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    OK peeps. I need some advice here. Otis is 14 and in stage 2 kidney failure which I understand is fairly normal at his age. He drinks a ton of water and potties a lot. He’s hard to get rid of when you’re eating and if you’re not really paying attention he will swipe it out of your hand. I will sometimes eat standing up because I don’t want to deal with him trying to get my food. He will stand where I’m eating looking for scraps but he isn’t able to get in my face. He pulls the cabinets open a few inches then lets the door go and it thumps and it’s not just once either. He also rattles interior doors like my bedroom door when I’m trying to sleep and the bathroom door if I don’t finish quick enough. If he wants you to wake up he will find things to knock over. He sometimes potties on the carpet in my bedroom. I do have a litter box in there but he still goes outside of it, not all the time though.

    I want another cat or two to (eventually) replace him but I don’t want him to teach them his bad habits. A big concern of mine is will a new cat potty on the carpet where he has. I will be getting it (or them) from Treasured Friends out here – that’s how I got Otis and Milo, they were 4 at the time. I would be looking for a cat around age 3+ and has been around other cats and yappy little dogs. I’m thinking female because maybe she won’t try to potty on the carpet where he has and might be more compassionate than a male. I have overlapped cats before but the two I had when I got Otis and Milo didn’t have any bad habits I had to worry about. Also, every cat I have ever owned has been declawed on all 4 (Otis and Milo came that way), I wouldn’t know what to do with claws.

    I don’t want Otis to feel I’m done with him and will stop giving him attention, I love him very very much but I also don’t want Rocko to be alone for any amount of time.




    Oh gosh, i really have to get to sleep but i can’t stop thinking. Otis has not been around a female cat before. Since he lost his brother maybe he would like another cat. What if i do get another and it has claws will it hurt otis? I will not declaw a cat. Aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

    I believe i may have voiced all of my concerns (i hope)



    Well, deep sujekt, if yu got kitten kitteh aifink bee okai, oar big groan kitteh frum shelter hoo hadda bin deklawed bai stooopie hoomin, oar even if nawt ai think if yu maek a ruum fore neew kitteh an gratually interdoose, bee okai, be wunnerful fore a kitteh tew haev a forever hoem wif honey!



    It’s complicated, yep.

    I think probably, at the core, it comes down to: will the negative effects on Otis of getting a new cat while he’s still here be greater than or less than the negative effects of Rocko being alone even for a short time after Otis crosses the Bridge?

    No particular order thoughts on that:

    A new cat is usually very stressful on a resident cat, especially an older one, especially if they have health issues and are demanding of your time. At a time when the focus should probably be on Otis’ quality of life, this is unlikely to make him at all happy. Older cats get less and less accepting of new things, in most cases.

    Speaking of time, how much time do you have around two jobs to make sure everyone gets enough of your attention? A cat with any chronic illness needs a lot of time and attention. It sounds like Otis may already feel he’s not getting enough of you.

    You know there are various resources for dealing with a cat in renal failure, and there are ways to… not cure it, that’s not possible, but possibly improve ongoing quality of life? I’ve been through it, but it was some years ago.

    Rocko is also possibly going to need time to grieve. Like humans, pets do grieve, and like humans, they do it in different ways. It’s impossible to say at this point whether adding a new cat early would be the best thing for him anyway.

    And for the love of CC, I would not personally recommend getting a female cat with an older fixed male who’s having health issues. In my personal experience, female cats typically make sure that they have the high place on the status ladder, and Otis definitely does not need that at this point. (I strongly suspect the instincts of the females, spayed or not, drive them to make sure they have the resources they’ll need when they next get pregnant. But that’s a personal guess.) Also, females can be loving, no question, but they are not automatically any more loving than males. That’s an individual personality thing. In my experience, not just with my own (fosters etc), the most serious cuddle-monsters have generally been male house panthers.

    Also, it’s not generally the best plan to just adopt the first cat that comes along.

    If it were me? I’d probably get in touch with the rescue place and tell them the situation and ask them to keep an eye out for a cat that fit the criteria to fit as smoothly as possible into the household.

    Oh, and clean the spots where he went potty with vinegar. It’s a lot cheaper thsan the enzyme stuff, it works pretty well, and they tend not to care for the scent for a while after.

    But, of course, this is coming from my perspective and my experience, not yours, so take it accordingly.



    Keep in mind: cats are still fairly wild. And in the wild, if an aging animal has health issues and a younger animal of any sex moves into their territory, it typically does not go well for the older one. Even if Otis is in no danger of being forced out or attacked, he may still end up expecting it, and that’s going to colour his reaction to a new cat.



    oh…ai dint sea teh furstist eggsplanashin. wiff 14 wiff helth problims, prolly ai wood wait (yeah cause tahts me all over teh plays).



    Watt a dilemma. Wen inn similar situations, Star and I would wait until the ill kitteh crossed da bridge, then wait bout a month before introducing another kitteh to the house kitty. We would give the ill kitty all gud attention an then all gud attention to the kitteh left behind. Den… seek anutthor resue kitty that would fit the bill. Dat worked four us.



    Regarding the increased hunger and frantic behavior around food. PJ was acting like that about a year and a half ago. He also dropped several pounds. I took him in and he is hyperthyroid. Vet gave me pills to administer 2 x a day. He gained weigh back to his normal weight and is no longer constantly starving. I wonder if Otis’ bloodwork would show wacked out thyroid as well as kidney failure. Hoping the best for you and your nanimals. Love frum noodle and the gang.



    Ohai guys. Thanks for the advice. I have had cats and brought cats in but they were still fairly young. I had a hyperthyroid cat and we gave her pills so I already had that checked. I’ve had bloodwork done a few times already, 6 months apart. I’m due again in October but might go earlier. My sister originally got our first cat from a pet store and couldn’t take her when she moved. My second cat came from a farmer’s field and my third cat came from the humane society, all girls. Otis and milo were my first boys. I got them from a rescue at petsmart or Petco. I’m definitely going through treasured friends again.
    I thought getting a female cat would bring out her mothering instincts and she could be with otis but didn’t really think about the old/young situation which makes perfect sense.
    I will wait for now. I pay way more attention to Otis than rocko. Otis sleeps on me every night. I will continue to give him tons of hugs and kisses
    Thanks again

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