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    Oh deer! teh reskewed kitteh haz a sorta beeg bellie. Ai treeter hur/he fore teh askaris werms today. ai deerlie hoep that is whi teh tummie rownd. ai noe hur/he haz tehm akaws ai din’t feed kitteh sketties….ai nawt shaering deetayls…..if it is a she an hur is preggers, she’s gonna habe teh babies inside teh boks springs & then ai’ll have elebenty skeered kitteh inn teh rum! ai gotsta kall teh aminal shelturr Monday & set up appt fore hur/he tew get fizzed.

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    Ew — dat’s noe ufn foar ennee ov yu!

    Is s/he ennee frendlyur oar, at leest, ennee less skittish?

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    O deer, indeed! Fingurs crosst it be teh wurmees (nawt sumfin wun normally sez!) an teh round belly goes daon wunce tehy be goned! Cannawt get close enuff fur a peek unner tail, huh? Poor scared baby. :-( Mite end up bein that all yu can duz is, wunce fixed, let him/hur lib outside whylol yu gibs noms n purrvide a shelter (there am sum plans online fur sum RLY clebber feral cat shelters). Or find sumwun responsiblol whu can has a barn. Witcheber way, is better than stayin owtside unfiksed an havin a short ruff life an addin tu teh kittin population!

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    The room she (I’ll just call it a she) is in is very cluttered. There is a twin mattress andbox springs upright against the wall with the bed frame behind the box springs. There is a wall unit pressed up against side of this mess & then the doorway. She’s usually on top of the bed frame peeking at me when I come in. In front of the previously described mess are 2 dressers pushed up against the mess, then other furniture so she has to be very brave to get to me. Yesterday I put very yummy food up on a dresser and she wanted it! She laid down on the mattress and watched me. That’s a first-she usually peeks over the box springs at me so all I see is little eyes and ears. Teensy progress at best. I’ll make her an appointment to get fixed & hope she falls for the trap again. Probably let her loose after she recovers. She will stay around our barn-there’s a lean-to attached with lots of spaces for her to be out of the elements…..

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    Fingers crosst! An yep, mebbe she be startin tu fink, “Hmm, teh weerd bipeds, they nawt hurted me so far, an tehy duz bring me tasty noms…”

    Many feral groups make kitty shelters that are:

    * two plastic storage bins, one smaller than teh other
    * styrofoam
    * straw
    * plastic toobing big enuff fur teh kitteh tu just fit thru

    You cut a hole in eech bin the size of teh toobing, inna same place on each, then you put styrofoam inna bottom of the big one, put small one inside, put styrofoam around it and straw inside (so it can be cleened), put toobing thru teh two holes so it goes strait tu teh inner bin, then put small lid on, moar styrofoam, then big lid, and you can has a waterproof coon-proof insulated warm spot fur a kitteh eben onna coldcold nite.

    There be yootoob bideos an stuffs on making tehm.

    But catched an fiksed comes nawt-sekkund!!!

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    I so want to take a picture of her but 1) I am afraid the flash will scare her 2) Loaned my camera to the Mahoneys to take to a wedding.
    maybe later with the picture, she is so small and so scared.
    AND! Casey opened the garage door this morning and a long haired black cat ran out…………………………………………………………………….

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    Ack! Cats everywhere!

    Tehy must think that you be, y’know, er, um, a crazy cat lady or sumfing…

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    O, an of corse no pic if it gonna scare her! Pryortees, Cheezpeeps can has them!

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    I think they marked the house like the depression hobos did!

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    Maybe your house is on the local “cat path.” I don’t know if it’s a general thing, but where we used to live in Colorado, the top of our back fence was part of the route that all the wandering cats seemed to follow as they moved around town… possibly scent-marked as the safe highway for getting through the neighborhood. At least it seemed that way. It would have been easier for the kittehs to walk down the alley (which the fence bordered) but instead they all would walk along the fence-top, probably avoiding aggressive dogs and other territorial critters. (Maybe the kittehs had an agreement that they wouldn’t challenge one another as long as they stayed on the “path.” Anybody know whether kitteh negotiations are as sophisticated as that?)

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    Kittehs tend to work out a sort of time-share thing with territory in high population areas. This way they can mostly avoid confrontations with other kittehs. They did a study on this in a UK suburban village, it’s quite surprising how well timed each cat’s patrol is. How they manage it without a digital watch we will never know!

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    hmmm inneresting LD, we fownd Bitsy affer hur taked up ressydinse inn teh top uf teh garaje. (It was much eezier tew convinse hurr wee was frenlie hoominz).

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    Wow, that sounds like an excellent shelter Prysma! I think the kittehs would like the feeling of safety when crawling through the tubing.

    Oh Maryqos. More kittehs passing through(?) in springtime. I know that my house is marked as a dumping ground for unwanted goggies. That is the only explanation I can come up with for the very regular deliveries! Good luck with leetlol skarred kitteh!

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    OMCC! this morning feral kitty could be heard yelling for her food! Erm…..this is NOT a hotel!!!! We’re going to try sitting in the room while she eats instead of leaving…….

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    oh CARP! Casey just went in to feed the stray. My hunch was right. SHE had kittens last night…….in the upright box springs. NOW WHAT???????

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    My serious mind says, “Omg, I haven’t a clue but I wish I did!”, my silly mind say, “Kitten photos!!”

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    Noet tew self: get kamra bak frum fren hoo borrowed

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    well carp, he didn’t wayt tew mess wif teh rum butt mooved stuff arawnd. hur came awt an eated affer teh kommoshin, sew maibe hur is immunified tew kommoshin.
    Pee Ess liek toetallie off topik butt Mr. C won a tee bee an it got delivured tewdai, goeing hoem nao tew admier it. SYL cheezies!

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    uppydaet: Mr C sez he saw onlee wun littlol bandw kitten.

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    Dixie won’t let us near her or baby. and………….. $%#&%$%$# there’s a black cat with gold eyes eating in our entranceway. It is super friendly. Now what?????

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    Not much surprise if she won’t let you near the baby – her first instinct is going to be to defend it. It takes a heck of a lot of trust for a momcat to let anyone near her baby. And she doesn’t know you well enough to really let you get close to her either.

    As for the other one… I gather you don’t have any friends who could take him/her while you look into whether anyone’s lost a house panther? Is there a halfway decent rescue group that might be able to give you a hand?

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    well…..kitteh din’t lyke teh gushie fud wee surved ale freskoe….an left….sew maibee kitteh jus visiting…….
    Prysma-wee wer thinkin at sum poynt uf remoovin teh boks springs awt uf rum sew Tink (kitten) wood nawt bee inn thare-gud aidea? if gud aidea-prolly nawt soon butt later? oar leeve aloen?

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    uppydaet: Mr C sez teh blak kitteh haz bin maeking teh rownds uf naybering hauses. Last spottid inn trayler park ware maibe it lives (?)

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    Purrsonally, I would nawt move ennyfing else inna room fur a whylol. Spooking a mommacat am a nawt-gud plan. I can see wantin tu get teh babycat owt uv an away frum teh boxspring, defnitly, but nawt mess wif rite away. Mebbe inna week or twu? Depend lots on hao Dixie am acting, rly.

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    ai thing yu rite thare. no sents toppeling teh applolcart.

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    babykitteh taht ai kalls “Tink” ai gots gud luk at yesturddai an mamakat (Dixie) dun replakayted hurr selve. babykitteh is blak an wite tuxie lyke Moose an lyke Dixie!
    littlol awl blak kitteh taht shows up inna morning muss bee sum stoopies pet onacawnta it is nawt hongrie oar unfrenlee. tish baddie playse tew let sqwee kitteh run lose, mayn hiwai bowt wun tenfth myle frum hour driveway an teh woulds ar full uf pre daters. Foks, BIG owlol, fisher (meen sobeees) an coyoties.

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    littlol blak kitteh waz awtsyde lass nite, ai dunno wat’s goin awn wif taht.
    Funnee storee: Saterdai nite thare waz a kommoshin at teh dore tew teh ruum ware Dixie an hur baby live. Terned arawnd tew sea waht waz happening an watched teh throe rugg taht waz awt syde teh dore disappeer unner teh dore!. Dixie muss bee gedding boared inn thare!

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    Blak kitteh hazza hoem inn teh park uf trailers awn udder syde uf teh park entranced frum us. teh peeples bin livink thare ovur a yeer. dunnawt noe wai awl uf a suddin thay wanna plai rushin rulettes wif thare kitteh.
    Dixie mama kitteh gedding board inn teh puter rum. hur keeps pullink teh throe rug awtsyde teh dore intew teh rum wif hur. ai putted teh toi noan as “Devo” at FDJ’s hause inn thare fore hur an a jinglol bawl awlsew.

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    CARP! ai juss fawnd awt taht blak kitteh belongs tew sumwun else inn teh mobeel hoem park an he is nawt nyse tew kittehs an he duzzint want kitteh inn trayler anee moer……

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    Boi o boi, sum perpz r da dumbbellz.

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    :oops: ment peeps knawt perpz.

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    Srsly, at dis poynt, ai wud … um … ‘akwyer’ teh littlol blak kitteh, an fynding it gnu hoem. Haosumebber, ai noes dat ur reezorsis beeing s-t-r-e-t-c-h-d-i-d beriberi thin, an yu may nawt bee ablol tu duing dat.

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    Oe, ai dunnoes, Noodle — inn mai iis, nawt-niesniss tu kittehs oar uvver aminlols, dat defnitlee bees teh kriem, sew ‘perps’ it wud bee!

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    yes noodle taht waz purrfect term. hour naybers rite negst tew us alredy have wun uf hiz “rejekts”. Nayber sez if kitteh gets awn winnoesill him getz mad. Ai am planning awn “perminitly borrorrowing” teh kitteh if’in ai kan find a hoem. Hmmmmmmmm mai mudder is fond uf blak kats…..hmmmmm mudders dai koming up…….

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    ai thinkz ai maid da purrfict freudion slip. an maryqos, ai agreez, a yoinkin mai b inn da kittiez bestest intrist.

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    Adn wut nooz teh mom adn kitteh?

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    Dixie an Tink are dewing well, ai wanted tew taek teh springs out tewdai sew ai kuld get teh baby butt Mr C seys tew erlie. Mama is warming up tew Mr. C finally butt no touchie yet.

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    yesterday evening I was outside and talked to Dixie through the screen, she started to bolt, hesitated, started to bolt….then laid down and just listened to me. This morning she put her nose on Casey’s outstretched hand!

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    First-Dixie still won’t come near me but she talks to me from under the bed. So last night I picked Johnny up (which he hates) and carried him into the room which caused Dixie to peer out….because Johnny FREAKED OUT and SKREECHED and scrambled for the door so fast that his feet were going but he wasn’t moving anywhere. Well that was obviously a mistake. After I let him out Dixie was still talking so don’t think I traumatized HER…..sorry Johnny boy!
    Second-The same evening after that episode, she finally let Casey pet her!!! Only for a second or two but a HUGE step!!! So happy!

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    Hooray for pets for Dixie! Sorrys for Johnny boy the skarredy kitteh!

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    Oooo=kay…..yesterday I saw the kitten clearly and it is (duh) gorgeous! But mama was with her and became really upset. A friend’s mom who has a barn with lots of cats that people have dropped off has had better luck with taking the kittens away from the mom at 4-5 weeks to get them tame so she can find homes for them. I thought this was bad but now I wonder if we will be able to tame the baby if it is left with mama. Words of wisdom please!

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    It’s really not a good plan to separate kittens from Mom at less than 5 weeks. I’ve heard of forcing them into weaning before that, but it hasn’t usually been a good thing – it can interfere with healthy development, physical and behavioural (eg, sucking on things).

    They usually start to get interested in food enough by 5 weeks for it to be at least reasonable by then. Ideal is to stay with Mom for 8-9 weeks, really, but 5 weeks is the “cute kitten” stage and that’s often when people start giving them away and the damage by then seems to be limited.

    There’s also the option, maybe around 4 weeks or so, of taking the kitten away for short periods. If it was possible to just let Mom go into another room and not traumatize her and all the rest, I’d suggest that. Maybe you can give her a treat of some kind, catnip and a new toy? and while she’s distracted, spirit the kitten away for a bit. But if that’s not going to be feasible, don’t worry about it.

    After 4-5 weeks, she’s probably going to start wanting time away from the baby as she’s working on weaning it.

    The magic window for learning runs up to about 10 to 12 weeks. As long as Tink comes out of that with a firm grasp that being handled by humans is okay, it’ll be fine.

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    thanks Prysma! Kitten is 3 weeks and 2 days old but looks older to me-I think she’s big because she’s an only kitten. I’ll let Casey work his magic on them for a few more days….

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    ohohohoh!!!!happie happpie, wen ai wented inn teh rum wif Dixie an babie Tink, ai waz at teh desk luking fore Susie’s papers fore sapay an rabies an talk talk talked tew Dixie an wen ai went tew leeve, ai waz bai teh dore an Dixie came owt frum teh syde of teh wall eunit ANDANDAND baby Tink walked owt behind hurr!!!!! Tink nawt afrayd evin wen mama growlolin at me! oh ohoh gud noos cawse ai reelie dint want tew hawl tehm boks springs awt an freak tehm owt!!! Tink is a chubby baby!!!!

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    godda get teh kamra back asaps!

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    pictures!!!!!!! baby Tink in Cheezland Gallery under “maryqos2016”. Casey came out of the room and dropped Tink into my lap! Took a couple of pic, looked at behind :oops: can’t tell if boy or girl!

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    I are ded frum teh cyoot.

    (Nawt so ded I cannawt share link directly: )

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    thanks fore teh linky! Thoes eers!!!! Littlol elve eers!

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    OMCC!!!! Wut a faice! Ai amz in lubz ai tellz yu! Skweeeeee Tink!

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