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Caption me – Sir Pouncealot

Photo (of friend David's Sir Pouncealot) by Abby's_Dad

Photo (of friend David’s Sir Pouncealot) by Abby’s_Dad

Abby’s_Dad sez: One of my Friends, David – the one in the pics – has just adopted a little 2 month old kitten from a friend who has a “barn cat” to keep the rodents down on his farm. Although it looks like a Siamese, he tells me it is not pure that that there is some tabby in it as well. He has had it home for a couple of days only now and as is typical of kittens of all ages it is particularly active at what the military like to call “zero dark thirty” – 4:30AM. For some reason it like to nibble on his ear and then stick his tongue right in. He is a very active pouncer, hence the name and the trouble I had getting shots while he was stationary!
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