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    ohhhh ai haz a happie fore gud-ish noos!

    *re-lodes teh beemerator fore negst thyme*

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    Will let you know when once I know… she duzzint have it inna calendar yet. Or at least her phone not sync yet.

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    TBTG for good gnus! Whatsoever it am, wii am sew glad yoo gotted some!
    Glad Jackie will be home inna few hours, and yoo two can maybe(?) relax a bit.

    Deep breaths all around, and I’m so glad the travel may not be so arduous$ next time.

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    Here we go again… Jackie on train early Thursday (leaves city at 7:30am) to be in court for 11:00am. Bring on teh beems!!!!! Should only be in court 2-3 hours, and let’s hope that goes perfectly! But cheapest train home leaves Toronto at 7:30pm and gets in after 10:00. Loooong day, but at least isn’t overnight, so no taking suitcase and V-PAP machine and all, and no figuring out where to sleep. But I expecting her to be exhausted and in srs pain by the time she gets home. *sigh*

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    O CC’s Boss — let dis be de end ob it sew owr belubbed Jackie and Prysma can say “done and done” and sillybrate!

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    Hi beems awn an engaged. >>>>>>******>>>>>>>************>>>>>>>>>>>>>***********♡♡♡♡♡♡♡》》》》》☆☆☆☆》》》》》》♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♧♧♧♧♧♧◇◇◇◇♤♤♤♤♤☆☆☆☆☆☆▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆▪☆

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    Am dere enny gnus?

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    Sorry, we both be tired – just now setting up posts for tomorrow, then crashing. Jackie’s home. Promising day, can’t tell details, but it isn’t over. Back in early May for 3 days… really hoping friend can let her stay there, or hotel bill will kill us. (As it is, I have no idea how to juggle all this and also save money to get Cory’s bad tooth pulled, and this just seems to be going on forever. *sigh* I’m terrified that if I scrounge up the money and fix that tooth, then we’ll get caught out on needing a train ticket or hotel or something and have nothing.)

    Legal Aid is complaining to lawyer that she’s putting too much time in on the case, despite the fact that it is ridiculously complicated. Can only say, I am intensely grateful that this lawyer is actually determined to do the job right instead of doing a half-hearted version that could lead to Jackie’s life being permanently ruined. Especially since lawyer is doing such an awesome job!

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    Getz sum rest tunite. Hug ut kittehz an sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Glad de gnus am promising…

    As to de otter:


    Seriously, I am going to be quite dischuffed if you don’t let us help.
    Sr. Mary Crankypants will not be pleased.

    Like Noodle says, tonight is for snuggles, hope, and sleep. Sending you hope, belief in both of you, peace, and comfort.

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    Sooooo… noticed last night that while he was otherwise acting normally, Cory’s pupils were srsly asymmetrical. Called vet, vet called back, asked lotsa questions, wanted to see him very soon. Original post here inna comments.

    Been to vet.

    Good news is, he’s still losing weight, steadily, although still needs to lose more.

    Bad news is, the asymmetry isn’t being caused by any of the simple-to-treat things that would only need some drops or something. No damage to the cornea, pressure in both eyes is the same and comfortably low. No reason to think there’s an inner ear infection.

    She thinks, at this point, based on what she can see and not see, that it’s probably neurological. She’s now nervous about doing dental surgery unless it’s to the point of uncontrollable distressing pain, because she’s concerned that there is something more going on that we can’t find.

    The next step would be hundreds of dollars worth of blood tests for feline AIDS (which apparently could have stayed lurking for 9 years since his few days at the humane society or before) or other possibilities, and a few hundred more in x-rays to look for tumours putting pressure anywhere. She warned us that it could easily all come up negative and leave us still with no idea what’s happening or what to do.

    Since he’s not showing any distress or concern at all, no abnormal behaviour, he can walk fine and can even smack a string accurately, and his pupil is actually reacting, just more slowly and less completely than it should be and he can see with both eyes… we’re doing nothing except watching him very closely. Watching for anything else odd, especially for seizures. He’s on Metacam for his tooth, and she thinks that might help too, since it’s an anti-inflammatory; she’d like him on Cerenia, another one, but he had weird seizures on that and we’re avoiding that now.

    Not knowing whether there’s something big and bad and terrifying around the corner, or nothing except shadows, sux. I promised myself 9 years ago that I’d do my best for him, he shouldn’t have survived at all and I’d be grateful for every happy day we could steal for him. But, well, you guys know…

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    Beems continue for you and Cory. I know how special he is for you. hugs.

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    Aifink you are making the right decision, Prysma. Could still be something that will resolve by itself, and if it were something major in the nervous system, the chance that a big workup would reveal something fixable seems small. Maybe more workup would be needed if seizures start and aren’t controlled with tolerable meds, but short of that, observation seems the wisest choice. *Getwell beems for funny-eyed kitteh continue, beem beem*

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    Fanx, anni. I’m tryin to stay optimistic. His pupils seem to be reacting better today than they did last night, so… maybe it’s gonna be one of those weird things that comes and goes and you never understand it? Cats are peculiar critters. I’m sorta trying to brace myself, he’s not a kitten anymore (my purrpetuaal babycat is the equivalent of early 50s!) so if stuff is gonna start going sersly wrong… yeah. Will just love him and spoil him lots!

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    {{{{{LD}}}}} Funny hao sometimes the best treatment is… nothing! :-) Except love, beems, and close watching. (Oh-so-close… but then, he spends 95% of his time in the same room with Mom, aka me. My bedroom/computer room has six different varied kitty beds plus my bed plus, when I stand up, my computer chair.)

    Having a vet who agrees with priorities (kitty quality of life above all, including only unavoidable stress) and some rather tight finances, and doesn’t try to hard-sell us every conceivable test is a major blessing. That she’s perfectly fine with me sending her email updates and questions, and calls me when she gets a chance, is awesome. I don’t love all the vets at or clinic, and I’ve been told one or two will try the hard-sell approach, but ours is a gem.

    Jackie and I are both sure that the difference between his pupils is less dramatic than 24 hours ago, he just came out of the closet-hideyhole into the light and I got a good look, so… fingers crosst!

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    {{{{{{{{Prysma, Jackie and Furrbabies}}}}}}}}}}
    Kittehs sure kan give us teh heebie jeebies. Maeks that hard spot inn teh tummie an hart akes. A send beems tew Cory-Bear’s ai’s tew get togedder awn teh widen an narrowin. CC yu taek guud kaer uf teh boi.
    ================================================>>>>>>>>>>> tew teh Cory-Bear.

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    *Sends sooper-dooper beems ob equalizing light to owr Cory Bear….

    I finkso yoo habs de rite ideer, PK. Quality ob life, and big decisions made on dat plus is it likely what yoo would be testing for is fixable. My first vet with my boy would say why do tests if they won’t change the outcome.

    So glad to hear that he is doing better! Yoo are a fantabulous mawm, and he is in gudgudgud hands wif yoo!

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    I have come to the conclusion that our legal system, while claiming to assume innocence until proven guilty, does no such thing. Yep, this is a rant, because right now, I’m furious.

    The Crown feels entitled to dump a ton of new stuff on Jackie’s lawyer on Sunday afternoon before a Tuesday date… and Jackie and her lawyer have to be there anyway. (They pulled that stunt twice, actually.)

    This morning, Jackie booked train tickets and hotel room for the scheduled Wednesday-thru-Friday sessions next week. Her lawyer JUST told her she’s been informed that the Crown will not be ready until Friday, so Wed and Thu are off, and if they don’t finish Friday, then they resume on Monday. Gee, how nice for the Crown, that they can just change dates around to whatever’s convenient for them.

    The hotel let her cancel no problem. She got the train tickets cheap because of when she booked them. Changing the date/time at this hour (and it is just shy of SIX PM here) means paying an extra fee. But this means Friday, Jackie has to be at the train station at five am to get there on time, and coming back the same evening after a day in court. She is going to be in more pain than most people ever experience, and it’ll take her all weekend to recover.

    And MAY have to get up on Monday and go back. Dunno, could be? Put life on hold, just in case. If we book Monday tickets early, it’s cheaper, but if she doesn’t need them, we’re out the money. If we book at the last minute, we pay more, about the same amount. Can’t win this.

    Oh, and further dates are reserved in June, so apparently we get to look forward to a summer of this. It has already been just shy of 15 months.

    Even once they get around to figuring out she did nothing, they’ll have very effectively managed to punish her anyway, in stress and pain and financially. I honestly have no idea how this would even be possible if things were any tighter. And Legal Aid is complaining that her lawyer is spending too many hours on it and will probably never give her the full pay they should. How dare she be thorough in a complicated case and try to make sure Jackie gets a fair hearing?

    My conclusion?

    1) Once you are accused, you are clearly presumed guilty and can be freely punished during the months required to clear your name. Expect no apology or recompense afterwards once found innocent. If one were genuinely presumed innocent, this crap would not be happening.

    2) If you’re poor, the system cares even less, but a few people within it do (like the lawyer-lady). The system doesn’t care even if you end up choosing between making it to a court date and paying your rent (we aren’t that bad, I promise) or, y’know, other basic necessities.

    So much for my humanitarian polite friendly country. I’m certainly not moving south. Maybe I can move to Europe.

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    Not a lot better here, I’m afraid. There has been quite a witch hunt with well known people being accused of improper behaviour – often without any evidence – Sir Cliff Richard was accused by a young man of assault of a sexual nature and his home was raided with live TV coverage. The police have since decided that they will take no further action. Sir Cliff is currently suing the BBC for invading his privacy.
    I wish I could say something helpful, but hope that you both know that I am thinking of you and hoping that common sense will prevail.

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    grrrrrr! governments suck everywhere. the world is tainted and needs a giant white sage smudging. you let us know if we can help with the finances. I’m in a good place money-wise for a few years (I hope a few years) and yesterday I paid off my mortgage 3 months early (glad I asked-it was only $30 more than one month’s payment-they keep that to themselves until you ask). In the meantime I send you sparkly pink healing and energizing swirls of clouds to surround you with safety and peace. xxxooo

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    *takes Crown out back for a good talking-to*

    I am so sorry, dear hearts. PLEASE let us help with the monies. That would help to take one thing off your plate, and would let us feel like we’re doing something useful.

    We love you both so much. We believe in you both so much. Prayers continue. Keep in mind that the trend has been toward good-ish news — CC’s Boss, let that continue!

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    I… think Cory might’ve had a small seizure? Emailing the vet, but I can’t remember whetherr it’s Tues or Wed she has off.

    I gonna C&P email here, okay? I don’t feel guilty if we’ve been missing this… I’m grateful that we caught it at least once!
    Cory’s pupils are still uneven, although at some points they look better than others. We haven’t been able to identify a trigger. His vision is clearly still pretty good: he’s alert and interested, and woke me up chasing a substantial centipede at 3 a.m. with extreme enthusiasm. He’s eating well, and not spending any more time than normal in his closet hideyhole where he likes to sleep through the afternoon.

    You said to watch for seizures. I’m not sure it was a seizure, but something just happened, and I’m not sure how to describe it or which details are important.

    Cory had his kibble the usual way at 1pm, on Jackie’s lap, and he was responsive and energetic. Afterwards, he cuddled with her for a few minutes, then wanted to come to me — I was watching from a nearby chair. He snuggled into the curve of my left arm, purring like crazy, and started to doze off. Eyes closed, whole body more and more relaxed, head starting to rest against my upper arm. Y’know how a cat’s ears sort of vibrate if they’re purring hard enough? I realized his were quivering an awful lot, and they were out of sync with each other. Then I realized that his head, almost against my arm, was trembling. It wasn’t cold in the room, but it got worse. He made a motion to leave, but I kept him there and Jackie put a fleece blanket over us. He stopped resisting and just cuddled under it with me — he doesn’t have to be scared to want his head and all covered, he just tends to find that safe and relaxing and has since he was a teeny baby that I carried in a makeshift sling. He didn’t feel tense, although less relaxed than before, and his breathing was normal the whole time, so I really don’t believe he was scared or hurting or otherwise distressed. Oddly, his purr never changed in the slightest, same rhythm, same volume, same pitch (he has several purr variations, very expressive). It never got to the point of anything I could really call shaking, and he never lost control, he was still able to shift position and move his head to peek out from under the blanket at me… it actually reminded us strongly of someone with, say, Parkinson’s or something, that sort of tremor, not violent but distinct, everything doing its own thing. I’m not sure I’m describing it well. He didn’t vocalize at all, other than that steady purr. The whole thing lasted, we estimate, something like three minutes, give or take a little since computer clocks don’t have second hands. Then it just faded back down to normal, and he hopped down to go see if Trick had left any of his kibble (not a chance). He led me back to my bedroom where my computer is, perfectly calm, wanted to cuddle a bit more while I started typing this (I can type very well one-handed!) and then ate most of his 1/3 of a can of Fancy Feast beef pate within the past half hour or so. I did notice, when he was waiting in my doorway for me, that his pupils were dramatically asymmetrical, much more so than this morning.

    So, um, I’m not sure whether that counts as a seizure or not, but… further evidence pointing at something neurological? It’s possible that it’s happening at other times. If he hadn’t been right in my arms with my attention on him completely, I can’t imagine how I could have noticed — Jackie didn’t from only a short distance away until I pointed it out. It was so quiet and so subtle and over so quickly that he could be a couple of feet from me and I doubt I’d catch it.

    On the other hand… at least it doesn’t seem to be anything he finds upsetting or painful or frightening. Less than an hour later, he’s finished his post-Fancy Feast bath and is curled up in his favourite shallow box for a nap, not hiding in the closet. I am intensely grateful for that.

    Starting this morning, we bumped his Metacam very slightly to a 6kg dose every 2nd day (from 5kg) because of concerns that it was wearing off just a little too quickly. We’ll watch for how well it works and any negative effects. And we’ll be trying to watch for any more episodes like this, or anything else odd. And especially for any signs of distress or pain or anything negative like that.

    Thanks! I’ll try my best to keep my cell phone handy and not under a cat or otherwise out of reach!

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    {{{{{{Awl ob yoo}}}}}}}

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    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{all yur fambly}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Is it always the same side for a big pupil?

    So Scary. So very very very Sorry.

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    Is scary but I’m not panicking. Post at noon might show why. :-) Whatever’s happening, at the moment he isn’t scared or hurting or, as near as I can tekll, even uncomfortable.

    Apparently our vet’s off til Monday, but that’s okay.

    Mary: The pupil that’s acting oddly is actually not the larger one, it’s the smaller one. And it does react, but it does so slowly and not completely. Jackie and I originally had a minor disagreement over which eye was acting strangely, and even the vet only figured it out by taking him in the x-ray room in the dark and then observing what happened in sudden light and judging based on her experience of what should happen.

    None of this stopped him from having an awesomely good time with a fairly large centipede in the middle of the night. In the bottom of a hall closet, empty 4L bottles for distilled water for Jackie’s V-PAP machine tend to collect until I remember to recycle them. Got woken by a lot of noise in there at 3am, woke Trick too who was sleeping next to me. Dragged self out of bed to check – Trick was faster. Cory had apparently dragged the big ugly buggly out of the closet into the middle of the hall, and was waiting with intense anticipation for it to get over being stunned and start moving again.

    I didn’t have my glasses on and it took me a minute to figure it out, but once it moved I dropped a cup over it and gave out liberal treats especially to Cory, and Jackie (who finally woke up while I was trying to find Freya) took care of the buggly ’cause I’m actually sort of phobic about centipedes. Cory was extremely disappointed to lose his game. I don’t take away moths and things, but I will anything that conceivably could bite or sting.

    Last night at bedtime, after lots of snuggling, Cory investigated the closet to see if there were any more living toys. He was willing to settle for whappitying a string repeatedly while it wriggled on my bed. And he was nailing it just fine and with a lot of energy. Soooo… I’m worried, and we’re watching him close, but being careful not to stress him. He’s super-sensitive to my moods so I’m doing my best not to fuss and fret.

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    *reprimands self for googling centipede images*

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    ooooh yu shud sea teh wuns inn Taxes, thay reelie ar hoooge! Ick
    Cory sownds lyke he’s juss livin hiz lyfe….an maekin mama krazie inn teh meenthyme…

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    Ai has been finking whevver to retire to northern New Mexico.

    *googles giant desert centipede*

    Ai has been re-finking whevver to retire to northern New Mexico.

    Cory Bear’s piccy on de front page am sooooo cyoot — him looks like him am nawt terribly bovvered bai ennyfing dat’s going awn.

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    Yeah, this centipede were maybe a couple of centimeters, pushin an inch long, which are nawt biggest I has seen but pretty big. Nawt wanna live anywhere they get bigger.

    As for Cory being not bothered and just livin his life… purrzactly. He seems completely unaware that anything could be wrong. Aifinkso you guys unnerstand why I’m so hyoojly grateful for that. No pain, no fear. I wish Lily, and lots of others, got that gift.

    And he be splorty-cute. :-) Is all I can do not to keep constantly posting pics of him all turned inside-out belly-up in a shallow-box too small for him, his favourite, looking like he needs some assembly and only the box is keeping him contained. Or of him being all snuggle-bear and wanting loves. Or of him on Jackie’s lap, up on back feets enthusiastically fighting with Jackie’s hand for his one-at-a-time kibble. LOL

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    a Taxes fren fownd an seenapeed an putt inn a mayo jar-it was as long as teh jar! hur kalled nefhew hoo waz a skool biologie perfesser tew donaete it….he sed “nawt reelie that inneresting a size fore de seenapeeds….” (if’in ai hadnawt already moeved bak tew Noo Jork that wood have sended me thare!)

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    Shepmom–Here in our part of New Mexico (SE quadrant) we occasionally see the bigger (20-25 cm) centipedes out in the desert when hiking or whatnot, but the ones that get in the house are much smaller types, maybe 2 to 5 cm long, and shy; it’s unusual to be stung by one. Scorpions, now, can be meaner, and one wants to shake out one’s shoes before putting them on… but generally we have a lot less arthropod wildlife to deal with than they have in the south-central and southeastern US, where it’s wetter. We’re too high and dry for a lot of critters to make their homes here… Northern NM is lovely country if you don’t need a lot of lakes and beaches and tall buildings to be happy!

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    On less feline note, az much az anything in life ever is…

    Jackie are off to court tomorrow. Coz of last minute changes, she gonna be at train station for 5 ay em (our time and cheezthyme) to be at court for 10, which can run til 4, then she can has time for supper and to get to train station for 6:30 and then home for around 9:30. Will be long long day.

    Lawyer lady sez, it will NOT resume on Monday. Actually, will not resume until JULY. And all this is still preliminary stuff, not the actual trial yet. AAARGH! But could be worse.

    Anyway, beems plz? But no ginormus centipedes, plzkthx!

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    *Sends centipede-free Veri Large Array beemerator beems of happi outcomes from Soufwest USA tu VLC, beem beem*

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    Eggstra eggstra sooper ultimate beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz on ohai set for awl day beemeration, sent wif lubs and hopes!

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    Awn hi ist eva settingz.. exceedin manufacturers recomendified parameterz. 》》》》》》》》☆☆☆☆▪▪▪▪♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡¤《《《《《《》》》》》》》》} €€}▪▪▪▪▪¤¤¤¤¤☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆▪▪♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Dere.. datz gud.

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    *watches owt winnoe at brite lites*
    hay! ai sea dee arureola boareeallist!
    Oh…wayt…..deh nawt inn rite terrekshin…
    Oh! PeepBeems! Berry beautimus. Dey werk fore shor.
    *adds brite pinkie golden luvlee beems uf pawsitivitee tew teh groop*
    Guud luk mai deer fren!

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    Just heard from Jackie, quick break… she couldn’t say anything, but seems pretty upbeat, near as I can tell from text. Next break will be longer, might at least get a better idea how it’s going. But she says fankies very muchly for the beems!

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    Hopeprayhopeprayhopeprayhopeprayhopepray…repeat as needed…

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    All wrapped up, grabbed lunch… and is now sitting on the train. We had high wind and severe thunderstorm warnings in this part of the world all day, and apparently all the trains are delayed by stuff down on the tracks. She should have pulled out of Toronto an hour ago, so far they’ve made it about as far as she could have walked. And she uses a walker and has severe chronic pain.

    However, thousands of peeps peeps have no power (we didn’t get even a blink so far, but wind still fierce) and airport has grounded all flights and Toronto emergency services are crazy-overloaded, soooo… guess it could be worse. She’ll get here eventually. Right? Sooner or later the train has to move and bring her home?

    She’s now done until early July. Like I said, still in the pre-trial crap, trying to get everyone’s story straight. Apparently the various stories have a LOT of internal contradictions and missing pieces. So that’s promising. Just more time, I guess.

    Anyway, muchness of thankies from both of us for the beems!!!

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    Holy cow. She should be home by now. She’s not far outside the Toronto metro limits, and stopped yet again. Looking like she’s going to be a while getting home. Purrkids are getting cranky, between the srs wind out there keeping them off the balcony plus their Jackie left 16 hours ago and is still gone.

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    Yeesj. Calm daun ye windz an getz hour jackie hpam prontissimo.

    #55615 Reply


    Still not home. Current estimate is another half hour. Then catching a cab home from there. Was supposed to be home at about 9:15, not after midnight. She’s exhausted. No proper supper, either, she expected to have a late but decent meal at home. Winds have settled down, but they did damage. It’s gonna take her all weekend or longer to recover from this.

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    Finally home!!!

    Both gonna fall over now.

    #55617 Reply


    Thanks for Jackie getting home safe!!!!! Rest, rest, rest. Have a gentle day tomorrow. {{{{{{{{{{{{Jackie, PK, and the overlords}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    #55618 Reply



    #56098 Reply


    Aaaargh. Our modem/router has been gradually getting more and more cranky, and at this point, we spend more time down or trying to convince it to give us Interwebs than we do up. We’re probably going to have to replace it, which is going to be give-or-take an extra $100 on top of the vet stuff and court travel stuff.

    I might get to the point of having to ask for help, even tho I rly don’t want to. :? Why couldn’t the silly thing have held out for a few more months?

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    ohai prysma””’….>>>>>>> jus lettuce kno hao an ware two sendz sum munnies. ifin whee awl sendz a littel, ittal add ups two alots. pleeze two letz uz kno. okai?

    #56100 Reply


    sum thymez cheezland iz da onli fing dat getz me up an outta bedd inda mornin. sew…. agin hao an ware…? whe wanna halp.

    #56101 Reply


    Whylol I was trekkin around teh countryside to teh v-e-t for Trick’s meds (I can walk 45 minutes each way, or spend at least 45 minutes messing with the bus), Jackie was dealin wif ISP. Yep, our modem is dying, but worse, teh phone wiring is in dire need of replacing. Haosumever, ISP having a big sale rite nao on cable rather than DSL, and we can switch – rent-to-own modem for reasonable price, no activation fee, and stuff. Will take about a week for them to get someone here to sort it out for us, but we can limp along that long. Will cost a lil more every month for a bit, but no big whackin hyooj expense. Whew! Nawt needing to ask for help yet! But much thanks for the loves and thoughts and wanting to halp! Knowing Cheezland is important to peeps keeps me going sometimes. {{{{{noodle}}}}}

    Ack, thunder-booms! Gotta run!

    #56103 Reply


    It AM important! Eben moar important am its peeps and de community!

    PLEEZE to lets us halp. PLEEZE. Just…lets us halp.

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