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    Labs, blood and urine all ok except for slightly elevated white count. Vet thinks it is viral. I still wonder about the collar but she didn’t think that was it. He’s getting ivs and will get antinausea so maybe he’ll eat. really thankful he didn’t get liver damage from not eating for so long. They’ll call later tonight or in the morning for an update. Nice place but pricey…..

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    Update: Timmy’s temperature was still spiking to 105. He only ate 2 bites of food. Vet will call me later with update. *insert tear emoji here*

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    BTW my boss does not like cats but he has been very understanding. He’s letting me make up the time when I can.

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    Timmy is named after my nephew that found him…..but my boss’s name is….Tim.

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    Oh, crap. Ramping up the beems to uber-max! C’mon, Timmy!

    And hooray for your boss being a decent human being!

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    ai put linkie tew mai Timmy boi wen littlololer he still sleeps sew his amazing toesis are on displayment:

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    Beems for Timmy (Al our kittehs were called Timmy)

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    oh ai forgotted abawt awl teh Timmys of anni.
    Talked to vet and Timmy had an ultrasouhd and he has severe pancreatitis which was mentioned yesterday as a possibility. Vet says he’s getting pain med, anti-nausea med, and antibiotic and IVs and hopefully will come around by tomorrow. He said one of his cats had it when young and hasn’t had it since so that is heartening. thanks for all the beems!

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    datz weird. watt kauses dat inn kitties. extra hi beemz four ur timmy an four u two maryqos.

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    thanks noodle! vet says they don’t know why cats get that….???

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    Ok from PetMD:
    There are several possible causes of inflammation to the pancreas. Some of them are:
    Concurrent inflammatory bowel disease or liver disease. The combination of inflammatory disease of the liver, pancreas, and intestines is so common in cats that it has its own name — “triaditis.” It is safe to assume that most cats diagnosed with one of these conditions have some degree of the other two as well.
    Diabetes mellitus
    Certain types of infections (e.g., toxoplasmosis or feline distemper)
    Abdominal trauma
    Exposure to organophosphate insecticides
    I’m convinced it is the Seresto collar even though the active ingredients are not organophosphates. Vets are in denial. Talked to a cat person at work and her cat got same kind of sick from Seresto.

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    Okay, Timmy — yoo gots meds, a diagnosis, anna mawm who lubs yoo. Yoo gets well nao. No, not in

      de well, yoo nawt dat kind ob Timmy. Yoo jus’ gets YOO well, okay? Wii am awl sending owr beri bestest beems for yoo!
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    AM report: temp down but still too high, not eating. waiting for vet call.

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    moar beems from here

    {{{{{maryqos and timmy}}}}}

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    High intensity, short range beems frum daown teh rode!

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    He’s home, his temp went to normal, after I got him home I gave him 3 choices of food, warmed up and he ate! I have pain meds for him. Glad he’s home. Whew! Have to watch him closely, thanks for all the support!!!

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    :) at timmy being home

    hope he are feline better soon

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    Hurrah for Timmy and his mawm!

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    He’s quiet this morning, not loving the pain med to put in his cheek. I put him in the big computer room alone with yummy choices of food and his fuzzy blankie for the day. His leg is shaved where the iv was and his tummy is shaved-maybe for the ultrasound? anyways he looks funny. He’s grumpy, but then he never has liked to be messed with.

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    Yahoo four heeling timmy. Hi beemz still axtiv8 ted.

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    Fur grows back. I hazza bigbig happeh him be home, an teh beems continue that he omnomnoms alla fuds and gets strong again! Izza huge relief he be eating, is hard sometimes to get them to start again if they stop.

    Cory’s kitty-foster-mom Angel of the impressive OBNP floof had pancreatitis wunce, but nawt so badly. We took her to the v-e-t coz she kept wincing over pressure on her abdomen. She was not at all pleased by antibiotics and pain meds, but she got over it. The being displeased, and also the pancreatitis. :-)

    Loves n healing beems n strength comin your way!

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    CRAP! Something is wrong with Sadie the schnoodle.

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    ai tink hurr maibee tew much eggsersyze yesturdai as nayber (nyse wun) took her twice an sekint over annour. ai watch.
    moar conserned bowt Timmy. watched him potty an he was making littlol noyses an onlee wun littlol turd. maibe deehiedrayted oar constintpaited frum morfeen type payn med.
    keepin anneye awn.

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    Salvos: Didn’t expect shaming. first he didn’t think that he would take the boxes (elebenty of them) because there was cat hair on them. He pointed to his sweatshirt where there was like three hairs….I told him the boxes had been packed for a while and the cats had been sleeping on them (I pointed to sleeping Johnny-on-a-box as a visual representation). He called his boss, his boss said “pack ’em up”. However he refused to let them take the bedroom set because it needs to be refinished-it’s a vintage set-Heywood-Wakefield, they don’t care-and he rejected two tables. Kinda humiliating and not what I had expected. So I put a “Free” ad in the PennySaver-it doesn’t cost so someone is going to get a great deal. Meanwhile my bedroom is torn up and can’t be fixed till this set is out!

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    same fing happened two mw wun thyme. goodwill came awt to pick up a nize sofa, but horrorz… it wuznt purrfict. oh no da guy sed, couldn’t take it. yeeesh. i put it awn Craig’s list for free an gave it two diz wundurful young man hoo wuz moving into a apartment wiv hims boyfrend. It felt eva sew much better knowing sumwun would appreciate it.

    :eek: just put in gnu battry four mai smoke alarm. kittiez scrambled an ran awai. it will definately waek dem iffin it goes awf.

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    I hoep ai get a good deserving purrson toooo.

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    Oh carp #$%$#^&%$#%^&^&&*&*^#^%#46 IT sez “yu gets noo puter” sez “awl bee saem”
    sez “we promis”.
    all stuff goen-werk stuff mostlee-an noe more flours awn skreen butt uglee logo uf horsespittle.
    *insert berning madd fayse emotionall komm hear*

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    Oh! an ai am fealin maybe eerlie stajis uf demendtia, LD yu owt dere? yesturddai instead uf pudding mai stoopit fone inn mai perse fore werk, ai got tew werk an fownd mai home laptop’s mause inn mai perse!

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    Az long az u dint put a peace ov cheez in ur purse fore da mouse, u shud b fine. :grin:

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    :D funnee

    okay pleeze tew sai a praiing tew CC caws snoewing lyke a female goggie an ai haev tew goe down teh skary hill wif JoJo tew teh vet.

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    Maed it, thankyew if yu sed gud werds fore us.
    JoJo got subquew flueds, antiebyotic shot, lookemiya test-neggativve!
    addingn $179 to the kitteh sick tally 2018.
    still no sign of missing in house feral girl.

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    omcc waht a fuster cluck. :oops:
    so Sunday my sister says to make a dozen cookies for a tray for the holiday party Wed (tomorrow) at Mom’s assisted living facility so I really am not in a baking mood so I remembered 7 layer cookies easy peasy to make. so i look in the cupboard-there’s an unopened box of graham cracker crumbs so I don’t have to buy that, found a can of sweetened condensed milk, so don’t have to buy that, I like to make mine with “Bits of Brickle” (toffee pieces) but none in store, probably don’t make any more. so i make the cookies, cut them up, wierd=choclate chips and caramel chips (subbed for toffee) didn’t melt…maybe I didn’t cook long enough…so I cut them up…and sampled…..eeewww they taste funny to me… I drop the dozen off at my brother’s and some for them. I tell them they taste funny to me and if they think something is wrong then don’t take them. So today I go to put some chicken in the oven and I find the rest of the crumbs so I taste, they do taste wrong and somehow stale….hmmmm… I get out the graham cracker crumbs…. 8O OMCC! They expired in 2008!!!!!!!!!!! Aughhhh!!!!!! I called my SIL and said throw those away don’t eat. She says well your brother took to work and they all got eaten (he didn’t think they were good either). So she promised to toss the dozen for the party ……somehow I don’t think she is going to keep this to herself…..

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