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    I found the little toad that lives here flattened in the driveway, I kilt it. :( :( :(

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    I also just recently tonight accidentally stepped on baby Sammy’s foot and he thinks I did it on purpose. :( :( :(

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    Ai sew sowwy. Yoo nawt meended to, in either case. {{{{{{{{{{{MQ}}}}}}}}}}}}

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    taking Molly the sheltie to emergency vet visit. she’s acting very wierd, like she had a stroke or something. also has a sore on her back leg. 4th vet visit for my horde in less than 2 weeks. guess I won’t be retiring any time soon….

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    Molly went over the bridge.

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    Ai’m so sorry! Hugs to you.

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    thanks tjp.

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    So sorry for your loss {{{{{maryqos}}}}

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    thank you 2kittehkenniff.

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    Sorry for your losing Molly, Maryqos. {{{{{{{Maryqos adn familee}}}}}}}

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    Oh no indeedy. Go an run free inn da meadow molly. Lotsa frend will b waitin two plai wiv u. Whee will comfort uur maryqos hear awn eerth. {{{{Maryqos}}}. Much luv an love frum uz in cheezlandia.

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    thanks lungdoc and noodle.

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    Oh gnoe, indeed. I’m so sorry. She is running free now, and still loving you just as much as ever. {{{{{{{{{{{{{MQ}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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    I’m so very sorry. Molly is with all of the cheezkittehs now. Each one has their own sunnybeem and warm blankie and things to climb and chase and batbatbat and any kind of gushy food ever.

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    Dunno how I missed this… with so much stress from the others, and now this too… I has a huge sad and worried for you.

    Enjoy the Meadow, Molly, and make awesome friends while you wait.

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    OMCC! It is a different cat going on the counter. i’m defeated.

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    Nope. De feet iz nawt inn hour lexicon. Fings will getz betterer, eventually. Ai pwomize.

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    No shelters will take the kittens because they are too old. They only want babies 8 weeks or under.
    Well, except for the kill shelter.

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    Watt!!! @@#%$#@ that iz tearible.

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    Nice philosophy – “rescue” but only for the little cutest ones, and if they get past 8 weeks their lives don’t matter anymore. :mad:

    Which I guess means finding them homes yourself. If you can, make sure everyone has first shots and basic deworming, and then ask peeps adopting them to pay you that much. Giving kittens away for free can lead to bad stuff, but if they’ll pay that it’s more likely they’ll give them a good home. See where you can advertise by posters or online… maybe see if you can get some good pics and better still video, set up a free WP blog or something to put info about them and share pics and vids and stuff (I’ll help if you need), just ’cause maybe the cute will captivate someone? (Think of Eva, and of FDJ.) Then put the link on the ads. And keep in mind possibilities like responsibly-run barns where the cats are all fixed, fed, and looked after but they aren’t pets, that can be an awesome life for a cat who likes hunting and isn’t a snugglemonster. Ask on Facebork and all, politely and only once, for them to share the link to your site, which will work better the more content you can add, not just a list of furballs needing a home.

    Just my two cents. It’ll be some work, but you can do it, and it’ll be worth it to get your household down to a sustainable population. Not everyone wants tiny kittens.

    Meanwhile, love and beems always coming your way from this direction!

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    I habs no ideer iffn yoo coulds find any help heer:

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    Thanks to both! I will get my butt (!) in gear and put more effort into the kittehs. I really would rather they went to homes or another barn.
    My barn is empty and my other thought was to get them fixed at the nearby shelter that is doing strays and ferals for $25 (!) getting fixed-male or female and a rabies shot and a treatment for parasites. Then putting them in the barn. I have 2 places that have offered food for them. But that is not the solution (I~~DFFFF~~~~~~Sammy says ohai) want. They would still be my financial responsibility and how would I catch the wild ones for shots and I wouldn’t be able to ignore illnesses and what about winter? So thanks for your advice, I’ve got to get off the recliner and get busy!

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    If you can make sure everyone is fixed before you rehome them and tack on the extra $25 over the cost of FVRCP vaccinations as your personal adoption fee – that will 1) make sure they won’t be left unfixed just because it’s expensive or a hassle and 2) that is HUGELY cheaper for an adopter than going through their own vet. It bumps the odds of them getting a good responsible home, which of course is the priority here.

    Like I said, yell if I can help with anything online-ish. I can do basic video and photo editing, and set up a straightforward WP site and make it look pretty and easy to use. Jackie can make some suggestions as far as visibility, she’s better at that than I am.

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    Suggestions from old geek ….

    1. Create a throwaway email account – “your_town.cats.available at – you don’t want to advertise your work or regular email, spam and possible ex/neighbours interfering. Something that they would not recognize. A SmartyPantz Fone can do this easily (I can walk you through it).

    2. Ask your shelter peeps the best place to advertise pets – and even more important, where NOT to advertise. Craigslist has a horrible reputation.

    3. Make your price known off the bat. If you have a sob story of someone wanting a pet for their child, it is your discretion … but most will pay a nominal fee for a pet with fixing-uppers already done and some shots … as PK said, that little piece of paper saying they were vetteded means a lot! If they can’t pay a small amount now, what will happen laters if something comes up … and something ALWAYS does

    4. Start taking pics or vid on your Smarty-Pantz Fone now, so working up ads and promotionals is that much ahead … can be published when felines had da snips ;) or you can advertise early – but make it clear they go home only after talking to Dr. Tiny Cat and his magical sleeping gas.

    again … let us know if you needs help … *hugs


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    Oh what wood ai dew wifowt mai deer frens? Yep, no wun goeing awn Craigs oar fore free, taht maeks me krinj every thyme ai sea.
    Mama and wun baby ai kan pik up an pet an kissify. Nudder babie innerested inn dis innerakshin. udder too gonna bee a reel challenje. whewie!

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    an owtsyde mama goeing intew haverhard traps fore teh noms, sew ai hazza hoepsful taht ai kan get hur tew hur Dr. Tiny Vet apoyntment awn teh nawt twennie eitheth.

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    Would the website Petfinder let you advertise for new homes? I adopted one of my kids off that site as a “courtesy post” from a young couple that needed to rehome a beautiful Maine Coon boy that took a swipe at their toddler.

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    grate thot Badger, I’ll check.
    also….nawt awn topik-just finished mai werk caffeterreya chilli an alreddy regerting it.

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    Well…dis too shall pass…

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    8O :D

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    an conunndrumz. ai nawt eet suppurrs yet an hongree an gotta put lawndrie inn drier. butt…Timmy is sleeping awn teh fut uf teh reklyner an he NEEVUR duz taht! Ai dunnawt want tew disterb him!

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    taking Ronnie to the vet in half an hour.
    His hair is coming out. A lot. And although he eats a lot, he has gotten gaunt in the back end especially.
    I know the vet will say either stress, fleas, or something else.
    She’ll definitely want blood work. So that is helpful if it is stress…….because you know…taking him away from me in a strange place and sticking a needle in him won’t be stressful at all.
    He bullies some of the cats too. Swats and growls at mealtimes.
    I ordered TWELVE Seresto cat collars-Merry Christmas to me.
    I have places (I think) for the cats. A new barn that needs cats. I’ll find out Friday. If she won’t take all of them, Cher from the sanctuary has a friend who rescues that will take 2. Time will tell.

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    Vet says he is hypersensitive to fleas (he only had one on him and no dirt). So he got a shot and I have to put a collar on him when they come and clean the house. Salvos not picking up stuff until Nov 2 so I’m going to haul it into the clean garage onto a tarp and so I can clean easier.

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    Ur gotz too much awn ur plate four eny wun purrson. Wishin ai cud halp but ai livez inn California. {{{{Maryqos}}}}

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    thanks noodle, I have big things behind me but I’m further along. The big problems are mostly over (I hope!).
    Forgot to say that Ronnie actually gained weight, he looked gaunt because of the hair loss. And no blood work.

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    Is such a lot tu deel wif, wanting the best for all of them but nawt enough space or resources or support. :? I has a sowree, and a huge hoping that the barn works out for some of them, and you can start getting the population down some. Loves n hugses, and hang in there!

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    I put on FB but also here now: Am I a Bad Mother? Last night I propped open the mudroom door so that maybe feral mama cat would come in and eat and be out of the weather. When I opened the kitchen door to go back in-out dashed Little Sammy-I screamed-he did a rapid 180 and flew back into the house and out of sight. I laughed harder than I can remember laughing in ages and ages.

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    note: I have taken 3 different cats to the vet that the sanctuary uses. why would a vet’s exam room have an AUTOMATIC foam soap dispenser above the counter where the baby scales are? two of the cats I’ve taken have “soaped” themselves.

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    That sounds a very stupid place to put the scales – or the soap dispenser or both!

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    I AM the worst mother. I am. So I take Spanky to the vet to have his urine checked because he’s the second pee-er. His urine is fine. Vet is putting Spanky and Rosie on Prozac. I told her I was starting the CBG (?) oil. She’d never heard of it. I think I’ll give that some time before I start Prozac.
    Now the bad mother part. Yesterday Timmy did not dart out the door when I came home like he does every single blessed day. This morning Timmy did not eat. This afternoon after back from vet still no Timmy at the door. He’s been in a box by the register all day. I opened the door to the mud room. He did not go out. He didn’t eat supper. He’s obvioiusly got something wrong and now it is Friday night. :( :( :(

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    Bad news for me. People wont’ take Lucy and Ricky so back to 5 homeless kittens. Also Ricky escaped the foster room and I cant get him back because he’s afraid of me again. Little Sammy is keeping him company.
    And Timmy-well when I gave him time out in the mud room I didn’t think about the 3 little pots of dead plants that had been repotted from a basket from Dad’s funeral and after a lot of thinking, I realized one of the brown dead plants was a diffenbachia and I’m sure he chewed on it. I gave him some benadryl mixed in tuna juice this morning and he drooled a lot so don’t know if he got any.
    I’m near done.

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    Okay, breathe.

    If Timmy chewed on dieffenbachia, then he’s going to be feeling like crap but as long as it was just briefly chewing, he might be okay – but you have to keep him hydrated, which is going to be hard if he’s having trouble swallowing. Keep squirting water into his mouth, maybe even a bit of chicken broth with no onion/garlic in it, or some diluted canned food. (Put pate-type food in a blender, liquify it, then put it through a sieve or something, otherwise the particles will block oral syringes.) If you don’t have a decent oral syringe, hit any pharmacy and ask for oral syringes, the ones we get are 10cc. Be super-patient with him. If he’s not back to normal by Monday, then definitely vet.

    As for the others… how’s the plan with your barn? And how many can you transfer out there? Because once the pressure eases up a bit, you might have some space to actually think. Sorry, I’ve lost count, but I bet you could put more than the two troublemaker boys out there. If they have warm beds and ample food, then a lot of cats would be fine outside even at this time of year. Isn’t Little Sammy supposed to be going outside with JoJo?

    PS, it’s CBD oil. It’s a cannabinoid. THC is the psychoactive ingredient and it is toxic to cats and dogs. CBD doesn’t have much by the way of systematic trials but evidence so far suggests that it’s safe at doses up to 0.3 mg/kg of body weight (Cory actually gets more than that). CBD can also be extracted from hemp (the male form of the cannabis plant) and there’s no THC in that, so it’s also sometimes called hemp oil. Look for it in a salmon oil formula, not a coconut oil one. It has a lot fewer side effects from Prozac. (Ironically, here, cannabis was just legalized beyond medical use… but the regulations are actually making it HARDER to get even CBD which was always legal, because the new gov’t regulations are strict. Our usual supplier is ‘temporarily’ closed and we somehow have to find a new one.)

    You are not a bad mom. You’re just massively overloaded and human. Love and beems coming your way, always!

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    Nawt nawt nawt nawt a bad mawm. Just nawt. Beeeeeeeeeeeeemz on ohai.

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    thanks you two!
    barn plan changed to garage plan but has to wait till pile of salvation army stuff gone from there. plan is to make it comfy and warm and then after that open the door to the world so they can come and go. scary because killer dogs still next door. tags ordered so if they stray….then they can explore barn and move there if they want.
    salvos coming Nov 6.
    giving Rosie and Spanky cbd oil every morining-it is in krill oil. they both hate it. if i can barely get the oil down them I’m not sure exactly how I’m to give them Prozac for 6 to 8 weeks to see if it works…..
    I think it is nuts that you can’t get Cory’s cbd now. Cheezis twice.
    Timmy will definitely be going to the vet Monday, he’s still not eating anything except Temptations catnip flavor crunchies. He isn’t dehydrated but I don’t know if he’s drinking. He wouldn’t let me give him tuna juice and water last night, new scratches. I currently look like I lost a tussle with a blender…..
    Going to a wildlife rehab conference (and mini cheezmeet maybe!) the first weekend in Nov and I signed up for the day-long class for beginners so maybe then I can be more successful with the wildlife in my house….in my younger years I never had a problem pilling my pets…..Not looking forward to the lab with deceased critters but guess it is necessary.
    still packing stuff for Salvos to take away but the end is in sight.
    Now, about the cremains of two people that I didn’t know well that are currently in the closet….
    I think i will mail to the nephew of the lady. he’s a minister and last info on interweb says he’s in PA. niece has disappeared into Aridzonna and man’s children that I dont’ even know names, let alone address didn’t want daddy although they were interested in any money left behind….
    IKYN I could not make this stuff up!!!!!

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    Timmy’s at the vet but secretary not sure substitute vet will treat him so I may have to leave work and take him to Perry Vet. I took the collar off him. Read reviews on Amazon and at least 3 where cats had same symptoms as he has. I hope it is not too late.

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    I have to take him to Rochester to a hospital that is 24 hour.

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    Beeeeeemz on ohai! Let us gnoe…

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    He’s at the hospital at least overnight, needs IVs and blood work, they will call when they know something. He has a cone on because evidently he kinda bit someone….Vet says he will recover. Hope she’s telling truth. From her mouth to CC’s ears!

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