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    hao bowt a string ware yu tell uf teh furstist thyme yu meated yur kitteh (oar wun uf yur kitteh) (oar awl uf yur kitteh) Sew ai start wit:
    Sherman T. Potter an teh laet Larry T. Potter
    Sew…wunce apon a thyme..TEN(!) YEERS agoe, Mr. C. sez “sumwun dumpded a pregnant OBNP & wite kitteh up hear an it had its babies inn teh rafters uf teh nayber’s garadge inn a boks uf papurs.” Sew a few weaks lader ai sez “oh ai wanna sea teh babies”. Sew Mr. C. an ai goe tew teh garadge an Mr. C gets a stepslatter an up ai goe. ai peak ovur teh edje uf teh boks an der ai sea fore littlol sqwee babies. too callycoe babies peekin at me…an hyding behind sisturs ai sea too OBNP an wite bois peakin ovur sisturs baks. I can haz braeve sisturs?
    Teh End

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    Ai saw Riley nawt sekund inna post by da lokal Humane Society 3 years ago. Dis wuz only a coupla days aftur Kidd went ober da bridje and ai knew dis house wuld be too quiet wif just me adn no kitteh(s). Riley wuz den called Jude but it sure didn’t seem tu fit him. Anywho, ai went to dere place adn asked furra “meet adn greet”. He wuz so sad lookin, hidin in hiz cage in hiz litter box. But he sat on my lap, wandered around da meet room, gived me a coupla hand/whisker rubs. Ai said “I’ll take him”. He camed home da negst day. Since Jude didn’t fit hiz personality ai asked him whut hiz name wuz adn he looked at me sayin nuffin. Ober a few days we tried seberal names adn when ai called him Riley he perked up adn mewed adn dat’s who he iz. We also share da same burfday, cause ai wuz borned in early March adn he wuz reskued in early March. Nawt da end. :)

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    Timmy 3 wuz wun uv a big litter uv farm kittehs. dey wuz brung 2 mai famblee hoem in a baskit and mai mumcat tawld me tu pikk wun uv dem, but Ai muss be shore it wuz a boikittin. Ai wuz nat shore haow kittehs um… arranjmints werkt, but Ai did noe bunnehs an Ai wuz lukkee an got it rite! Him wuz awlwaiz mai speshul fren an Ai wuz soree 2 hab 2 leeb him wen Ai gottid marrijd. Him went ober teh brijj moar dan 50 yeerz ago. Teh end – but nawt in mai hart!

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    awww ai enjoi berry much teh storees, c’mon peeps….shaer pleeze
    an rite yu too, nawt evur teh end.

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    Izza okay to rite abowt doggies too?

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    Hm, which kitteh?

    Living kittehs fur nao. Hao bout Trick?

    Trick showed up onna doorstep on October teh 30f. Mostly black cat. We wud nawt have leeved any kitteh, but mostly-midnight kitteh day before Lollowe’en, we bringed him in wifakwikness. Unlike current partmint, we was sharin howse wif my momcat, an hadda back room we cud tuck in him in to warm up an have noms. I had 2 kittehs, my momcat had 2 kittehs, we had no intenshun of dopting nuvver wun.

    Haoever, after a nowr or so, he started cryin like mad wanting tu be owt wif us. Since he were so friendly and all, we taked a chance an letted him out. (I hadda pitcher of water on hand in case of catfight, but did nawt need.)

    Nao, at this point, my Loki were still greeving very badly becoz my Nermal had crosst teh Bridge almost a year befoar. He were less outgoing an less playful. He was a babycat when he camed to live wif me and a nadult Nermal, an he bonded very hard tu him as big bruvver. Trick an Loki became instantly bestest of frenz, an Loki gotted over much of his sads.

    Tu complicate fings, my uvver kitteh, Sid, who I doptid cos he needed a safe home bad, did nawt lyk Trick atawl. He kept screaming like mad ebree so oftin an we wud come runnin an find Trick inna same room, and we finked Trick were harrassing him. Then wun day we catched Sid: Trick were NOWHERE NEAR HIM but Sid started crying an howling like bein killed ennyway. Nawt battle-crying, “halp I being murdered!” crying.

    We had beleeved Sid coz when we taked Trick outside in yard onna leash, he would go bonkers if he smelled neighbour kittehs or sumfing. An I meen psycho-crazy-attack-even-hyoomins nuts. Jackie wud has to hold teh leash tite at arms length so he wud nawt attack her anklols, an I wud drop a quartered comfermer over him an scoop him up an toss him on our bed still wrapped and close teh door so he cud has time to cool down. That stopped totally soon as we got him tutored. No more psychos, just bein a bit weerd, but very friendly tu ebreewun. :-) Finkso tehm hormones were makin him misrablol.

    Whylol we libed there, my momcat had to send her 18-yr-old tortie across teh Bridge, an her 6-yr-old female greeved an stopped eeting an soon followed her. Sid desided my momcat needed him an started spending all hims time wif her.

    Soooooo… when my momcat an I desided living tugevver nawt wurkin so well, Sid went wif my momcat. I had promised him I wud make sure he had teh best life I could, an he obviously lubbed her. It maked me cry but he were happy wif her. An that ment Trick an Loki and, by tehn, Angel cud come wif Jackie n me.

    Will duz stories abowt teh uvver 2 alive wuns and teh 3 across-the-Bridge wuns soon. :-)

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    Shepmom, is nawt my thred, but goggies be lubbed around here too, an maryqos can has goggies hiding in teh horde of felines, so I nawt see enny reezun whai nawt. Or uvver critters, fur that matter. Just coz this site are slitely kitteh-obsessed nawt meen uvver critters shud get leefed out!!!

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    Well den, ai startifies wif mai Sarah Belle…

    After mai belubbed Henry had crossed de bridge, ai hads a hyooj lonely. The aminal communicator we worked wif tolded mii dat Henry had picked owt a gnu doggie for mii, that she was local, a black and tan German Shepherd, and her name was Sarah or Sasha. Ai hads no ideer hao to finds dis grrrrl, so ai wented online to German Shepherd rescue. And dere were a byootimus black and tan grrrrrl named Sarah available!

    So ai called. Dey tolded mii dat anudder lady had “dibs” frum habbing called first, but ai should come to see her ennyway. Wii maded an appointment for de day after de otter lady. When ai arribed, Sarah came to de door and was licking mai hand before ai hads eben gone inside.

    What was so interesting abowt dat is dat dey tolded mii that shii hads completely ignored the otter lady. Wouldn’t sit for pats, wouldn’t stay in the room — not hostile, but wanted nuffink to do wif her.

    Sew dey gabe mai byootimus grrrrl to mii! And wuzza good fing, too. De otter lady, as it turned owt, wanted a guard dog to run the perimeter ob her property out on de peninsula. I’m sure she woulds hab cared abowt Sarah, but it nawt likely shii woulds hab noticed de symptoms ob her cancer. Libbing so closely wif mii, ai wuz able to notice, and get her to treatment. Sarah lived a full life-span as a very spoiled and happy doggie, and ai still lubs her very muchly.

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    Is sweet, Shepmom. :) Aifinkso tehy duz watch out fur us… ravver fink Nermal brought Trick to save Loki, rly. Loki nawt bond tu enny uvver kitteh lyk tu just Nermal an Trick, an I srsly dunno hao loony Trick, whu needs eggstra patience sumthymes an has helf problems, wudda dun elsewhere.

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    oh yes waht Prysma sed, awl storees uf awl pets ai wood luv, ai dint tink wen ai sed kittehs butt (!) taht wood leeve awt tew mainnee speesees. an ai hearby sez dis string opin tew awl xxxooooxxxxoooo!

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    oh ai luved dese storees Sarah Belle an silly Trick.
    Thass amazin taht Henry led yu tew yur noo furry child, ai haz an amazed.

    an Sid….I’ve had kittehs plai taht gaem afore. Lyke Josie in baffruum klosit fore nawt fore munfs wen wee got Teddy teh goggie. maed me krie an krie an hur woodn’t come awt…..den ai tern lite awn wun nite an der Josie is…hangin awn teh kowtch wif puppy goggie Teddy….

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    When Ai waz abowt 10 y/o mai familee hadda obnp-adn-white patchy shorthare kitteh (Little Tom) adn we were in teh motel business in rural NM along US Hwy 66. We hadda accidental fire in wun of teh motel rooms (nobunny hurt, but lotsa smoke adn soot) adn during teh kleenup we found (so we thought) Little Tom playing in teh mess, getting blakk patches on hiz obnp-adn white fur. We caught “him” adn tried tu wash teh soot off… adn teh kitteh turned owt tu be a stray calico girlkitteh abowt teh same size az LT! We named her Sooty. She never quite forgave us for teh attempted bath; but she made frenz with Little Tom adn would play wif us kids sometimes. She lived a long time for a half-wild kitteh aifinkso.

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    Sooty sed “wass rong wif yu kidds? kitteh spots nawt come offa me!”
    Route 66 verrie famis-is taht part uf teh root still in ewes?

    Did you get yur kiks? ai krak maiselve up. :D

    Grate storee LD!

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    Tippy was a border collie (black-n-white, whut else?) and “lived” around a lake near my home town. Aunt and I were out checking over her sister & hubby’s cabin on the lake and were headed back to town. Aunt saw a goggie following us and we were nearing the highway back to town. She was afraid he’d get run over, so stopped and put him in the back seat. Aunt called the lake care taker and asked him abut the goggie. He said he was just a stray and she could bring him back if she wanted. Instead, aunt put an ad in the paper about a lost goggie, but no response. So Tippy stayed. He was my buddy all through high school, loved to herd the next door neighbor’s chickens through the fence but never harmed them. When I went to college, Tippy moved back home with aunt and grandmother. When I got married we got a bulldog (Prudence) and she never really got along with Tippy when we’d visit. So when hubby went to Vietnam (2nd tour), we put Pru in a kennel near home and I moved in with grandmother, aunt, her hubby, and 2 cousins. Tippy would help herd the 2 cousins (6 & 8 years), herd birds in the back yard, help “water” my grandmother’s rose bushes, and made bed check every night. He never went to sleep until everyone was in their “assigned” places, then slept on a rug between my bedroom and the kitchen. As a result of heart worms (from the ticks that we picked off him when we rescued him) he had a bad heart and was slowly going down hill. One night he did his usual bed check, and when I woke up he didn’t move – he’d gone over the bridge. I almost couldn’t go into work, and the cousins were so upset they couldn’t go to school. Uncle buried Tippy in the “animal cemetery” we had behind the garage. Tippy lived a very good life for almost 10 years. I still miss my buddy after all these years. *another story about Prudence some time*

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    oh taht is a lulee goggie storee, Tippy had teh gud lyfe thangs tew yu an he did his purrsieved duties well, ai laff at herding kidlets bak hoem! gaev me a smyle tew kalm mai nervous.

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    I was becoming interested in adopting a new kitteh so I went on line to check out some local shelters. The nawt second few times it was too soon, after my Punkin had died. Then one night, I peeked at some pictures and profiles and Polly gave me “the look”. I melted at her picture and read her profile. She was very friendly, talkative, playful and needed a LOT of attention. She also has a dot on her nose and two extra toes! She is a full grown big gurl now, butt still plays and talks and cuddlols a lot. We couldn’t be happier with each other.

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    hooray fore Polly! PJ an Polly ar luvlee cupple.

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