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Lungdoc in hospitlol after injury

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    Ohai friends. This will be a brief note because I’m still not able to sustain a long composition of Lolspeak. On March 7 Ai had a rather hard fall at home and broke 5 left ribs. Managed at home (after ER) with pain meds, I seemed okay at first, but over the next 10 days, because of taking anticoagulants for old heart trouble, I apparently bled into left chest space, a lot. Back to hospital, weak and breathless, had chest tube placed to drain 4 liters of bloody fluid. Tube is out now, and I’m hoping to be out of hospital and back home in 5-6 days more (today being 3-24-2019), once we get the old heart trouble back under control. Spotty Internet access so it may be a week before I’m online again, but Ai look forward to returning home and playing with you all again, my friends. Please forgive me if I’m not able to respond to posts you send me (to this note) for a few days. I love you all!–Lungdoc, down here in New Mexico.

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    I wish I had something clever to say. It all comes down to:

    ACK!!!! LD inna hospitlol!!!! What the bleep? I hopeso it isn’t badbadbad!!!!

    OMCC, that sounds bad, but at least it sounds like it’s getting treated and under control.

    OMCC, turn on teh beems on srsly ohaiest possible rainbow-coloured aurora-borealis mode from teh great white wilds of Canada, because we want to keep our Lungdoc!!!!

    Thank you for letting us know. We’ll be here when you can rejoin us – and I betcha there will be so many beems comin from all over teh whirrld to New Mexico that astronomers will have an annoyed about teh light!


    PS, seems sorta ironic, Lungdoc inna hospital fur the lung issues…

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    Pritty much ebbrything Prysma sed. Sownds payneful adn scary and hoap yoo continyoo the mending.

    Uv corse it probbly hurts too much to gigglol, alsew.

    Thnx for thinking uv us adn chekking in. Get well sune!

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    Holy Moly! Lungdoc in da horspistal? Dis nawt good. Ai’z so sorry you nawt feline up tu parr, hope you will soonest. Dem ribs adn lungs in too close quarters. Get well soon LD!
    *Hubby broke 2 ribs on one side, 3 on the other, separated 2 from the sternum, and broke a 1 1/2 inch piece out of his left collarbone – all that from a motorcycle crash on a renovated motocross track while we were in Okinawa. Watching him recover over a 2-week period and go back to work too soon (IMHO) wasn’t something I enjoyed.*

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    O gnoes!! Beems and prayers for you, my friend. Please do everything Nurse Tinycat tells you, and come back to us asap. Take time and heal well, and know that we love you and are holding you in the light every minute.

    Gentlest of cyber hugs to you and Mrs. LD.

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    Sorry that you are laid low, LD. I hope that you are on the mend and soon back with us. Extra ohai power beems from London towards NM.

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    oh ai am sew sorrie tew heer LD got the fall downs. many beems from soufwetern Noo Jork joyning TJP’s frum furrthur norf eest and get bedder soon.
    dunnawt do the dokter maek the werst patient clee shay.
    hoep yu are hoem soon wif Mrs LD an Sheena an Scooter.

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    Just peeking in to say thanks for all your kind messages and beams, friends. Ai will behave maiself adn get well wifakwikness. (This is the hospital where Ai worked from 2004 through 2016 and everibody has been veri nice.) *Waves “ohai” in all directions, though perhaps teh ribs make teh wavings a bit tentative!*

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    Oh bother!!@@$%^#*…oh no, ai iz sew sorri bout ur sircumstances. Bee patient, olde dr tiny nurses joke, an heel, olde dog trainers joke. But most of awl, kno whee cheezfrends hav da majic felin heelin powers ov luv. Yup, whee luvs u an mrz lungdoc wiv a feerce. Hi beemz frum californya.. >>>>*****>>>××÷!@@+++>>>>

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    Are they keeping too inna da hospital becuz uv the orijinull injury, teh flooid, to keep you off yore mowntin bike, to give Missus LD a brake, oar becuz yore former colleagues luv yoo sew much thay donut want to let yoo go? Yoo donut hasta ansir, just get better sune!

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    beems for quick recovery from teh bark-shire direction


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    Oh my! Beemz on full strength along wiv wisheses for kwik recoverings! xxx

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    Jus saw the post! High beams for you an Mrs. LC bothalso frum Collyrado. May you get better soon an away frum hospital food.

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    LD, Carp, too early for the typings.

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    Ohai adn thanks again, friends. Ai am still in ICU but may be upstairs to inpatient rehab in next day or two. Heart mostly behaving better; slow to get endurance back, but as rib pains diminish, am able to do more. Silleh wifi network seems to work abowt everi third day. Keep up teh LOLings adn Ai will be back as soon as Ai can. Love to all!

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    Oh mai. Still ICU… well, dr tiny cats and nurses kan keeps a gud, gud klose eye awn u
    Noodle resets ohai beems two even ohai er beemz. *****>>>>****^^^^^×××++====—-******####$$$$$#^^^&%%%%%%.
    Pleeze kno whee luvs u an mrs lungdoc. Ohai beems four hur to. Anm ov korse four da majestic sheena an scooter kittes.

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    Oh my gudness <<<<<Lungdoc>>>>>! Huge beams headed your way from teh Burgh, with wishes for getting better and back hoam wivadubblolkwikness!!! Adn ohai to Mrs. Lungdoc two!! Adn Sheena!! Adn, well, ebrywun!!! Better days ahead ai hope. Schmoo.

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    Sew gud to heer frum yoo, LD. Ai sumhaow missed teh part abowt teh hart problum (adn yoo didn’t menshun ICU!). Keep getting better. It just taeks a littlol longer for a big hart to get betterer :grin:

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    Hold puter sew beems direktid at yu deer LD!

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    Sorree tu be nawt clear…Ai didnawt has a new heart attak, just more rhythm trouble than usual adn my colleagues had tu rejigger mai heart-failure meds because it iz hard to tell fluid congestion of lung from pneumonia, bruising adn/or atelectasis, especialee when yur patient izza buttinski who argues about interpretation of teh Xrays. ;) Ai tries tu behave.
    Thanks again to all for teh kind adn efficacious beems, prayers adn wishes. Yu make teh aches adn pains go way veri nicelee!

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    Smmooooches lungdoc, mrs lungdoc, scooter an sheena. An gentle hugging.

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    Yoo gots rhythm, yoo gots lolcats, yoo gots gud frends – who coulds ask for ennyting moar?

    Keep dat rhythm in tap-dancing order, dere LD! Beeeeeeeeeeeemz and prayer continue on highest ohai!

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    effikaschinous is mai middlol name as teh royal infekshionist preventchinist. :D
    “buttinski” LOL!
    sew glad tew get teh update LD!

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    Ohai adn thanks again for all teh helping beems. Ai am feeling better every day; possibly moving to rehab unit later today. Chest Xray clearing adn heart behaving all better too. Love tu all!

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    Gud. Gud gnus. ‘Sloo happity danzes wiv lungdoc’.

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    burfday fairy

    ohai Lungdoc! speshul wishes frum teh burfday fairy and swishes frum my magiklol burfday wand for a continyood recubery an gettin bak on yor feets soon!

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    glad to hear you is on teh mend

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    Gud nooz indeed!
    Plz 2 nawt trie 2 du two much rite awai and hab a reelapps.

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    Oh my gorsh LD!!!! Love and beems to you and Mrs LD. I’ve heard doctors are the worst patients. I hope you get well soon, it sounds like you’re feeling better. NO hissy fits at rehab and make sure you do your exercises. Otis and Rocko send their love also. {{{{{{{{{{LD}}}}}}}}}} (but hugs not too hard)
    Smooches xoxo

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    gud gud no ai sea ewe!

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    Oh dear!!!!
    The big mean beam machine is on ohai from the ohai norf!!!!
    Hugs and hugs <3

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    Ohai friends! Ai am up in rehab unit adn finding out just how weak and woozy one can get in a couple of weekweekweeks of hospitlolization. Making some progress awlreddy, tho. Thanks for all teh thoughts, prayers adn beams. Ai will keep yu posted. Love to all!

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    gud two hear. wunce agin… whee cheezpeeps luvs and mrs lungdoc an scooter an sheena.

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    Iz gud to heer yoo am awn de neggst step! Onward! Yoo be home soon, ai hopes!

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    Yay for improovemints!
    Donut let tehm see wut yoo type in LOLspeek. Thay may think yoo haz suffered sumthing in yore braynium, alsewtoo.

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    Gud 2 heer dat u aer maekin progres, LD! Taek ur tiem geddin bedderer, LD – duin two much two sune iz nawt gud. Babbeh steps – be a payshunt payshunt!

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    Gud avice TJP :D

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    Wonderful to hear you are coming along!!! :)

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    Ohai! Still in rehab. Some low-blood-pressure wobbles, getting meds tuned. Thanks again and love to all!

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    Sending bestest wishes fur a speedy recubbery, Lungdoc! Ai only just seed these poasts and am bery glad to hear yu iz awreddy ober teh wurst.

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    O mai, Ai goes away to play wif bees for a whyle an haz onlee just seen this. Ebery good and pawsitive wish coming your way, LD, and Ai hope you’re well on the way to a stable state now. Smudge (and the bees) are beeming in yor direckshun.

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    take care ob yorself an i hope you feel better soon! {{{lungdoc}}}

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    BP is better, less lite-heddid, getting mobilized a bit. More news as it happens. Pardon me if this izza near-duplicate entry…wonky internets here sometimes! Love to all.

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    Huzzah for gud gnus! Keep up de gud recubbering LD!

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    Thanks again for teh beams! Rehab iz being slow ’cause of slow-healing ribs making breath short (36+ years of treating dyspneic folks adn now this? Karma? Or iz world just as weird az this adn Ai never really grasped the fact till now? Oh well, at leest mai stethoscope didnawt splode). ;)
    Love tu all!

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    Slow and steady is best, I think!

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    You know, if I puttid that inna story, teh lungdoc who gottid borked ribs an trubbles breeving, I wud has teh audience rollin eyes ebreewhair and groaning at teh nawt-beleefableness of it. :lol:

    Keep gettin betters, still sendin teh prysma-household-beems! We hazza ginormuss happeh you be duin gudgud. :-D Home wif Sheena an Scooter befoar you knows it!

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    Glad to read that you’re on the mend!
    And PK is right – our Lungdoc in hospital with lung problems is a bit… ironic???

    Do as the doctors say, and get well as fast as your ribs will allow you! <3 <3 <3

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    Thanks again guise! Today is going all right. Walkin a few steps. Huffin adn puffin merrily along! *Waves cautiouslee in awl directions, wave wave.*

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    *waeves bak inn a soufwesturdlee direkshin* yay LD!

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