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why are deze kittehs doing dis???

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    ohai cheezfrends.

    I haz a puzzled. Az yoo mite know, we have three kittehs. All nootered males; two go out (but mostly stay in the yard), one stays in. The last month or so, another kitteh has started hanging around in our backyard. It isn’t aggressive, mostly comes around meowing, wants to just hang out. It comes to the door and meows, then wanders off or goes and finds a place to sit for a while. It seems to want to hang out with our kittehs; our guys aren’t so sure about this. Then last night or today, a second kitteh has also started hanging around, looking in the door, meowing. They both look to be clean and well-fed and cared for, so I don’t think they’re homeless kittehs. And they aren’t here all the time, so they must have somewhere else to go. I haven’t been able to get a close enough look to see if they are males, neutered or unneutered. Also, we have lived in this house for 26 years, so they aren’t former residents trying to come back. Any ideas on what they’re up to? Are they just wanting to hang around with our cats? Do they live together and the second one followed the first one’s scent over here? Are they unneutered/unspayed and looking for love in all the wrong places? It’s upsetting to me because when I see them, because my instincts kick in and I’m going, Oh the poor kitties! Are they lost do they need food what am I going to do?!?!?

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Or another thing is, why our yard? We live in a well-populated suburban area with tons of houses and yards. So why ours? I can only think it’s because they’re interested in our cats.

    We had a cat once who adopted the neighbor ladies. We lived in two different places with that cat, and both places, she adopted the elderly lady living next door. Just went right over and wanted to come in and visit. We also had another cat who would hang out with the two cats from across the street. Our yard, their yard, out in front on the roof of the car. I called them the Homeboys.

    So maybe these cats are just feeling sociable. But it rips my heart out to see them looking through the glass door and meowing like they’re poor starving orphan kitties!

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    I don’t know the answer to your question, LM. I get four different cats visit me from time to time. I’m sure they all have homes, but seem to regard my back garden as a safe place to visit. I assume it is simply a case of ‘because cats’

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    hmmmmm dont know but maybe they smell your cats? If they are wandering they don’t have a very savvy owner which could often mean they don’t get fed on a schedule so hungry.
    Or….hate to say but may have been dumped….
    If you can pet them, maybe put a collar on one of them with a note asking if this cat has a home with your phone number. If no answer then do you have a no-kill shelter that would take them? good luck. let us know how it goes.

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    Kitteh visitors can probably tell by scent-clues that your house is cat-friendly; but whether they are seeking friend kittehs (which Ai doubt), or picking fights to establish neighborhood dominance, or just curious to size up the neighbors, or trying to cadge a meal between (one hopes) their home feedings? Who can guess? Prolly “because cats,” as Anni observes. But they may pose infectious-disease risks for your own outdoor kittehs. And Maryqos’ admirable tag-and-release trial may answer teh kwestion, if you donawt get bitten or shredded! ;) Petting a strange kitteh iz wun fing, but getting a collar wiffa note latched around hiz nekk iz kwite another, oh mai yes. Good luck!

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    That last note is from me… Aifink Ai mistyped mai name…

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    Thanks for the thoughts :) On further reflection, I’m pretty sure these are just cats that belong to someone in the neighborhood, who’ve decided, for whatever reason, that our back patio is the place to hang out. Probably because they’re interested in our cats. We have some plastic patio chairs with old towels on them that I set up for our cats to sit on, and they seem to enjoy sitting in those chairs and just hanging out. Like I said, they aren’t aggressive. The only one who gets aggressive is our big gray fluffy guy Kumo (formerly Happy Cat), who will hiss at them if he doesn’t want them in his yard. There hasn’t been any fighting, as far as I can tell. They get skittish if they see me or my husband, but are very interested in watching our cats.

    One thing I forgot to mention, is at one point, we noticed one of them had developed a swelling around one eye (it hadn’t been there before). So of course we were concerned about that. But several days later, when I got another good look at that cat, his eye looked fine. So apparently someone treated it. And like I said, they look clean (which is hard to do around here, everything’s dirt and dust) and well-fed. So I’m pretty sure they’re just pet cats who’ve decided they like our patio and want to be social with our cats.

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