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    Our dog, Tess, who is 6 1/2 (holee carp, I didn’t realize she was that old!) started pooping in the dining room 6 days ago. It is where she went when she was a baby. I thought it was because of Casey not being home but she’s still doing it. Just plain old piles of poop, no diarrhea or blood or anything. WTH????? Any thoughts?

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    I got her appointment tomorrow.
    good thing I just got hired at a second job-over the innerweb.

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    ai konfess ai kanseled hur appoyntment. prolly jus awl teh hullelbellow. if hur duz sum moer will maek appoyntment again.
    sew far has spended elebentee millyin dollers awn puter an mikrosof offise an ten pro fore noo job sew ai SHORE hoep it werks awt fore me. (at leest tew kovur teh elebentee millyin).

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    Ai suspect yu are rite abowt Tess’s accidentz being a stress thing; iffit wazza bowel-sikness problem it would prolly be happening in random places, yesh? Sorry that yur household haz had such a stressy time for awl! {{{{{{{{{{maryqos adn familee}}}}}}}}}}

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    thangs LD!

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    Seamus and Sherman have been ganging up on Johnny & scaring him so bad he pees himself. I got a Feliway and put it in the kitchen because that was where most activity happened. No problems since I put it up till today. They went after him in the other end of the house & Casey said Johnny had another accident. This breaks my heart. I’m going to order another Feliway for the other end of the house. Any other suggestions? Casey said they do it because he won’t fight back.

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    It’s odd that they’ve only recently started. There’s probably more to it than Johnny not fighting back unless there’s something to continuously compete over then cats tend to settle dominance issues without to much fuss. Maybe there’s something else going on that Seamus and Sherman see Johnny intruding on?
    As far as I know, cats compete over three things: food, territory and sex. Food, I’m quite confident, is not in short supply. It’s not likely to be a territory thing because that would have manifested a confrontation much earlier. That leaves sex and the only recent anomaly there that I can think of is Dixie. Maybe, for some reason, there’s the remnants of a drive to compete over her?
    It’s all speculation but from a simplistic outside perspective it seems to make sense.

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    hmmmm…lots to ponder, thanks JK. Dixie is fixed now but not little Rosie and she’s VERY cute.

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    Sherman and Seamus are still picking on Johnny. It has changed him into a scared kitteh which really does hurt my heart. He screams louder than Annie when she thinks she’s going to get picked on. Casey had to rescue him from under his bed last night and then wash him off. Second Feliway hasn’t arrived yet & today I ordered collars with Feliway in them. They come 3 to a pack so that is good cause I have to put one on Johnny too. Interesting that it primarily happens at the farthest distance from the kitchen where the first dispenser is. The attacks used to happen in the kitchen. Please CC let this work, I want my happy boy back!

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    Casey saw Sherman jump down from the top of the wall unit to go after Johnny & he hurt his leg, he is limping. Second Feliway came today, guess I’d better plug it in.

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    Warning: this is very sad and worrisome.

    I went to the sanctuary and we went into the cat winter house and my best buddy, Bud, who I’ve been worrying about as he’s losing weight, well he came off a chair and there was a fresh bloody clotted stain on the chair, maybe the size of a roll of duct tape. He had blood stain on his bib and one foot. If he vomited it, there’s no trace of food, just bloody. He was not his usual perky self and a little wobbly. We checked all the other cats and everyone is fine. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

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    The only time I have had anything close to this happen was with my first German Shepherd, who had a hyper-acid stomach. One time he got into a reflexive cycle of throwing up and eventually there was blood, but not to that extent.

    Any unscheduled leakage is not good, especially if combined with unintended weight loss — are they taking him to a vet? Is he eating? I hope it’s not serious and they can deal with whatever the issue is.

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    Yes to vet-tomorrow 7:30 am, very scary.

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    Oh no. Sendin hi energy beems two Bud
    Pleeze keep uz postid awn hiz condichun.

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    Not good news. I was expecting it but still hoping….
    it’s feline AIDS/leukemia/whatever. and the bleeding was from his gums because he has such a low platelet count.
    Cher’s going over to be with him for a while and then….you know…..
    oh CC, he’s like one of my own.

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    I am so sorry. There are no words. These days are the worst. Holding you in love and light as this dear kitteh friend goes home. {{{{{MQ}}}}}}

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    Oh no, poor kitteh. Him wuz muchly luved an soon, soon will run free ov payne an fatigue inn da meadow. Mai hart kittehz will welcome him. Sew, sew sorry..

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    So sorry to hear the sad news, Maryqos.

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    Thanks everybody.
    I want to tell you about Bud.
    He was a big guy when I met him, a brown and black tabby with a white bib and ears that were all crinkled. He was the first cat to greet me the first time (and nearly every time) I went to the cat house. This spring after not going to the sanctuary all winter all the friendly cats came running to me, with Bud in the lead and he got up on the arm of a wicker chair so he could give me a hug. he really was a great guy and I will be overjoyed to see him in the meadow. Maybe he’ll run into Harry-they were a lot alike.
    Also-all the cats are quarantined when they arrive until they are tested for feline aids and all were negative. There haven’t been any new cats added in the cat house since I’ve been there.
    The vet said cats should be tested twice for feline aids, none of the people Cher knows in this field for 20+ years (or me) have heard that before.
    (I know you have to do that for people who might have been exposed)
    Strange and horrifying.

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    Aw, Ai’m sorry Mary. He’ll be happy and pain-free in the meadow. {{{hugs}}}

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