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    Thanks Prysma for kind words.
    Pee is clear and doesn’t smell. I have to check and see if it still could be UTI or something. Hope the door being left open helps. I used to have a couple of boxes in the pantry so I may place a couple in there too. Peeing on throw rugs predates Rosie so there must be another culprit. I don’t know what to do but keep clothes and rugs off floor. It would break my heart to give up JoJo but he is a bully to the girls. And little Dixie loves everyone and everyone-even Ronnie-loves her. And that JoJo will pick on her. I think he wants to play but he’s so rough. Well, I forgot about Feliway so off to the interweb shopping I go….
    Oh DUH I just remembered I have a couple of those collars. I better try one on JoJo, maybe he’ll calm down. And Rosie. Well, she will look good with a purple collar.



    At the risk of sounding like a new convert preaching the One True Path… what about a very small dose of CBD oil, at least for the more stressed/anxious/high strung /aggressive individuals? Could maybe even help with any arthritis possibly starting in older ones. Usually it’s in salmon oil, Trick loves it.

    Like I said on Facebook: t-storm here last night, and Bear, who normally gets very nervous and unsettled, had no reaction at all, just like his vet visit. He’s still him, just very much more chill.

    We all have natural endocannabinoids. They interact in complicated ways with serotonin and GABA the neurotransmitters. Maybe it could help dial the right stuff up (and down) and reduce some of the social tension from the large colony?

    Or, y’know, not. Just tossing it out there as a thought.



    Just for reference: Trick gets 1.7mg on good days, 2mg on days we’re worried about his joints from the weather… Cory gets 2.5mg per day. Cory’s is a bit high for his weight but he’s complicated. Trick’s average dose is about the recommended for his weight. Could definitely start lower than that, though, and it’s possible to get it in quite large bottles at substantial strength, which would be cheaper.

    I think some peeps would find figuring out the dose complicated (ours is 100mg of CBD in 30ml of oil, so Cory gets .75ml) but I bet you could work it out. But I’d be happy to help. Same for anyone else who wants to give it a try. I started off extremely sceptical, but it’s a darned effective anti-inflammatory and astonishingly good with anxiety.

    Um, I’m gonna go away now, and not mention it again. :oops:



    For teh UK Cheezpeeps CBD is considered a veterinary medicine. Yu shud consult your V.E.T. an haz it prescribed befoar givin it tu your furkids. Teh law in teh UK am very black an white awn medicines for animlolz (bofe furkids an teh farm wunz) tu make shur dey haz teh saeftee, am maed prawpurlee (wiv teh bestest ohaigenez), an duz wut dey clayms tu du.



    hmmmmm…ai haveta chek wif teh vet, thanks for teh advyse… am reelie bloawn awai abawt Cory an teh tunder, thass amaazin!



    OH! I fownd awn innerwebs an kan by inn Noo Jork.



    Dixie is such a karakter. Hur is teh wun hoo draggs stuff arawnd butt ai rarely sea hur dew it. ai opined teh dore tew teh pleh hoard room tew maek it sew gais kan taek crud awai. Suddinlee ai startid seaing peeses uf Mr.C’s unnerware inn teh living ruum. Hurr is at it again!



    ohh deer, dixie… don due dat. :lol:



    *insert crying emo here*
    owie zowie, ai was standing an holding Rocco witch he tollerated fine until Rosie unexpektedlee jumped up negst tew us. He bolted an left me with multiple deep skratches awn mai arm, :oops: boobage :oops: and mai bak alsewtewaswell.
    ai’m nawt normillie a krier butt ai did.



    Dose hurtz badd, ai kno frum experiince. An ur feelingz getz hurt two. Wen kittehz panix an jumpz awai iz da bak clause dat dew da mostz damages. Sorri. Kleen up ur wundz verily kareful. Ouchi mamma.



    nawt nawty. funnee. Sumkitteh karries stuff, ai sed afore, tewdai ai sitting inn rekliner, Dixie walks bai wif washycloff inn hur mouf. tee hee :D



    Took Rosie to vet on Friday. Vet determined to figure this out. (not regular vet) She wanted a urine for culture but Rosie’s bladder was empty. So they kept her all day, even gave her fluids but couldn’t get a sample so she goes back tomorrow morning….advised me to keep her in a separate room to calm her and to see if anyone is watering the house. So yesterday I came home and found on the kitchen counter a plastic paper plate holder filled with pee. So um now what? Can’t use my cheapo phone to use a cam app.



    Oh! BTW Little Sammy is one crazy kitten. He has knocked over and pushed off more stuff than can be believed!
    Then he comes into the bed, goes under the covers, circles me and then comes out the other side feeling pretty smart.



    Pardners inn Krime:
    Well mama Missy & 4 babykittehs still inn bedrum. Missy goes tew new hoem tomorrow mornin! She will bee glad tew geddowt aifinksew.
    Sew ai goe in fostur rum tihs morning an dere are nawt five uf mai lacy window curtin type panels. Nao hao did thay gedd inn thare? An wun was soppink wet frum beeink dragified thru teh wader dish…..
    *ponder ponder*
    AH litebulb goze awn, an akkomplys awn owtsyde uf dore witch is negst tew littlol storaje area ware teh lacy curtin fingies were storied. Taht eggsplayns sum uf the thuds by taht dore aigessso. Halp me CC!
    Littlol Sammy goez unner teh nife awn teh nawt tenthh. an akawse ai kan pet him it will costify twicet as mudch-$50-still cheep. AND thay won’t tip hiz littlol eer! Yay! The udder fore kittens goe awn nawt Nov sekint.



    oh brudder.
    well, ai reluctintlee decided to let feral tortie loose, she’s been in pantry for a week after her spay and no change in feralness, she seems mizzerabels.
    opening dore tew owtsyde frum pantry -her hidee hole was behind dore wen opint. left opint and left. came bak, her not moving, ai picked up stool her hyding unnder. stoopit amatcher moovement. her wend berserks and got owt uf pantry an insted of heading owtsyde hur went inn kitchen and ended up atop the cubberds, borking a dekerative playte witch was displayed awn the dekerative playte hanger witch contained nawt five playtes last weak butt JoJo had bork wun sew nao nawt three. her waz meeyowing teh hole thyme, manajed tew get hur down an hur wend back in pantree unner hidee hoel. ai left dore tew owtsyde opin for a cupple ours butt ai hadd goe tew werk. sew dore shut, ai dunnoe if ai shood trie tew get her owt again oar continue treieing tew taem hur. Any sugjestchins?
    Gud noos: Mama Missy formerlee Miss Hissy Fit is off tew her new barn (and barn IS actchually new) and horsies an 2 udder kittehs an straw an fud an water an beds an happy noo human.



    well ai opint dore again fore mama an wen ai cheked, hur cheked owt uf the rekovery rum.
    *le sigh*
    Oh! an ai haeving trubble wiff alergenic reakshin tew something, I think it is the Seresto collars that I just put on all the cats.
    I itch mostly my hands and today my neck and right now my arms and eyelashes. I took 2 benedryl yesterday morning and nearly fell asleep in the cardiologists office (just a checkup and a pep talk on losing weight) so one Benadrtl lasts four hours and today is worse than yesterday.
    Only other thing new in house is Dial liquid hand soap. Just thought of that.
    *le big itchy sigh*



    update awn feral tortie-her back to getting frendlier owtside….as long as I feed her. Boy howdy I thought she’d stay away forever. she came back on day 2.
    JoJo Highjinxks-I usually find amusing but last night at one-ish I did not appreciate the following:
    1. He turned off my bipap machine
    2. He turned off my bipap machine and screwed up the settings. I had a hard time getting it to work again.
    3. He bit into the hose going from the machine to my nose. Now I need a new one.
    4. He tipped the whole bipap machine over and onto the floor
    5. He got on the top of the bedside table and started knocking things off.
    6. He started chewing on the wicker basket on the table.
    7. He knocked the iron onto the floor.
    8. Finally gave up.
    Then Johnny climbed on the bed demanding equal time…..



    Taking a break before I lose it completely.
    Today’s agenda: Final packing up of stuff for Salvo’s coming with truck tomorrow. Getting stuff out of the way, emptying drawers of stuff going,etc.
    Awakening I thought “remember with this number of animals something unexpected always happens.” OK but really did I need this:
    pile of puke in living room, ok, that’s usual
    Tess comes in from bathrooming outside and she’s rolled in something disgusting so she stinks., Ok put gate across bedroom door.
    Mimi does her usual ohai puke down two boxes for Salvo and the antique dresser they are on. Hmmmm maybe Mimi needs to be an outdoor cat
    Even though door has been mostly kept shut I find a puddle of urine in the tub. okokokok now that is easy to clean
    little puddle of ?pee? in front of dining room litter box….don’t panic….
    barf on floor of computer room, that can wait
    barf in foster room, if I knew which kitten is doing this I could take it to the vet
    okay. now. sweep broken glass up in closet so I can put stuff from bedroom in there because the bedroom set is going….oh look while I was gone they got up on the shelves and dumped the craft box and the sewing box and all the other stuff and everything dangerous is on the floor-needles, pins, little things to swallow, thread, fishing line. OH why does it smell like pee in here? maybe drifting in from foster room which also has a door to the closet? No. it’s pee. and since I’ve just pulled a bunch of hangers out of the closet I get a garbage bag and throw them all away. Oh look, the corner of the cloth exterior of the sewing box is stained, and smells, and gets tossed. Huh, the throw rug I wedged under the foster door entrance to the closet is moved. Oh look it is wet with something yellow…….sitting down with my diet orange and writing this……gearing up for the next surprise.
    amazingly I actually have gotten stuff done for the salvo visit so I’m not defeated yet….;;;;yet……



    Neva de feeted. Datz ur motto..



    Last nite I cooked too hot goggies fore mai suppur an ai cut tehm up an ai took mai playte intew teh living room an sat down an lickety split Little Sammy got up on mai lap an grabbified wun of the peeses and awai he went…..he had a littlol trubble tho cawse he wasn’t eggspecting HAWT!



    :lol: mawm, y iz haut goggie haut?




    One of the untamed ferals got out of the foster room, my stupid fault. They always hide so I forgot to close door and out she went. Last night. I have no idea where she is or how to get her back in the room.I tried setting a trap, I caught Little Sammy twice and Sherman once.
    When I checked on the other feral she clawed me.
    Cleaned up 1 large and 3 small pees so far today. I sent for a heated house and 2 heated pads for the garage and I have name tags so closer to putting some out.
    JoJo has been coughing since Tuesday. I took his temp last night and it was 102.8. He’s going to the vet at 4:20 cheeztime. I thought I might have one week where I was not stopping there.



    Well, catch up.
    I think I already said the feral is back in the foster room. I named them April and May. Progress-they stare at me from their hidey-hole.
    JoJo is better.
    Little Sammy going to vet Friday for weighing for tapeworm med and distemper shot.

    Has anyone seen my mouse? I can’t puter at hoem wiffawt it!



    Ur mouse. Ai eeted it. Sorri.






    Found puter mause unner chayr-took tew dais tew find.
    alsew found Bitsy playing wif reel butt deseased mause. ferrel Mamacat was owtsyde the dore, sew ai sez “hear’s fresh fuds fore yu!” Mamacat looked at the fresh fud an den looked at me an indicated hur don’t want that sew ai got hur sum crunchy fuds. oh now ai’m spoyling the owtsydes wuns too!



    Little Sammy-holey krapp-he is verrie deemandeeing-egg sample-he waz inn teh baff ruum this morning an halveway thru mai shower he desided he wanted OWT! he mee-yowed lowdly an banged awn teh dore an pulled mai clothes awn teh flore an dumpted teh waist basket afore I finished mai shower an let teh littlol pissant owt.



    ??? last night Johnny called the hospital Director of Patient Care Services…..????



    forchunitlee hur verie nyse ladie an alsew lykes the kittehs.



    :lol: oh mai. sillee kitteh, u shudda cawled da fud serbize numbor. add moor anchoviez two da entyre menu pleeze? k, thnkz.



    akshullie he did, hur in charje uf kitchin alsewtewaswell :D



    The Rumba wants to tell me something but the cats changed the language so I can’t understand it. I didn’t even know it could talk in other languages. I have no clue how to change it back to English.



    Sidenote: Timmy is very proud of his thumbs and he almost always sleeps like this.



    First 15 minutes of my morning today…..
    1. Found large mailing envelope on dining room floor with pee puddle on it. Thanks Rosie.
    2. Found bleach bottle with “No Leak” lid tipped over with bleach leaking out of it. Thanks whichever one did it.
    3. Walking across living room with foster’s breakfast, stepped on small velvet jewelry box and took a flying crash to the floor. No serious damage that I know of. Thanks Dixie
    4. Sprinkled pepper in my coffee instead of salt (supposed to take away bitterness).
    OK the last one isn’t directly kitteh kaused…..



    Oh watt a beautifilled morning. :roll: hopez da rest ov ur dai goez bettoror.



    Silly Freya!

    I can has laptop on a stand in bedroom. When I are working on writing, I usually use a wireless keyboard, cause angle are more comfy for typitytyping thousands of words. I set wireless keyboard on bed to deal wif Trick fur a sec (his arfritis am hard on him with all this borked weather).

    I sat back in chair, looked at puter screen… and is a line of stuff I nawt typed, wif more appearing by teh second! It taked me a sec to clue in an look sideways, an see teh Freya sprawled on wireless keyboard and doing pushypaws an stuffs. When she saw me look at her, she did teh pretzel and looked at me upside daon, and that meant her leened hard onna Enter key and then teh Page Up key and then her started turning a paragraph back and forth into a bullet point.

    In order to save teh file from srs harm, I unplugged teh receiver fur teh keyboard. I undid most of the damage (but her DID more than max out my “undo” function, which is set for 50 steps). I can has pic of her, but need to pull it off my phone and stuffs.

    This are Freya’s contribution to literature (see, she sed “bok” rite at teh start!).




    Here, is 3 photos at this lik of Freya pwning my keyboard:



    Oh Freya :) :)
    (ai blokded frum pitchers sew will sea tewnite.)



    Trust me MaryQoS, they be Qoote pics!!



    ah ha ha ha!!!



    Why CC why????
    Why would Johnny sit on my full cup of hot coffee and not move till I pushed his wet butt off it??????????????



    still in shock.
    maybe Johnny is intelligently challenged.
    of course I never told him not to sit in my coffee…..WTH????



    Dat am odder den ottors. Mai Bonnie wunce dipped hur lonng tale inn haut cawfee, butt yanked itt awt inna hurri an splashed caufee awl ove.

    Johnny mus hab a iron clad butt nawt two bern hiz bum.



    he’z luckie ai use lots of karmashin fronch vanillie inn mak koffee. reelie din’t want it strayned thru his pant-a-loons tho……



    Pant-a-loons, datz eggzactly watt ai cawl pj’s supor floofy butt. :lol:



    Ai sometimes call Johnny “Fuzzy Britches” stole from “Shawshank Redemption”.



    One of Riley’s nicknames is “Fuzz Butt”.



    1. not nawty butt so cat of him. Timmy won’t sit in my lap, he will sit at the table next to me but if I pet him, he leaves. I got a package in the mail Saturday and I opened it sitting in the chair. He evidently liked the setup because he climbed in the box and took a nap-on the box in my lap. So technically not in my lap but in my lap. xxxooo
    2. Last night I had to get back out of bed because there was loud growling and spitting and screams. Timmy had poor Rosie cornered in the bedroom behind the coat tree so I had to break that up so she could escape. When I woke up in the morning here’s a pile of three cats that hate each other all nestled together-Timmy, Rosie and Johnny….??????
    I think they are just messing with me.



    I also might mention that the concept of time change is not making sense to them evidently.
    Because they woke me up at 5am instead of what is now 7am and 5am used to be FOUR AM and they know that I get up at SIX AM not four AM.
    So they jumped back 2 hours.

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