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    O my! Timmy iz sew splortable! Cute butt(!) ebil huh? Ware hab ai seed dat b4? O yeah, dat wun anna dat wun anna dat wun anna dat wun anna dat wun…….

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    sew bak frum V-E-T. mai awl thyme favrit vet waz thare. hur fills inn. ai waz rite Timmy is a boi. 3 months old. rite bak leg knee damaje-frum scum pretending tew bee hoomin prolly frum bein tossed frum kar. ear mites in wun ear onlee, prolly werms (ICK) an few fleas. gaeve me free flee menacing an structions on what tew ewes for the udder passinjers awn kitteh. gots littlol wiskers, vet sez thay will gro. hiz leg mite heel butt he may have limp. thay gave me minium charje, guess ownur haz desided halping fosters find homes pais in the end…..
    sydenoet: thare was a 6 munth olde TTI bullgoggie inn thare, sew uglesqwee. Dale the bullgoggie waz thare onaccawnta him eeted Pebbles!!! he saw littlol Timmy inn teh karrier an hid behynde hiz mommy and made a weerd bullgoggie noise (ai think it waz a bark) so funny!

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    Success! I got Dixie in the trap so she can be spayed, treated for all parasites and get her rabies shot….for $30. (I’m going to give them more, it is a good program). Whew!!!!! Then she’ll live with us. I’d be glad to give her to someone but it would be hard to find a home with patient people. You have to love the kitty to be patient….I love her-she’s a brave, plucky little thing! She’s so happy now she has the run of the house. She plays with Timmy and plays with toys and sleeps in the sun and eats in the room with the other kitties.

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    Oh I missed all tihs. Sew gud lukk with teh spaying, adn happy taht Dixie hazza reel hoam. Yoo doo gud werk!

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    Dixie bak hoem affer hur sturjerie, thay kut teh tipp offa hur pore eer!
    ai waz givin structions tew keap hurr inn teh karrier fore 2-3 ours. ai cheked awn hurr affer an our an teh Chux waz upp aganst teh dore sew ai kuldnt sea hur an sawnded lyke hurr waz haveing seezures oar sumfing. sew ai opint teh dore. her thrashed awt uf karrier an wen ai tryed tew putt hur bak inn it maed hurr thrash moer sew ai leeved hur. Pore baby hur went bak up ontoppa teh mattriss staked up inna korner. ai ledder hur awt uf teh rum tihs morning, nawt shur she eated. hur is skared uf me agan :( butt wen ai leff hur waz awn teh poarch inn her favrit high & sofft playse, sew ai think/hoep hur will lyke me again at sum poynt inna futcher.

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    hurr haets me :(
    ai haz a resyned.
    my brudder kawled me. he despiretelee treing tew fynd hoem fore littlol blak kitten taht waz inn howse hold wif twin bratty 3 yeer old kids hoo wer mauling it. he & wife #2 haz custidy nao uf teh gurls (hurr grandkids) sew kitten kan’t bee at hiz hawse. (TMI???)
    anyhoo ai sed sea if aminal shelder taek kitten kaws sumthymes thay will, if nawt, cawl me-wee figger sumfing awt…..

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    As Roseann Roseannadanna would say, “Its always something.” (did I get that right?)

    One angry kitteh dat holes yu responsiblol furr hurr kurrint stait ob diskombulashuns iz nawt da summ all ob yur kitteh resque rekord, Maryqos! Shi wull recober suun anna furgit de eggs periants uh, unteel shi habs tu goe bakk inna da karrier furr da V.E.T.! Den eet wull b himz/hurz fault!

    *psssst* ai kan haz sum eggs syttink gnus soon? ann noe, ai didun’t spwing a leek! :grin:

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    aha! ai kawled aminil shelder an splayned teh sitijimashin an thay will taek teh littlol abewsed kitteh nawt sekint affer teh negst wun thare is doptified. ai sed if’in I taek it till yu gets teh opening yu’ll taek-thay sed “Yes!” Sew brudder awn wai wif blak kitten. thay sed mite bee as soon as tewmorrow thay kuld taek-wif kittens yu neber noe.

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    oh #$%&*#$%$%$$%$@&*^%$!!!!
    teh day purrsin at aminel shelder nawt sew nyse as lass nytes purrsin. day purrsin sez “kawl bak inna weak”
    ai sez “pleeze ai kan’t keap tihs kitten, kant yu taek mai numbur an kawl me if’in an opining komes up?”
    day purrsin sez “kawl bak inna weak”
    :( arrggghhh!!!!
    sew……..wunner if anee wun ai noes mite wanna doptify a littlol BLAK kitteh? hmmmmmm…..iss thare anee wun hoo lyke blak kittehs?????????????????

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    Ai just felt a straynge wind blow in frum teh west….

    Call bakk adn talk to teh nyce nite purrson.

    Sew, becuz Ai hasta axe: Iz tihs yore bruthurr’s kitteh, adn teh bratty twins are hiz wife’s grandkidlets, oar diffrint famlee altogether?

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    hear’s video f-p[6bg6g….kitten added comment……ahem….hear’s video uf baby kitteh……
    teh luvlie 7/9l;azaHHHHHHHHHHHHA//////……….thankyew blak kitten……teh fa/m8*9b84

    l`……aarrrggghhhh…….my brudder’s sekint wives dotter an sekint wives dotters darling kidlets.

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    O mi Maryqos! Dis kitten iz da sqweeeeeeee! Hmm, ai wunnur iffn ennybunneh neerbi lykes da haose panfurrs alsotooaswell?

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    got sines up awl ovur horspittle an udder sights. awlsew sine at V-E-Ts. Pleease tew pray taht kittens fynd hoems. ai am fealing stressed bowt it-ai haz a horde butt ai duzzint want tew bee a hoarder an bee awn teh noos at five an eleben…..

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    help! kitten made screen stretched out and I don’t know how to fix!!!

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    never mind…………

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    new idea: talking to aminal shelder bowt beeing fostur mama fore teh too kittens. wayting fore kall bak…..

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    Blak kitten-Rosie-has a bad eye, to vet tomorrow at noon.

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    Been using a fuzzy blankit awn bed an Timmy been nersing awn it. Lass nite din’t uese teh blankie, Timmy serched an serched…an tehn nersed awn mai arm….owie….prolly wood haev hurted evin if he din’t haev teh eggstra toze!

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    Lucked awt agin an gots mai favrit v-e-t. hurr funnee, hur alwais maeks a fuss ovur teh kittens. hur sez baby Rosie gots Chlaymy…Comidillia…..Cyhleamidi………..infekshin inn ai an gots drops. alwsew gave me werm (ick) menacines fore teh babie kittehs. Eers verrie clean-thang CC fore smawl favers. hur waz happie tew heer taht Timmy duzzint limp noe moer.

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    Braking noos! Dixie gots up awn Mr. C’s lap fore bowt too minits uf skrithces! ai neber neber thot hurr wood get awn a hoomin lap!
    hur awlsew haz deshyded goggies ar kool an haz been rubbin awn Tess an teh gyant TTI setter taht is bordin hear rite nao!

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    new videyo of Timmy

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    oh deer CC. Mr C juss cawled. Rosie gott inn tew teh cubberd unner sink an krawled behynd teh washur uf dishis. hur shud bee ablol tew geddawt okai, rite. rite? rite?!!!!!

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    hur kame awt. nao he is wireing teh dores shut. prolly gonna haveta dukt taep teh freezur dore shut nao cawse wen ai went intew teh kitchin tihs morning teh freezur dore waz wyde opin, (ai tinkh kittehs didit)

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    A kichen unner seege! Bai fuzzy littlol fridge raiders!

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    yu godda sea tihs wun. Timmy duz tihs ebrey nite.
    an hims haz teh sqwee littlol voyse!

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    I caught the two smaller kittens today when I took kitten chow out. I became very alarmed when I picked up the black and white one because it seemed very very frail. And so so tiny, no bigger that 12 days ago. I put them in a carrier and texted Ashley from Hearthside Cats with photos and she put out an SOS and found a foster who came right over. She’s a vet tech so they’re in good hands but if you have a second to pray to CC or send beems for little bit it would be of great help and appreciated. Just have to trap the third kitten and the foster woman will take it too!

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    Oh cc, give ur luv an syregth two these little wuns. An help hour frend maryqos catch dat 3rd kitten. Meow.

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