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Tribute: Captain’s Keeper’s Taz

Photo (of Taz) by Captain's Keeper

Photo (of Taz) by Captain’s Keeper

Photo (of Taz) by Captain's Keeper

Photo (of Taz) by Captain’s Keeper

Taz came to me in an interesting way.

I retired in 2007.  I had a rescued one-eyed barn cat named Cap’n Jack and an adopted twitchy ADHD female I named Sugar for obvious reason.  I also had a huge 90 lb retired racing greyhound named Duncan. I had no plans to enlarge my family.

Then I received an email from the greyhound adoption group telling a very sad story.  One of the greyhound owners had fallen on hard times.  She lived in Miami and  had lost her husband to divorce, lost her job, had her house foreclosed on, and developed health problems.  Forced to move back in with her mother in Richmond VA, she had been given an ultimatum: give up her cat.  Her mother would tolerate the dog but no cats.  She was pleading for some kind hearted soul to take her cat.  That kind hearted soul wasn’t me.

Two weeks later, another email came out saying that the woman was going to have to turn the cat over to a shelter.  A friend of mine sent me an email and said it sounded like a marriage made in heaven.

I went back and reread the original email.  The cat, named Taz, was a Turkish Van.  He was primarily white with dark gold blotches on his coat and solid gold tail.  He was very, very floofy with huge whiskers, side burns on his face, cute pantaloons, and serious toehawks.  He had a blotch of freckles on his nose.  He weighed 16 pounds.

Against my better judgment, I contacted his owner.  We ended up talking on the phone for several hours.  It was clear she was upset about having to give Taz up and there was a lot of anger there. Being forced to do this just to get some breathing space was not sitting well.  I decided to take him.

The next weekend I met the woman in Fredericksburg.  She had brought everything.  Litter box, litter, food, toys, bed, comb, carrier and cat.  She stood there, tears rolling down her face, and thanked me profusely for taking her boy.  She was still crying as she drove away.

I had him for seven years.  He was a loving cat whose heart was as big as he was.  He came running to me as soon as I came through the door.  He talked to me all the time.  He slept with me every night.  I never sat down that he wasn’t in my lap unless occupied by another cat.

I lost him to kidney failure in October.  I have a Taz-sized hole in my heart.

Taz was on Cheezland once

Caption me – Rebel

Photo (of sister's cat Rebel) by Captain's Keeper (or maybe her sister, with permission)

Photo (of sister’s cat Rebel) by Captain’s Keeper (or maybe her sister, with permission)

Captain’s Keeper sez: This is Rebel, my sister’s ginger kitty. He is about 12 years old. Rebbie has been [having health issues this year] and is beloved by the vet clinic and technicians

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