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    Just got back from the ER vet to see the radiologist. We did routine bloodwerkwerkwerk for Lili (pre-routine-dental cleaning), and one of her liver enzymes had tripled from December, when it was already slightly elevated. Among the many things that could cause that would be liver or pancreatic cancer. Hence the trip to the radiologist for an ultrasound.

    We’re back, and there is NO sign of any masses or abnormalities in any of her internal organs. Thank be to CC’s Boss! I am so relieved. My household has participated in that particular rodeo enough.

    But, we still need to figure out the elevated enzyme. Could be a low-grade infection, could be we need to tweak her epilepsy meds, could be the onset of (treatable) Cushing’s disease. We’ll investigate further. But it’s NOT CANCER!!

    Gratefully, Shepmom

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    Oh, you and Lili just do not need to go through another round of “what is wrong and what’s causing it and how do we treat it”!!!!!!

    I be sharing your relief is not cancer, but still, got tons of beems comin from teh House of Prysma that it be something little an eazily diagnosed an fixed!!! Lubs to you boff!!!

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    Fankees, deer howse ob Prysma and awl who dwell derein!

    Lili wuz such a gud grrrl.. dey were beri complimentary on her behavyoors.

    Shii am so cyoot wif her littlol shaved tummy…

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    Ohai shepmom. Eye hoap Lili wil bee ohkay. Guud fing nawt teh pleh kanser! Sindeeng lub n beemz frum teh hows ov Rocko (fur nao).

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    Fankees S1f! It means a lot. Lili am feeling fine…wuz wun ob dose fings where shii nawt sho enny simptoms ennyfing might be rong. Iz justa number onna lab report. But wii shalls figger it owt!

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    Phew. But watt iz causing dose ohai numbers. Beemz awn hi hedden ur wai.****>>>>×××÷!****>>>

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    Fankees deer Noodle!

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    beems for yu an deer LiLi oh LiLi. xxxooo

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    Fankees MQ — muchly appreciated!

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