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    Here’s the video I took today of Sully and a couple of friends that wanted to be involved. When I first got there, I filmed him coming down the tree while talking and sitting up on a platform eating milkweed but naturally I did not have the camera in video mode so got nothing. I was so disappointed. anyways here’s my usual choppy job:

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    here’s the one that Cher, Sully’s mama, put together, it is a book of faces one:

    much better than mine!

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    Visited Sully tewdai an brot a bigg bawl fore teh cats of Bob. When Cher threw teh bawn into teh caje, it landid inn an big tyre sew waz sorta lyke that toi fore reguler kittehs. it waz rolleing arawnd inn teh tyre wif too uf teh tree cats of Bob playing wif it, ai had skrubbded it wif catnip-werks awn bigg kitteh too! Den ai cleened teh summer struckter ware teh kittehs of howse spend teh summer. ai broted treets an tois taht had bin putt wif nip. Thare waz bowt twennie kittehs. Friendlee, healthy beautimus kittehs taht people dropp offe thare kaws tehy noe Cher will taek tehm awl inn. She sez thare ar ovur 30 total awn property,sum inn teh howse. It waz eggzawsting fore me butt glad tew halp. ai hoep ai kan find teh stamima tew continue evry 2 weeks.

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    I posted pictures of my visit to the sanctuary in the Gallery. If you click on this link you will see the first picture and then the rest are to the right of that picture. Bobcats and also Sully.

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    if’in yu onlee watch wun-tihs is teh wun tew watch:

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    Volunteering today at Abbe Freeland Animal Sanctuary (on FB &…..I get to do the cat rooms again… specialty. It’s ok by me because I like to visit with the kitties. They have a wonderful summer house & are healthy cats. Still sad that they were dumped and have no homes with human minyins to wait on them. I bring toys and treats. And of course….SULLY!!!! Casey picked a bag of acorns for the “pines”, they will be very happy!

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    I have a happy. Sully took an acorn from me and he wrapped his little paw around my finger and held on! He keeps trying to get me to pick him up but I told him I couldn’t because I didn’t have my certificate yet. (and truth be told, I’m freaked out by those hidden quills he’s carrying)
    THEN after I got home I took a nap and when I woke up 3 kitties were snuggled up to my feet and the kitty in the middle was DIXIE!!!
    I’m smiling. And that little Rosie-she’s purring away in my lap. She starts purring when she’s picked up and never stops-even when she falls asleep.

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    I took my friend Pam to see Sully today but he was pi$t because he got a rabies shot yesterday so he wouldn’t come down.
    So we visited the bobcats, here is a link-there are 2 pictures on either side of the one that is on the link:

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    Yesterday was one year ago we lost darling sweet Sully. *sniff*
    He did a lot of good things in his short life. One important one for me was that I have a wonderful place to go and help and he gave me a new human friend, Cher.

    I actually was looking for a thread (?) for telling I took the little black kitten with a H-U-G-E lump on his face to the vet and HE (it’s a boy!) got treated with antibiotic, ears treated for icky mites, and med for fleas and worms. His bad eye is a scar, doesn’t seem to be bothering him and he can see out of the eye. I have him separate from the others now so he doesn’t get parasites from them. And to tame him. Today I found out his name is Sammy.
    I’ve contacted a rescue place who is going to help me place these extra cats.

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    Am sammy named four Sam da sham an da pharohz? luved Wooly Bully an Littel Red Ridin Hood.

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    Me too liked tehm! It just poppded inn mai hed (an nawt cawse he’z awl blak an affer werds ai thot “Hoo dew ai noe waz naemed Sammy?” :oops: )
    pee ess, ughie ugh teh abskess waz bork wen ai got hoem sew hadda kleen unhappie Sammy’s fayse.

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