sayin “Hail.”

We can has a neducated abowt anuvver kitteh-obsessed Interwebs subculture? :-D

Classiclol from March 2015

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