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Caption me – Spaghetti

Photo (of Spaghetti) by fikshunkitteh

Photo (of Spaghetti) by fikshunkitteh

Okay, so… fikshunkitteh visited teh temprary kitteh cafe in San Jose I menshuned a cupple days back, the one onions & petunias’ friend founded. We can has sum lubly pics!!! And also a report from FK: “It was a lovely, serene place. Kitteh toiz gallore, ohai sitting shelves with baskets, boxes, beds and twinkly lights! Comfy furrnicher with cool pillols, and stuff you could buy like kitteh cookies and cake pops and some hand made ceramic teeny saucers with kitteh faces, flutterbys and goggies.”

This be Spaghetti, who has a siscat called Ohs. :-D Rest uv FK’s pics be in the Cheezland gallery here: (vailablol for captions, of course!)

Moar info on teh kitteh cafe: or (nawt need FB account to see it)

This be such a wonderful idea, and it are gettin furever homes fur adult kittehs!

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