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    Never hesitate to ask us for help!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    What you do helps a lot of peeps round the whirrled every day!

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    Wat Nenne sed!

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    So far, we be okay… I hate asking for help if we can still handle things. But… back to v-e-t with Cory this afternoon, still trying to figure out what’s going on. Along with the mild neurological symptoms, his immune system (always a little odd) seems to be doing… uh, something it should not be doing. A lot of tiny things that, individually, would not be worrying, but together they’re another matter. He, on the other hand, is still lovey and playful and interested, which is a huge relief. But I’m getting scared that we’re slowly running out of the time we bought him nine years ago. Will keep you posted.

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    BEEMS of lite an helfth an all guud thinks tew deer Cory-Bear.

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    Prayers to CC’s Boss for our deer Cory-Bear and hims fambly!

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    Okay, so, teh Cory report.

    Story so far: Cory was on anti-robotics for ten days because his intermittent sinus infection did a really big bad flareup and, er, thick gunk city for weeks. Near the end of that, we noticed that he was drooling more, that his left eye (the one with the wonky pupil reactions) was swollen and weeping a bit altho that cleared up, that there’s a discoloured area on his lower lip that just looks peculiar but can’t say how, then recently, that he’s been acting hungry but not eating well. I finger-fed him yesterday a few times and he was very cooperative. And yet, he’s alert and active and interested and playful and affectionate and generally not acting in any way distressed.

    V-e-t is really bewildered and worried he has a tumour somewhere we can’t find it, but she isn’t sure. So, she’s doing bloodwork ($350, ouchie… would be $450 if we also checked for Feline Leukemia and FIV but he’s pretty low risk for those), results on Wednesday.

    When she brought him back, she brought up the possibility that the left side of his face might be paralyzed, which would actually account for the pupil, the drooling, the trouble eating until I was putting food right into the back of his mouth. Apparently it’s quite possible for cats to have this (it’s called Horner’s Syndrome) without anything else going on, no trouble walking, nothing… or it can be a symptom of a lesion in his nervous system anywhere between brain and lungs. It’s hard to be sure ’cause, well, cat, not human, but it seems like a real possibility.

    So, she gave us (on request) a couple of large syringes I can use for feeding him if necessary, and said that since his weight has dropped further (he’s down to 8.06 kg, was 8.67 kg last time) and we’re concerned about getting enough into him, he can have extra kibble or treats or whatever he wants, just to keep him eating. He’s gonna love that! Still no sloppy gravy foods with wheat gluten, tho, that’ll make him itch like mad.

    Bloodwork results on Wednesday. Mostly just… keeping an eye on him and making sure he gets enough food and water. Since he’s obsessive about running water right now, and doesn’t like the fountain we bought specially for him (Freya loves it) we’re going to dig out the hard-to-clean old one he likes and set it back up. And, of course, lots of loves and attention!

    $350 isn’t going to completely destroy us, but it’s going to make things… really seriously tight, especially with Jackie’s next court visit in a month and having to get creative so we can continue to have an internet connection. So, I hate to do it, but… if anyone has a few bucks to spare? Without depriving your own furry kids or yourselves, eh? Will get a link from Jackie directly to our paypal account and post it here. Thanks, peeps. Love you!

    Gotta go snuggle a Cory now! (He had a ton of treats already, with considerable enthusiasm – I was counting my fingers afterwards!)

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    Jackie sez, can go to http://PayPal.Me/Cheezland

    Tu be absolutely clear, this are not a donation for keeping Cheezland going. That are covered. Hosting is paid fur a full year from last time, coz you guys am great, an we be good for a while. This are just for halping with Cory’s vet bills and stuffs.

    But do not give us anything if you duz not haz it to spare! We can and will manage no matter what! Okay?

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    Glad to help! You do so much for the Cheezpeeps it’s just a small way to say Thanks!

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    Quick update: Cory sez, “What’s all the fuss? Stop hovering over me, mom!”

    Treating Cory’s eating/drinking/drooling issues as functional, rather than pain or desire, is working so well that I think the vet is probably right about the paralysis thing.

    He’s been yelling a lot wanting running water. The feeding syringes the vet gave us are, I’m guessing, 10cc. If I fill one with slightly cool, not cold, water and nudge it into the side of his mouth and give it very gradual pressure, he drinks it quite happily. I mean, he sits there all on his own slurping it like he hasn’t had water in a week. He pauses every 2-3ccs to catch his breath, then turns his head back towards me for more, and sometimes wants a second one. Want to get a video of this, I think it’s adorable.

    We widened the opening of the other syringe, ’cause when I used it last night to give him some slightly watered Fancy Feast pate, it kept jamming. But around that, he was actually perfectly fine with it, no hysterics like some cats have. He just laid there calmly and kept swallowing. :-) He DOES still eat from the bowl some, but not as much as I expect and not enough to keep me from being nervous. (Malnutrition or hepatic lipidosis, do not want!!!) So, a bit of supplemental feeding, at least temporarily, just to make sure he’s getting enough. If he gets the hang of the changes and can go back to eating entirely on his own again, cool. If not, okay. I’m rarely away from him for more than, say, 3 hours or so anyway.

    Funny how, when he was 7 or 8 weeks old or so, we were told that his fixation on a syringe-fed mixture of KMR and babycat pate was unhealthy and we needed to get him off that, and now, we’re back to the syringes again. :-)

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    I’m sorry, but when you said a bubbling fountain and then giving him water from a syringe, I got this image of him lying on his back on a lounge chair outside, saying “Pool boy — my drinkie please!” I guess it would be “Pool girl!”

    Praying hard that it is an adaptable issue of function, and not a disease.

    My littlol bit of help is on the way, so sorry my Cheezland has not been updating regularly and I missed this for a day.

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    Are you suggesting that my Cory-Bear mite be a teensy lil bit, shall we say, spoiled? :lol: An I duzzint fink he cares about pool boy, girl, or bunny, as long as he gets propurrly worshipped.

    He’s already impatient about me fussing over him, aifinkso he’ll figure this out.

    You hazza silly, y’know, but fankyou with a muchness fur teh halp.

    And muchness of fankyou to teh others who’re halping so muchly, too!!! Is no words fur how much we appreciate or how grateful we be!!!

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    Heard from vet re: Cory’s bloodwork. Is bad news, brace yourselves. Short version: white blood cells are crazy high. Given his total history and the neurological stuff and everything… she thinks the highest possibility is cancer. We can spend hundreds on tests that might not give us useful info, or we wait until late July and do another blood panel to see what his white cells are doing.

    Which means we’ve stepped into the “make sure he’s happy and watch for signs that he’s in distress” stage.

    I’m going to go cry now, thinking about losing my furry marsupial son.

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    oh feces, that SUCKS, pleese tew CC let him stay un-hurtin an inn this world wiff mamas as loong as possible, I’m closing my dore so no one will see me cry.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Prysma, Jackie & furrbabies}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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    (Finkso dat Crown is Evil Womble, determined to make bad use of the things that they find)

    Lots of beams, a box of fresh, individually-wrapped hugs for use as needed, a spare sanity and a shrubbery.

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    I am so sorry that the news about Cory is so bad. I can understand your distress – to lose any pet is hard, but I know how special Cory is to you since you raised him by hand. We are all here for you and are ready to hold your hand and hugs you. All my love, Ann

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    Thanks for all the love. I know, you guys know exactly how it feels. It was a bit of a shock. But… right now, he’s happy, with only a few very minor irritations that are definitely not stopping him from snuggling, loving his kibble-game at every meal, going out to sit on the balcony and check out the neighbourhood, killing shoelaces and little plastic pull-tab thingies, burrowing into my backpack to be carried, or catnapping in his usual odd positions in his many beds and boxes. We can work around the slight facial paralysis, that’s only going to take very small accommodations. And meanwhile, he is hypersensitive to my moods, so I need to stay calm and positive for his sake and keep things normal.

    The thing is, it feels so damned unfair. We moved 2 years ago, and he’s so much more confident and happy here. We’re finally making progress with his weight, which has been an issue since his first bout of prednisolone years ago. Everything else in his blood panel – liver, kidneys, thyroid, blood glucose – came up perfect.

    But I learned from my first furbaby Nermal: if you obsess over what’s wrong and looking for solutions, instead of enjoying every minute, you regret it. I mean, obviously, don’t neglect options, but… y’know.

    He should never have made it to 12 weeks. He’s had 9 years and counting of being spoiled rotten. He has no idea what being alone, hungry, cold, scared, even are, since he’s been with us since 2.5 weeks. Compared to lots of cats… that’s pretty awesome.

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    He couldn’t have landed in a better place on erf.

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    Ohhhh….this is the worst day. Well, there’s one more worse than this, but this one is bad. Your mind just keeps circling back around to the bad news. And the world always seem inordinately full of happy carefree people at a time like this.

    My heart breaks for you, and nothing I can say will make it better. Remember that animals live in the moment; he’s not counting weeks or months or thinking about what might be ahead. He is loving you and being loved by you…his world is pure love.

    But you, my dear, need and will get all the support, love, hugs, and shoulders to cry on that Cheezland can supply, because we love you and we’ve all been there in one way or another.

    I am so sorry.

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    Well CARP! This sucks to the nth degree. So well remember when you got the Cory Bear, and all the worry, anxiety, and hope you both went through. Doesn’t seem possible that tiny bit of fluff is 9 years old. Whu wudda thunk it? Cory Bear still has tons of love to give and two wonderful peeps to give him whatever he wants/needs. And a whole Cheezland to root for him. My heart is sad, as so many times I’ve had to take a fur beebeh over the Bridge. Knowing we’ll all see them one day, but in the meantime another hole appears in that organ that beats for us.

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    Love you guys sooo much… and this are the place for this kind of hurting to get understood, yepyep.

    I did some thinking. Reposting everything here and on Facebork are gonna drive me crazy. So, I gonna go back to the blog where Cory’s baby pics and vids are, and start posting updates, pics, and vids of his health there instead, so is all in one place that anyone can reach. I haz a sorry if that am annoying for anyone. :? Will probably drop notes here when I do new posts, at least mostly, but cannot promise to do it reliably.

    Did one already, just as a sorta update/summary (Facebork peeps haven’t been hearing about Cory’s vet visits as they happen). Is at Should be able to subscribe for new posts and stuff.

    {{{{{{{{{{all around}}}}}}}}}}

    PS, uploading a video right now of Cory less than an hour ago, playing. :-)

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    Cory’s day today, with a cute video.

    Now, if I don’t get off the Internet entirely, considering that our connection is being worse than ever today and it takes 10x the time and frustration to do even basic stuff online, I’m going to end up doing something I regret like heaving all the tech I can find off the balcony. Love you guys, will see you tomorrow!

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    Oh my. Watt a gud boi cory bear is. I am sew sorri bout hiz medical problems. Yikes, dis iz da classic wen it rainz itt poors situation. I will grabitate to ur blog too keep up with his progress. Jus luv him two bits four as long as you have him.

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    {{{{{{{{{{prysma and cory}}}}}}}}}}

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    Aaargh! I let Jackie go to dentist alone for tooth fixing becoz I did not want to leave Cory or risk him missing a meal (mostly is into crunchies right now, and is hard to make sure he gets enough). Also, felt like it might storm, and Cory does not like.

    I get phonecall, her phone, but is tech at dentist. “Ohai! Dentist accidentally nicked her tongue, bleeding won’t stop, we’re putting her in an ambulance to emergency department.”

    :shock: Say what now?

    Measured out crunchies for kids in separate covered dishes and raided emergency cash for cab fare (bus would be at least an extra half hour, stupid schedule) and started calling downstairs neighbour, who has key and calls my purrkids her grandkids. She sleeps badly thanks to pain and anxiety, can be hard to wake her.

    Am now at hospital with Jackie, who has a mouthful of gauze making her lok like a chipmunk, and her gruntle is dissed because she can’t talk. Still waiting to see doctor, but nice nurse keeping an eye out. And I am typing on a tablet, which I rly hate typing on, not coz old and cranky (it is) but because I rly rly hate touchscreen keyboards. *sigh* Srsly, can’t even a simple dentist appt be normal instead of dramas???

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    Beemz for Jackie’s poor tongue. It will be sore for a day or three.

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    Thanks Anni!

    We’re home, purrkids have had lovings. They were crazy-busy with high-urgency issues. Jackie just sorta kept on bleeding… until it stopped, literally only a moment before the doctor got there. *sigh* He sent her home, told her be gentle and don’t panic if it starts again but if it does and keeps going at least an hour, come back. And she’s supposed to go see the dentist next week so he can finish the work on her tooth. He feels AWFUL.

    Now I have to make sure she gets some food into her (no lunch) that isn’t going to aggravate it, when we’re both too tired to cook. Argh! Well, we’ll manage.

    PS, Maria convinced Cory to eat some, at least – anyone else but Jackie ir I, he’d have refused to eat anything, so I’m happy with that. But man, did he wolf a lot down for me!

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    Uh – Maria is downstairs neighbour who calls my purrkids her grandkids and has her own key. They adore her. Trick keeps wanting to go home with her.

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    Dontcha sometimes just want to give “the look” to whoever you believe ordered the universe and say “really?”

    It raises a wonderfully British question (and forgive me Anniepuss and Puddy if I mis-use this) — I would follow up my “really?” with “and just what was that in aid of…?”

    Just keep reminding yourselves what excellent service you will get from that dentist in future…

    I’m so sorry this happened. Tail wags, wiggles, snuggles, and restful nights to you!

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    lotsa blud inn teh tung, pleeze tew heel soonest.

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    When I had my tongue tie (Lingual Frenum) snipped I had to liquidise everything – even salad! It can be very hard to eat if you have a sore or fragile tongue so my sympathy for Jackie and wish her a speedy healing.

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    Never had my tongue nicked at the dentist. If my tongue got a bit unruly (which it can) he got an instrument that kept the tongue on the other side of my mouth till he was done. Works too.

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    All three of my purrkids have the runs. Otherwise, behaving normally. Pretty sure Trick started first, he’s pretty vulnerable with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Then Cory, I think. Then Freya started, too. I’m hoping it’s just some kind of minor GI bug that will pass soon. Meanwhile, everyone is getting ticked off at me for giving them pumpkin in hopes the water-soluble fibre in it will help bind things up a bit.

    And all at the same time, Cory had a bad reaction to the Metacam and started throwing up. Our vet was off last week, is back Monday. Another vet at the clinic okay’ed taking him off the Metacam (anti-inflammatory) and using my emergency pain meds (opiates) over the weekend. With sore teeth, poor guy isn’t going to be willing to eat if he’s got no help at all! As it is, he’s less interested in food than he used to be, still some pain reactions when eating, but at least eating some and not throwing up, and pretty cheerful otherwise. And taking part in the diarrhea-fest.

    Scooping litter twice a day, not once, sometimes more. And I’m going to have to wash all the bedding once this ends, I just don’t have the strength to keep doing it every time someone with a messy bum jumps on a bed. *sigh*

    And Jackie’s leaving in a couple of hours and won’t be home from Toronto until late Tuesday night.

    Vet supposed to call me tomorrow. Then, I suppose, I go give vet clinic lots of monies for Trick’s tummy meds and 2 kinds of painkillers for babybear – I really hope we can figure out something that will work, maybe lower Metacam so his tummy stays quiet but a bit of the opiate one to reduce the rest of the pain? Jackie’s looking into pet-safe cannabis products, since one of the key components is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and some strains have none of the mind-altering stuff. I just don’t know anything right now except that I’m tired and worried – about the kids, about Jackie, about keeping us all in meds and food. Aargh.

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    Mega power beems for you, the furs and Jackie.

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    Mega beems from mee too. I admire your strength you don’t think you have-that is a ton of worry and hassle and stress!!!
    yu got major issues ai feal for you. ai’m fawling apart simplee because I let mama out of cellar, picked up black baby, washing off eyes and pus started bubbling out of one, You were spot on Prysma, I should not have put them back with mama. And I couldn’t find tuxie baby so i searched and searched and there’s just too many nooks and crannys for it to hide-if still alive-so I opened up cellar door, put toona down vent and put carrier with black baby by the vent. Hoping mama comes back, tuxie comes out where I can grab without getting shredded by mama. have to see if baby can eat on its own. Hearthside’s Ashley is going to try and help with either meds or an appeal for a foster. It’s peak baby time so they are swamped and down a couple of volunteers.
    I had a plan for today as it’s my last of 5 days off but that plan has gone to &*^*&^$$$@#$. New Plan: forget about old plan!
    Keep us posted on kitties and Toronto! Hugs and Hedbonks!

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    I use Pet Releef (could be ReLeaf) with Lili — it has helped soooooooo much with her seizures. I don’t know if it’s available in VLC, but if it’s legal to do so, I could send you some if you can’t find something there. Don’t know about the legalities, but from a fur parent point of view — definitely check it out. It helps a lot, and is better for them than the opiates.

    As to the smelly bums and enthusiastic…ummm…activity….yeah. Turns out Lili is allergic to peanut butter. Was hard to breathe in here for a couple of days…

    Prayers and hopes and beeeeeemz and good energy and all good things I can think of to you and Jackie. I so hope the end of this is near, with the proper outcome. You both deserve to be free of this.

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    Lots of beems and huggles for you, Jackie, and the purrrr kids. That’s just a bit more than “when it rains, it pours” troubles. Oh – adn finners crossed too.

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    So far, zero improvement in the mass diarrhea. At the risk of TMI… Oh My CC, that stuff stinks badly! And it’s completely liquid, no solid at all. Dosing them with a teaspoon each of pure pumpkin twice a day is not helping my popularity, but I’ve been hoping it would help… no luck yet. I’ve been using hypoallergenic scent-free blahblah baby wipes on kitty bums every time I hear one hop out of the litter box, and scooping multiple times a day. The thing is, everyone is otherwise acting perfectly normally, eating and wanting attention and playing and all, Freya’s sprawled in a sunbeam beside me right now looking perfectly relaxed. I cannot figure this out. No change in diet, not so much as opening a new bag. No new stresses, and we try to keep things as stable for them as possible. Freya and especially Bear would have no interest in raiding the garbage or chewing odd things, even tho Trick might. They’re strictly indoors (plus balcony). No mice. Unless a mosquito snuck in and did it or we had something on shoes or something, I’m at a total loss for what could make all three sick at once. Waiting for vet to call, not sure what time she’s in today.

    Have I mentioned that I’m never adopting another cat? I’m in no hurry for this trio to cross the Bridge, but once they have, I’ll foster but that’s it. I just can’t handle this crap. Without the court nonsense, I could run one or more to the vet and be certain that it would only strain the budget, not immediately break it. As it is, I’m expecting to have to spend a couple hundred dollars on meds alone this month. This is freakin’ insane. I used to be able to cover vet bills by myself on bare-minimum welfare. Now two of us on disability can’t keep up. Proper care of feline children is apparently a luxury. (Sorry, I’m feeling a tad stressed and generally down right at the moment.)

    Jackie’s in Toronto, stopping for some juice or something before court. Train delay meant she was over an hour late getting to her hotel last night and she was just too exhausted to go far for food. Maryqos: she’s staying in a university residence this time, and she likes it and wants to make it her new standard. :-) Students around her have even been polite – “Hey, guys, move it, she needs through with her walker” – and occasionally actively helpful, which is a drastic difference from the ones in our town. :roll: Anyway, with a shared kitchen between 6 rooms, she can make food instead of eating out constantly, as long as she can actually get to a grocery store! That late arrival yesterday messed everything up. And she’ll be checking out tomorrow morning and hauling her gear to the courthouse, since she’s on a train home tomorrow at suppertime.

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    Oh dear! That is very strange. you’ve thought of every possibility. Vet’s gonna want a stool sample for sure. Next Monday is my payday and I’m going to send the kitties a birthday present because I forgot before.
    Hang in there Prysma, we’re here for you!

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    You have a horde and a house! Look after them instead of trying to support my monsters!

    Have I mentioned lately how intensely grateful I am for friends who let me ramble?

    Okay, here’s a more time-sensitive little bit:
    Jackie’s currently at court. There is a slender chance that the judge could toss this whole mess tomorrow morning. Please – any beems, wishes, prayers, light, thoughts, whatever your personal thing is, could you put it behind wanting him to see how ridiculous this all is and how little actual justice is involved? Please? We both so need for this crap to just end!

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    Deer CC,
    Maek teh stoopie caes goe awai, yu noe teh evil wun gott waht it wantid, tew derayl a budding kareer inn teh publick ai. Sew enuf awlreddie. Amen & Awimmen

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    Talked to Jackie… she can’t tell me much, and I can’t repeat it, but even that much… the evidence is so flimsy they’re trying to use a technicality, and her own lawyer is fighting fire with fire (and getting exasperated).

    Get this, if the judge does not throw it out, he can basically set a date for both sides to return and hear his decision about whether the case goes to trial and when. Which would mean Jackie having to go all the way to Toronto to appear in court for, like, half an hour, just to hear that in person. And train fare is not so cheap.

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    :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    Prayer warriors on extra active duty….

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    Do not want to jinx kittehs getting better, but…

    YES!!!! I found a normal Freya-sized poop last night when I cleaned boxes!!! And just now, I found at least a little bit of boy-sized (not sure which) normal poops amungst the horrible liquidy stuffs!!! Still stinks to high heaven, but oh well!!!!

    Sorry for being excited about kitty poops, but srsly, after a few days of appallingly severe diarrhea… aifinkso you guys unnerstand. Funny how kids sometimes reduce the world down to the absolute barest essentials of life.

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    Isn’t it funny how we all get so excited about poop! LOL! But yay for solid poops. I would have been very worried too, especially with all three having the diarrhea at once.

    Solidarity! or at least solidity….!

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    Recess until 3:00 (a little less than 90 minutes from now). Judge needs time to think about 1) what he wants to do and 2) how to explain his reasoning in a watertight way so this doesn’t just start over at the beginning.

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    Fingers, toes, paws crossed, prayers going up, candle lit, bombardment of positive thoughts and energy — check

    Lubs and beeems on super Ohai — check

    Hugs at the ready — check

    Anxiously awaiting gnus — check

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    fingurs an toze crost and beems towards Torronntoes!1111!!!!

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    I would have to ban myself from Cheezland if I used the language I feel like using right now.

    To quote Jackie:

    Unfortunately, even with conflicting and weak evidence that smells of collusion, the judge can not weigh the quality of one evidence over another. That is the job of a trial process …
    All we need is a witness to say I think it happened a particular way, and that meets the lowest quality of evidence to continue.
    Case sent to superior court system
    TL; DR? …… :( nightmare continues

    *bangs head repeatedly on desk*

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    *sets up sound-proof naughty room for free expression of language appropriate to this news*

    *puts pillow under PK’s head*

    *bangs own head on wall and seeks out bottle of scotch*

    I am so very, very sorry. This is just cruel beyond belief.

    Stay strong, dear friends. Keep believing this will end with vindication. We believe in you both. How many virtual hugs can I fit into one post…

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