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    Rebecca Surette

    Dat meenie ol Florunce wuz heded at us, anna fren came and grabbed teh kitteh and me anna browt us to teh mowntins. We ok. Can’t go home for a bitty bit.

    Plain english…my brain is mush. I’m staying near Winston Salem with friends. They are not expecting power in my area for a few weeks yet, and with my breathing issues, I can’t be there without AC. But we are alive and well!



    Ack!!!! Florence, you leebs our MamaNyt an her kitty overlord aloan!!!! Honestly, makin them run away lyk that am just RUDE!!!!

    Srsly, I has a big glad you be safe with friends. I’ve had a srsly worried about any Cheezpeeps who might be in the path. Plz to look after you. And fankies fur letting us know! Loves and beems fur getting thru this comin your way!!!!



    Oh! Sew glad tew heer yur okai!



    Alsew glad to heer dat yoo and kitteh am fine! Stay safes!



    Phew indeedy. U an kitteh relax an injoy dat kleen mountin aire.



    ai waz wunnering if yu waz unavacwaited yet?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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