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    Hi ebbrywun….as yoo gnoe bye nao, ai earns Lili’s kibble munnies as a church musician and part ob dat meens ai plays de organ awn Sundays. During de week, becuz ai likes to stay hoem wif Lili, ai practices de myoosics on mai electric keyboard (becuz when yoo habs been doing sumfing for 40 years, yoo can do dese littlol cheets).

    Sew, todai ai wuz looklooklooking throo awl de different sound effects — guitars, flutes, keyboards, etc. AND… ai kids yoo nawt, dere is wun cawled de “Cheezorg” — it am a beri 1960’s electric organ sound.

    Ai promises faithfully dat ebbryday ai practices, ai will play at leest wun piece awn de Cheezorg!




    are this a vegetarian alternative to a ham-mond organ?



    :D :D :D



    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck….



    Ackshually, de pig-organ am a historical fing. De finded pigs dat would squeal at different pitches when booped on de rear and lined dem up to form a myoosiclol scale, den booped away…

    Wuzza a crool fing, but de idea am kinda funny…




    (and that are probably what teh pigs said)



    Ebil fings (peeplol wud be tu jenerus a term) did sumfink similar wiv kittehs. :(

    A moar modern vershun haz plushie kittehs dat goe “meow” wen yu push dem. It lukks and sownds kyoot an silleh and iz nawt ebil. Dis gibs me hoap fur hyoojmannatee (a rare fing dese dais!).



    The cat organ (thought you might enjoy this — it’s all stuffed toys, no actual kittehs involved…)



    :D :D :D



    Well that wuz hystericololy annoying. Oar mebbee annoyingloly hysterical?
    Ai luv teh closeups uv teh kitteh fayces with teh wide opin eyes:”Hay! Wutchya dooing bakk thayre?”
    Thnx for teh moarning laff :)



    But checks dis owt (for real):

    Someone took a recording of Nora the piano cat and wrote an orchestra piece around it. This is kind of amazing:

    Dere am otter videos, too…I guess they dids a part two or sumfing.



    LUV luv it! gonna shaer awn teh buk uf fayses. thankyew fore teh eerlie mornin smilol.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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