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One person, three kitties. Is that too many?

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    Okay, I realize I’m asking the wrong crowd, but would three unrelated kitties be too many for one person? As you may remember, I got a young new kitty as a companion to my older Mara. Mara doesn’t want the companion, but Noo Kitty wants to be a companion. Now I’m thinking of getting a companion for the companion and hopefully Noo Kitty will leave Mara alone. Follow?

    The idea would be a boy around 6 or 7 years old with enough playfulness to distract and occupy Noo Kitty. There are a few candidates at the local shelter. Of course this could all backfire, they won’t get along, and Mara may blow a gasket if there’s another cat in the house.

    Talk me down.

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    If there is a problem, I think it may not so much be a question of “too many for one person” as “too many for one territory”–? When we added a third cat to our household (many years ago) the first two got stressed and started spraying the furniture and generally getting miserable. Eventually things settled down, but it was slow and difficult. The first two were neutered males (littermates, several years old, established in our house for years) and the third a much younger neutered male rescued kitteh. So the social dynamic was rather different from that in your house, and our experience may not apply at all to your situation.

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    Interesting that you mention “territory”. My house is smallish (1200sf or so) and when I got the second cat I thought there was plenty of room for them to ignore each other. It’s surprising how much room they take up. I think there’s room for a third. The house is small, but like lots of mid-century homes, it’s got several small rooms. It’s not all one open space. And the basement is a playground unto itself!

    Thanks for the insight.

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    You know where I’m coming from….but maybe if you could find a possible 3rd and is available to foster….then there wouldn’t be so much pressure on you to make a more final solution. Also-the younger cat would likely do well with an kitten with an outgoing personality. Kitten’s have a way of winning over other young cats who are looking for a friend.

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    A kitten? You’re probably right, but I really don’t think I want a kitten. They’re cute, they’re fun, and a lot of work. I like older cats. Set ’em and forget ’em, so to speak. I might just go visiting today.

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    We has tuu humins, tuu goggies, adn free kittehs. Lyke urs, owr haus is old adn smawl (bilt in 1936) wiff sebrul rooms adn a baesmint. Mama spends moest ob teh tyme downstayrz wiff Tootsie, wyol us free kittehs ar yoozhly upstayrz wiff papa, but ebrywun can going aotsyde wenebber we wants. We got Ruby as a companyun fur Tootsie, but wen she hurted hur bak we kept hur upstayrz, adn nao dat sheez betterer she still spendz moest ob teh tyme wiff papa, tho she bin taekin turnz sleepin wiff us on papaz bed or goin wiff mama adn Toots behyn cloezd door.

    So papaz kynda lyke wun purson wiff free kittehz adn a gog mosta teh tyme.

    We duz otay, adn gets along, but mebbe kuz papa nawt puts up wiff fytin adn stuffs — its a nyse caev, but hims teh baer dat libs der, adn bein nawty can get us frown owtsyde fur awyol. Duz u yooz a tuff-lub approach, or hav teh opshun ob owtsyde-tyme-owts? Derz menny tymes awl four ob us ar sleepin on teh saem bed, tho Ruby is still kynda leery ob us kittehs, adn stays seprit — we awl has fynded owr spots, so to speek.

    Gess ai nawt reely tawkin u daon heer, but teh bottum lyne is dat it can wurk, tho ur sichuashun (or teh temprmint ob ur kittehs) myte nawt turn owt lyke owrs did.

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