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    Actually, prysma made a fourth book, but since teh last one was released literally 3 years ago (!!!!), it duzzint feel like it.

    Ennywai… if you lyk teh fantasy novels, and you am cool wif characters taht be nawt always straight and sumthymes can has creative gender, can drop by an see.

    Teh new one is called “Shaman” and it has a main character who am a transgendered shaman and her best friend who am a shapeshifting puma. (He finds a patch of catnips at one point, behind a barn, an teh peeps who own teh barn did nawt know he are a kitteh… I lyk that scene.)

    Oh, and “Black Wolf” can has werewuffs and also sum kittehs that am moar than tehy seem, one of them halps lots near the end.

    Plus, they am free! And you nawt has to sign up for anyfing! Just use teh “Read Here” link at teh top, or look fur links onna page of one that looks inneresting.

    Uhmmm… yeah. That be all. Moar books comin, tho! Iz a good hobby with kittehs: I are very good at typing very fast with right hand, with a kitteh snuggled into left arm. :lol:

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    Awesome, ai’ll chek it owt.
    Prolly weight till affer werk, teh bossis prolly preshieate taht….. :D

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    Uhm, yes, plz tu nawt get in trubble wif bosses!

    PS, teh versions under teh Read Here link am super-duper-ultra-liteweight, only wun step up from plain text, and should wurk on ennyfing including a fone wif no wasted space or complicated formatting.

    But still, donut get in trubble wif bosses! Keep duin infekshun control stuffs, we sorta-kinda need peeps duin that payin attentions!

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    Yay! My Sunday after-work reward is all arranged!

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    Thanks, Prysma! I just found this note today, and I’m only two chapters into _Shaman_ at this point but am finding it delightful; a very professionally-crafted production! I’m always a little hesitant about reading a friend’s writing (having had friends, as I’m sure you have, who had a lot more enthusiasm than ability) but if any Cheezpeep has been hesitant to read your work, they needn’t have worried. This is the real stuff, folks! *Opens browser to chapter 3…* :)

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    PK -> Sounds like a good review coming from LungDoc … *lol

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    :shock: Now that be a compliment! Fanks!

    (And yes, I wince and look for a place to hide when friends or acquaintances tell me, “Oh yeah, I write too!”)

    I’m not aiming for Literature. Just to give peeps a few hours to escape to somewhere else, and maybe come back with a thought or two they otherwise might not have had. :-)

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    Ohai Prysmya! I just finished reading _Shaman_ and enjoyed it very much. Thanks again! Where do I send my rave reviews? *Goes to look up email address for teh Kitteh Booker Prize committee*

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    Eeek, sorry, LD! Did not see this before – been distracted with life happening.

    I’m, hm, delighted and honoured, those are good words, that you liked it. :-) When someone enjoys it, it makes all that work worthwhile. So thank you with a huge muchness for letting me know!

    As for reviews… I can think of three places, although two involve registering. is the site where I make books available (Shaman is at ) – you’d have to “buy” a copy (free is fine) and then it will allow leaving a review. is also a possibility, a lot of people use it. Or just leave a comment on my site at – it’s a basic WordPress site, so all the usual, no need to register.

    Or, hey, just tell someone you think might enjoy it too.

    Oh, wait, you basically did just tell Cheezpeeps right here. LOL


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