About Animals Needing Homes…

… and similar sorts of subjects (like requests for beams) as content in comments on Cheezland.

This is an issue that’s come up before in the Facebork Cheezpeeps group. Manymany cheezpeeps are already involved in rescue in one way or another, or look after ferals, or already have as many animals as space and budget allow, or donate money/time to rescue groups, or volunteer, or foster…. The list goes on. Cheezland is supposed to be a safe place, and like TessM has been on Facebook, I’m concerned about people avoiding the site because they’re in need of fun but instead find themselves confronted with animals in dire need that they just can’t help.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t want ALL animals to have a home, very very much. Anyone who knows my history, or the histories of my purrkids, should know this. But I’m not sure Cheezland is a good place to look for one.

There are countless pages and groups on Facebork that are dedicated to finding homes for cats in need. People who are interested in / able to help out subscribe to them and can speak up when they see an appropriate one – and they’re seeing them knowingly, not ambushed by kittehs-in-distress when they’re just expecting to be silly or get some hugs on a bad day. You can also target the area much more precisely that way, instead of splashing it literally across the entirely world, much of which is far too far away to help even if they have the resources.

That said… the policy that Tess came up with was to allow one-time postings that simply state that the situation exists and give directions to further info as long as the situation in SOME way involves a Cheezpeep, and is not just something-off-the-interwebs. I think that’s probably a reasonable compromise – as long as the announcement is short and not graphic, and is posted only once, and no one person is posting them on a weekly basis. Keep in mind that the more often this happens, the less people are going to pay attention. I’m willing to forward an email with pics and info to someone who emails me to request them, although keep in mind that at the moment my response time is rather variable. It would probably be better to post a brief announcement with a link to 1) a Facebook status that’s set as public or 2) info posted somewhere else online, eg, create Flickr account, create a free WP blog for posting this stuff if there’s going to be a series of them, you can email me and I’ll try to help you figure out the best option.

We all love animals. We all hate to see them suffer, and we all know already that it happens. Let’s try to keep Cheezland a place to celebrate animals and cleverness and fun.

That said:

The Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network steps in to help AFTER a cat has found a home and just needs a way to get there. Posting occasional requests to fill in legs of the trip should be fine, as long as you keep it brief and to the point.

Discussion about your own pet is fine, where else are you going to ask for beams and support and other peeps’ experiences? Just try to keep it from being excessively graphic.

This is all basically a detailed elaboration of the basic rule :”Play Nice”, so just think of it that way and it’s all good!

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