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Very sad news about JCH4K

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    It has been reported on FB, that Janet Ast (JCH4K) has passed away. She was the one who first reached out to me when I started commenting on ICHC, I met her several years ago at a cheezmeet in Greenwich Park. Beems for Salleh, who was a very close friend, and to Janet’s family.

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    • This topic was modified 4 months, 3 weeks ago by  annipuss.
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    verrie verrie sad.

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    Big sign! Too many, waaaay too many cheezpeeps have crossed the bridge. It’s just one of the hard parts of life that we lose friends. I got to meet JCH4K at cweenmj’s big cheezmeet in Red Wing, MN in 2010. What a great group of peeps and I finally got to meet them in real life. Janet had so many great and funny stories to tell – mostly on herself, but just things that happened in general. So sad for those of us left behind. BUT – as long as we remember them, they aren’t really “gone”.

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    Thanks for the notification, and sorry to hear that another of our friends has passed on. {{{{{{{{{{JCH4K’s family}}}}}}}}}}

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    Oh, so very sad. I’m so sorry. *Hugs all Cheezpeeps* — pleeze takes beri good care ob selfs.

    “May her soul and the souls of all the departed rest in peace.”

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    OMCC….. this has hit me like a ton of feathers….hey, a ton is a ton, right?
    I’m so heartbroken over this; Janet was one of the reasons I started postifying on ICHC many years back, she and Annipuss and some of the “original” Cheezpeeps halped me thru a very dark time in my own life, and I feel being lifted up by Janet and the others is the reason I’m still around today.
    Janet was a very witty and interesting poster, and when I had the opportunity to meet her IRL, I jumped at it, driving up to Chicago with JJTucker in the brrrrr—cold like right now, to meet her and Salleh and Whiskers and Wendy.
    This is truly a sad day in Cheezland and everywhere else that Janet touched other peeps with her intellect and sparkly sense of humor.

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    Oh no. Hur wuz a gud gud furrson. Jkh4k will be missed but she will be remembered in our harts furever.

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    burfday fairy

    oh, so sad! :(

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    More sad news :( Janet was a lovely person. We’ll miss her.

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    I has a big sad. :-( I think it’s safe to say JCH4K is one of the key founders of all that is good and Cheezie.

    Just for reference, there’ve been other mentions on these posts: one two

    A memorial was suggested. I’m good with that, if anyone has any thoughts on a way to do it, since usually (with literal furry kittehs etc) we have one or more pics and any memories.

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    I heer she woz gibbon a parayde by the Nite Watchman, wib elifonts adn kittehs, awl teh way to teh meadows, adn hurs not knowing JCH4K Highway was real. Any velveteen rabbit knows what it takes to be real.

    A toast, adn maybe a drink as well, to a great cheezpeep.

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    Suggestion: A picture JCH4K has submitted (since that would have been importantifications) or one of her cats (to act as spokesmewson), with a short story of the parade she got, any of her cats who crossed the bridge first coming to meet her with snacks. My writing is terrible or I’d have a go.

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    The event could then be everyone in the parade, so we are giving her a proper send off.

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    Ai haz sum piksures uv JCH4K at da cheezmeet in Red Wing, MN in 2010. Ai can send tu Prysma if we duzza memoryal. Quite da get tugedder.

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    Gud eyedeer, OnleeKitteh. Ai ownlee had too fotoz an bofe are sied awn, nawt ful faes.Ai sended dem tu Prysma in caes nobunneh els has sumfin bettur.

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    Okay… sorry about the delay, was dealing with stuff here and I don’t multitask so well these days.

    How about, Monday at 12:00, we do a memorial post for Janet? I have a few pics here, from annipuss and OnleeKitteh, and there may be more out there from FB peeps once I share this there. (Send to plzkthx.)

    I’m not sure we should do a parade, or how inspired anyone might feeel, but how about those who want to can share their own best memories?

    And if anyone has any thoughts on finding significant ICHC events, feel free to send links to those or post them on Monday.

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    I’ve informed the cheezfrenz group – Can someone else inform FB as I don’t participate in that.

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    I already let the FB peeps know. I was offered free choice of pics from a group that was formed there.

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