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Lili needs moar beeeeeemz!!

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    Hi awl,

    I pickified mai Lili up from the vet on Saturday where shii hads been boarding. That night, she had sum rather….ummmm…”explosive” stress reactions, I think, to being boarded. Alsew on Sunday, but less as the day wore on.
    But this morning, still “exploding” and now her back end am very weak, her back is humped, and the vets get a pain response in her hind end. And she has stopped eating.

    I’ll let you know when I know more. Ai hazza worried – mai poor littlol grrrrl has been through so much.

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    Sending getbetter beems for Lili from teh Veri Large Array beemerator, adn hugs for {{{{{{{{{{Shepmom adn familee}}}}}}}}}} tu ease teh frettings adn worries.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>beem, beem>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    OMCC Pore gurl an pore yu. ai am sending verie strongiest beems taht ai kan.
    *aims beemer at Lili——————————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+reeqwe*

    -(taht lass weerd fing is beems frum Rosie) Kitteh beems verrie powderful-oar sew ai’ve bin tolde.

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    Sending beems adn get well wishes frum heer, tew!

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    Lili am home and doing bedderer. Looks like it was an FCE (you can google that, I don’t think I can explain it very well). It’s a fast-resolving blockage in the spinal column that causes temporary paralysis of one or more limbs. Not likely to recur, thank heavens.

    She’s on pain meds and pred for a couple of weeks, but walking and eating well today.


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    owzer. u two poor luvly ladies. watt a ordeal four u boff. lots moor beemz heddin ur whey. +++++********####****++++>>>>>>>>>>+++++

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    Berry glad to heer she’s getting betterer.

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    Ack! Freya (probably) went through that, and it freaked her and us and the other cats out in a big bad way!!! But after some pain meds and serious nursing for maybe 10 days or so, she got over it cleanly (probably – possibly stuff if it was actually something else, but nevermind) and is back to her usual bouncy self now. Beems continue from both of us!!!

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    Shepmom? Hao Lili duin?

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    Oh, fakees for askifying! Lili am doing reely well as far as seizures — almost 13 WEEKS without one (used to have 2 or 3 a week…). Just took a leetlol tweek to da meds, donchagnoe!

    Behaviourally, she’s still awful. It’s very hard to take her anywhere. We’re beginning to wonder if the epilepsy has eroded her peripheral vision, as she just goes berserk over trashcans, door frames, elevators, people — anything that comes at her sideways. That’s our next project.

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    Yu Shepmom at a saynt. ai betcha peeples kan akshullee sea teh haloe rownd yur deer hed. Lili reelie luckie goggie tew have yu fore a mudder.

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    Awesomes on teh seizures!! That be srsly tough about the behaviour, tho. Aggression in dogs can be scary n hard to cope with. Lucky, lucky Lili to have you there not giving up on her. If is vision, does teh v-e-t think she can adapt? I’ve seen cats adapt with amazing results to srs levels of visual impairment. Lotsa loves n beems for both of you!

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