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    I was thinking about the bridge we will all cross someday, and our Lungdoc, and I got to thinking — I wonder what images everyone has of the bridge? Whether you think of it as a reality or a metaphor — how do you picture it? How long is it? How high is it? What is immediately on either side? Is it an arch or flat? Do you cross from left to right or right to left? Is it a big bridge with lots of people crossing or an individual bridge when each person is ready? Are you met on the bridge or as you reach the far side? Colors? Sounds?

    Maybe I’m just weird, but I find it comforting to picture such things sometimes.

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    I picture walking over a rainbow from west to east I guess. My furrbabies are waiting-Tiny, Daisy, Harry, Josie, Seamus, Foster, Larry, Willie, Teddy, et al. and in a real green meadow of soft grass and flowers.
    and if that’s not there-I’m not going.

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    To me it is partly metaphor – odd because the visual is often my main way of interpreting things. If I do consider it as an actual thing, it is more like a tunnel than an open bridge. Rather like the tunnel we pass through at our birth, from darkness into light, where we will meet again all those who have passed into the light before us.

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    It changes for me, I guess, depending on…I don’t know… Sometimes it is a long flat bridge with everyone racing to meet in the middle and then the bridge just kind of dissolves and we are all where we want to be.

    Other times it is a beautiful stone arch bridge — not too steep or too high, that leads from a grassy plain across a gentle stream into the meadow. The animals cross back and forth as they choose, but when you’re on your way, they stay in the plain and meet you and then lead you over the bridge.

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