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On gard dootee

Photo (kitteh not give name) and caption by annipuss

anni sez: I noticed this kitteh (not sure who he belongs to) sleeping by the runner beans, I had to go upstairs to get the camera and woke him by tapping the window to get the shot.
Classiclol from July 2018

Caption me – annipuss’ garden centre visit

annipuss sez:
I made a trip to the garden centre this morning [Tuezday]. It is on the site of a children’s play ground with a large pond that used to have boats, but is now a wildfowl and discarded goldfish (some over 18inches long) reserve. Just before you get there a warning sign has been erected

Photo by annipuss

As I walked along the path into the centre, I saw this family

Photo by annipuss

Here is a close-up of the three goslings

Photo by annipuss

Classiclol from May 2018