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    I made the mistake of letting Ollie lick a potato chip. Now we can’t open a bag without him showing up. And he knows the difference between the chip bag and pretzel bag. At least we buy no-salt chips. He also likes whipped cream. At our cabin he goes upstairs and does his Wallenda act between the loft ballusters. Meows to get our attention, then if that doesn’t work scratches the wooden wall. He doesn’t really harm the wood, and I know he does it just for the attention and the possibility that he might get some chips or whipped cream since that’s how we get him down.

    He also likes to try to get next to you on your chair, such that you have to get up and give it to him. He just did it to me now, and after i and given him a chip! No he’s not spoiled at all.

    Anyways, I was wondering about any strange kitteh stories that you folks could relate. We know they all have their quirks.

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    Oooh boy, I could be here all nite, but I gotta get to bed. Can tell you wifakwikness, tho, that Freya will steal soup crackers, fries, and vanilla soy milk from Jackie’s blueberry-topped cheerios, among other things…

    Scuse me, I gotta negotiate with 3 cats for enough space on my bed for me. LOL Stories later!

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    Mai Moose wood steel bredd from mai playte (wunce he took mai frend’s roll). Ai reelized it mite be teh butter he wanted, sew Ai ended up leeving a knife out for him with a littlol bit uv butturr onnit, spredd thin, sew he cud likk likk likk it.

    Archie lieked vitamin E oyl. Ai wuz yoozing it for sumthing adn he wuz butting his hedd in to see wut Ai wuz dooing. “Yore nawt going to liek this” Ai warned him adn put a drop on mai fingertip to let him tayste. He luvved it. Teh bottle wuz on mai nightstand, adn evvry moaring adn nite, he wood remind me to give him his drops.

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    Nawt sure hao weerd, but aifinkso adorable.

    Cory-Bear gets meds nawt-sekkund thing evree morning – specifically, a small amount of prednisolone in a capsule with some lysine powder and sometimes a safe allergy pill. He is a rootine-monster! Routine is this:

    Alarm goes off
    Prysma stumbles out of bed, which probly has no kittehs left at this point, despite “sharing” (ie, competing for) it all night wif a variable number (it may has a Freya hedbonking me hard inna kidneys or chest if I hit snooze)
    Fill small oral syringe wif fresh water
    Put gushifuds in three bowls
    Give Trick HIS prednisolone before he an Freya dives into gushifuds
    Prepare Bear’s capsule, and measure out crunchies fur the day
    Come back to my bedroom, and find Cory-Bear sitting expectantly inna middlol of the bed, all alert, no matter where he was or what he was doin befoarhand (befoarpaw?)
    Cory-Bear starts purring madly as soon as he sees me
    Cory gets watersquirt-pill-watersquirt, no fuss, usually only a split second of uncomfortness
    Cory gets gushifuds and/or freshest crunchies, depending on mood
    Cory gets snuggles and hedbonks and lotsa lubs
    Once Cory done, THEN prysma gets tu go look fur breakfist

    I go eat my brekkfist nao that Cory-Bear had his morning ritual… him hazza happeh nao. :-D

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    Enjoying tihs kitteh-gorie verrie mudch!
    ai haveta think awn dis….
    Ollie (an othurs) shore haev tehre minyins trayned well :D

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    Kittehs rule. thass wunfing fore shore.

    re-reading these for anudder chukel.

    When Pip (over the bridge now) was little he was crazy about the TV being turned off. He would come flying into the living room and jump up in front of the TV and pat the screen all over, then he’d go to the side and look behind it. then back in front again trying to figure out where the picture/sound (?) went (?). I should have taped it. didn’t have a taping thing then.

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    Dat iz sew ufnny Maryqos! :lol: Mi krazy kitteh storie wuz abawot Dru anna mi Punkin, boff ober dat bridge naow – butt (!) ai styll “cee” dem skampurrrink abawot sumtymes. Dru lubbed tu chassink Punkin hoo wud runrunrun alla roun emittink da loudestist shrieks wyle beink chassified bi Dru. Wun dawk anna stormey night (nawt reely!) Dru desided tu chasify Punkin inna mi bedruum. Yep, dey gedded stawted anna Dru chassified Punkin ryte ober awor faices! Husbunneh anna ai habbded tu goe tu pleh wurk da nex dai wareing horizontal skritches acrosst awor cheeks anna noseynoses! O da luuks anna kawmints wi gedded! :neutral:

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    Co-werkers wer awl 8O “oh shore….kittehs……yeah……shore…..” 8O

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    Those are great stories. Our over the bridge kittehs Remington and Penny also had strange food tastes. Remmy liked spaghetti, strawberries, and cheese puffs. Penny liked meat. We’d make steaks and she’d go nuts. One time we had pork chops and she somehow got a bone out of the trash can, walked around with it in her mouth and growled if you tried to take it away. Never a dull moment.

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    Prudence, bulldog, loved ice cubes in her water bowl, and vanilla ice cream. Heart kitteh Missy loved potato chips and popcorn (made sure no hulls). Heart kitteh TuffGuy loved to lick Cheeto fingers, and a teeny taste of chocolate cake. Heart kitteh Kidd would come sit right next to me as soon as I appeared with a small bowl of Cheetos and “patiently” wait till I offered my fingers then he’d proceed to lick them almost raw. He also loved teeny bits of chocolate cake and lemon cake.

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    Freya just did it yet again, wunna her “things”. Duzzint matter if she gets crunchies, gushies, or treats (altho especially gushies), or how long since last thyme, or if is her absolute favrit, her will NAWT eat a bite until her has had sufficient lovings an pettings an wurshippings. We tend to make jokes that her lub meter has to be maxed out befoar her can has a innerest in noms. And she sumthymes has a few bites and comes back fur more lovings before she finishes.

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    Our Tabbs used to love curry – chicken tikka for preference but if I was making chickpea curry then she’d try and sneak bits of it – eventually we gave up and automatically offered her a teaspoonful of it each time. Smudge, however, is very much boy cat and just wants the curried chicken or lamb…and lots of it!

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    Ronnie shaers Mr C’s pop tards.

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    Ollie has a new buddy Niles since he has been lonely after the loss of Max. Niles hasn’t picked up any strange food habits yet, but he’s young.

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    ai am sew sorrie tew hear uf yur loss an OMCC hao cute are those two pattotties???

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    Waal deh Mrrphher gerl rilly rilly ryks deh poppitypopopopcorms. An shee haz powerz ob cornsintrayshun whut iz awesome. So ai haz my corms an sheez luuky luu oo jest dehr, tu deh syd oo sew ai dun notiss dat much jest normally oo like dat. Hmmm mmmm ai humz a happy toon OO an ai finksew well mebbeh OO sumbuddy iz luukin at mah corms an ai iz finkin well an dehn OO erm mebbeh O0 ruh rohhh 00! Sew wun riddoh peees iz awl. Sheeesh.

    Annen wun nyt Ai wuz sleeepin. Jest reglar zzzzzz sleeeps, lyk dat.
    An den it wuz tym fur deh Midnyte Cat Rayssiz zooooom zooooooom RDRDRDRDRDRDRDRDR zuuuum yu gnoh. Rayssiz. Roun anna roun anna roun – an dey oft tymes tayks shortcut ober mah belly oooof oooof ooooof (dehrz free ob demz).
    An den ai wen bakk tuu sleeep, mohr foool mee!
    Annen annen BUUM KrASH urg HAlp!
    An ai wayks up an dehrz a bookcayss all ober me an its leenin / an ai iz unnerneef /. ob dehr an deh raysiz continyuuz annen annen BUUM KRASH URG HALP all ober again! An deh second buukayse izzup pon me an ay iz berry berry berried /.\ an dehrz buukz everwhar!
    Ai chex me out. An ai chex dem oout. An dherz buuks all ober ob mee.
    Butt (tee hee) nonebuddy is hurts an dehrz nutting Ai can duz at dat hour an so I kicks deh buuks away an ai gohz bakk tu sleeps!
    Inna mroning husbunneh leebz lyk 5 hours before me. Hee hee sez he chex fur breething (yep) ad bleeding (nope) an he goes tu werk awayting my phone call!!!

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    bedder chek mai bed fore anee possibll fernitcher misskles sew nawt haev taht danjur. (sowree Mrrphh butt ai hadda laff laff at teh pitcher inn mai hed.

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    Wee awl wuz laff laff laffin!
    Speshly huzbunnish goh too werk not wurreed wun bit cause ar haos iz lyk dat!

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    *apple odds while lolling madly at mrrphh’s storytellin*

    Mazin what becomes lyf as normal when yu libs wif sum kittehs!!!!! Glad nobunny (or kitteh, or hyoomin) gottid hurt!

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    nuffin bowt chips…

    todai wile ai geddin readie fore werk mai deer RoseBud startid tew jump up awn tablol an hur missded an hur nocked cold (nawt hot PTCC) coffee wif stikie Frosnch Vanillie Kreemur innit awl down hurr syde! Pore baby Rosie awl stickie nao. godda cleen hur wen ai gets hoem. hur tung am nawt bigenuf tew dew teh jobs.

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    Icky sticky. Butt aisle bet hur smellz delucious.

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