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    A consensus has been reached, over here, regarding a fitting memorial. (A good and viable suggestion that’s greeted by half a dozen people immediately seconding it counts as consensus!)

    Since choosing only a few of his lols and pics would not convey the countless sides of a wonderful man with very diverse interests, we’ll use them all.

    Every Sunday is now Lungdoc Day, until I run out of posts to reshare. I’ll try to scramble them up a bit by time and subject, and I’ll give them their own tag. (For those of you not often on Cheezland these days, this means captioned lols at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 15:00, and 18:00 Cheezlandtime, which you can see in the top left corner of the site, and a caption-me pic at 12:00.)

    Everyone, of course, is very welcome to come play and remember.



    Farewell to our beloved and sweet Lungdoc. I always enjoyed and looked forward to his clever and funny posts. I missed a few days on Cheezland and come late to this sad news. My condolences to Mrs Lungdoc and all of Cheezland.




    Vayo con Dios, deerest Lungdoc. Such a kindly soul you had!
    Fankyoo tu Mrs. Lungdoc for thinking of teh Cheezwhirld while going thru her own sad of immense proportions, and sharing his thoughts with us.

    Mai Mr. Murphy suddenly left dis Plane of Existence teh same day….Aifinks he wanted to accompany Lungdoc tu teh Meadow… they journeyed together.



    Oh Turtlol ai am so very sorrie fore your loss of Mr. Murphy.



    I had a sort of vision of all the cheezpeeps hart kittehs making a guard of honour to lead Lungdoc to the meadow where Janet, Dan, Maus and other departed cheezpeeps were waiting to greet him



    Lovely image anni and
    Mr. Murphy was holding his hand…



    Oh turtlol, ai iz sew sorri bout mr Murphy. Him an lungdoc musta meeted up awn da bridge an traveledd two da meado twogether.



    Turtlol, I can has a sad with you. :cry:



    Just so sad about this news….
    Go well dear Lungdoc you will be so missed.
    My thoughts are with the Fellers family.



    I was just looking at the links to the previous posts on LD Sunday to read the comments. I shouldn’t have. :,(



    Turtlol, I am so very sorry for yoor loss. I hope it will be some comfort to think of your loved one travelling safely with dear Lungdoc.



    Ohhhhh Lungdoc and Mrs Lungdoc and Cheezpeepz — I’ve been offline because my own dear stepfather was getting ready for the Rainbow Bridge and passed over last night. Andreas was a big guy with a deep voice and our kittehs used to clamber all over him before settling down on his capacious lap for extended wash-and-naps. Perhaps, wherever, Lungdoc and he can be in a good place together, sharing a story and a joke or two. Sending Love and Beemz and Hugggz and thank you all for being such a very special community!



    Hugs and sympathy to you, Soprano_smurf on the passing of your stepfather.



    Oh dear so many sads, so sorry Soprano_smurf.



    Very sorry to hear this sad news, Soprano Smurf. Sending beemz and comfort.



    oh my, soprano_smurf. ai has a sad four u an ur fambly two. hopin him an deer lungdoc meetz up an haz lots two tawk about. {{{{soprano_smurf}}}}


    Checking in after some time away and am deeply saddened. I enjoyed and looked forward to Lungdoc’s captions and comments. They were such a nice break from the deepening craziness in the world. Another gentle soul is no longer with us.



    It’s good to see you, Consul — I’m sorry you came back to such sad news. I hope you’ll be able to drop by more often.



    Ai hazzn’t bene heer for yurs n yurs, sins ICHC, remember chatting with Lungdoc over several munfs. I deerly luv this pome since my teenage years (more than fifty yurs ago) and think Lungdoc would too. May he go well in the Meadow

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