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    at sankchewrarie tewdai teh oldest kitteh-Joy-climed inn mai lap an hur clawz hurted me sew ai luked at hur feets. hur has dem gross hornie growfts on hur toe pads. Google cites sez nawt lyke clawz butt lyke finnernails wif noe blud oar nurves. haz aneepeeps evur cut dem fings off?
    Ronnie had a smawl wun groeing wen he was littlol an teh VET tuk it off wen he waz “fixed”. It don’t groe again,.

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    Freya can has one on one pad… v-e-t said she’ll remove it if/when Freya ever in fur surgery for something else but did nawt wanna mess with it while she were awake – aifinkso because it could hurt, and also because Freya could move at teh wrong moment? I rly srsly would not mess wif it without gettin a v-e-t to look. Google is only as good as teh sites postin teh info, an even a reliable site cannawt see Joy an know her histry an stuffs.

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    Good point!

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    Yesterday the guys came and tore off the bottom boards of the outside house and replaced them and filled in the holes where the cats were coming in (they were just blocked off). Then they put dirt all around the base. After they left I realized that they had put dirt around the base of the screened porch and I quickly dug a section back out because I thought the calico had moved a kitten under it. I put flour around the opening I made to see if any paw prints appeared. None this morning. But I noticed the cats were looking down the kitchen vent-there was the calico! I opened the door to the cellar and the door to the outside from the cellar and put gushy food at the top of the stairs. Now what do I do??????

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    So she came out but not thru the stairs because she didn’t touch the gushy and was in the garage eating the dry. So crazy neighbor and I went in the cellar. We could hear a kitten. Eventually from behind the steps a tuxie kitten came out to cn. Not the all black one I saw Thurs. You need to know the cellar is just a glorified hole in the ground. A million places to hide. And if I could block the cellar stairwell from the cellar maybe mama would come and get others if there. but no way to do that. Meantimes cn’s husband takes kitten and puts in my garage for safekeeping. When I finally got out of the cellar and went to check-I can’t find it but I see Missy heading to the back of the garage hoard so I am going to assume she grabbed the baby.
    I just want to pack a suitcase and run away, I am overwhelmed again.

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    Act 2: I came home from store and cats looking down vent again. Little black kitten down there. So I pick it up. I think I see rustling on the left. I pet baby. Poor baby has bad eyes like the tuxie did. Baby starts crying. I hear hissing. I look down and tortie pist off face looking at me. I din’t know what to do so I gave her back the kitten and put the vent back in place.

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    Act 3: I come home at 6ish pm cheeztime and looked down the vent. Two kittens, one tuxie-?same or different?-and black one. I think it’s a different tuxie because the first one did not hiss and spit-these babies are too tiny to leave mom-eyes yucky so I wiped with wet soft cloth. and put them back. This is a nightmare. I can’t leave the door open all the time to the cellar. they’ll all go down there again. And Casey roams around outside my house at night-creepy.

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    Oh no. Watt a nitemare indeedy. Wishin ai cud halp. Ai iz in haut, humid an mosquitoey floridah halpin mai siscat. Tonite ai iz eeting tater chips, drinkin two muchly beer an whine. Oh well. U haz a reel delemma. Keep uz postid. Watt two du? Casey… mr c…pleeze goe way. Leeve maryqos aloan.

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    No answers onna kitteh dilemma… but try to keep in perspective that anything you do, even allowing them to stay in shelter, is more kind than many would be. Okay, unpleasant bit: kittens have a lower survival rate if they have to be bottle-fed, but if these ones are sick, their odds aren’t great either. Messy eyes could mean sinus infections, which potentially could lead to ongoing lifelong issues. Is there anywhere local that might be able to help you trap mom and the kittens? And if not that… see if you can scoop up the kittens and get them into foster care somewhere – because you absolutely cannot do the bottle-feeding routine. Mom will will be distressed, no question, but she’ll also be seriously distressed if they die on her, and honestly, this whole situation is seriously stressful on her, including trying to produce enough milk as a feral.

    Re: Casey… hon, said it before, saying again. Restraining order!!! Then as soon as you see him around the house, you call the police. No hesitation, no exceptions, no deciding to wait and see – he shows up, you call. If you don’t, then you’re giving him permission to stay despite the order. Do not talk to him or communicate in any way. He has no business being anywhere around your house and absolutely no right to make you feel unsafe in your own home. The only reason to do that is deliberate mindgames and threat. Until then… if it’s night-time, call 911 anyway – “there’s a prowler outside my house.” Hey, could you 100% swear that it’s him and not anyone else, in the dark? And does it matter? You need to take this seriously and not bog down in “Oh, he wouldn’t really hurt me, can’t happen to me,” stuff. I really do not want anything to happen to you – and I am very definitely NOT alone in that. (Also, your horde need you – if anything happens to you, what happens to them?)

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    awww yu gais, thanks for caring and sharing. I’ve been messaging with the only shelter that might help and they say leave with mom until bigger. Augh! So here’s the plan: last night I shut the outside door and put dry food and water down the vent (really really glad no one can see my ungainly position to get the dishes down there-wish I could kneel but you can’t kneel with new knees) I thought that would tell me if mama was there. so food all gone so she is. so for today I’ll put a litter box down there on the off chance she will use it and I’ll put some clean towels or throw rugs in that area. She’s got them in a space that is up above the cellar floor and full of nasty yellow insulation. But shelter asked if she might have kittens stashed elsewhere……anyone know if this is common????? Augh.
    Casey-I haven’t caught him in the act and the cn (crazy neighbor)has started padlocking the outside doors at their house from the inside at night because he has left the doors open and the killer dogs got out. (You know-one of them chewed up Cricket-and I’m 99.9999% sure killed Seamus) Don’t trust her though. I did report the threats and the theft of the fishing pole but can’t get an order until I catch him. Only time I’ve spoken to him was a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting outside by the door and cn’s car drove in, I called dogs to me and Tess was trying to go next door. I heard him say “Can’t I say “Hello” to the dogs?” I said “No, I don’t want them getting used to going over there.” Also cn keeps calling me and complaining and complaining about him. I saw my counselor yesterday and he said I need to kindly tell her not to talk to me about that, all her issues with him are why he isn’t here any more. I’ve been avoiding doing that because I don’t want any more trouble but I think I can try to do it diplomatically.
    End with something good…..hmmmmm…..well the cat tree in the living room fell over last night and it didn’t wake me up or hurt anyone. The End

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    Oh-forgot-can’t get restraining order until he threatens me directly or I catch him trespassing.

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    If he’s prowling around at night, then he IS tresspassing. Need to prove it? Call 911 next time he’s outside your house, and then you have verification that he’s on your property.

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    If I hear him or the dogs bark I will for sure. Usually it was 3 am though and I didn’t realize what was happening. I thought Mollie was howling because she had to potty. First chance I get…..”Hello 911, it’s me maryqos again”

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    Good idea neighbor has (if she really did it) is padlocks on the inside of the door. BUT – that can be a fire escape hazard. Better bet is to either put a strong sliding lock on the doors, or change the locks on all the doors. If neighbor has a problem with him coming over to their house and is complaining to you – tell HER to call the police. Especially if she/they have a problem with him. True – no restraining order unless he threatens you. BUT – a threat can be in any form, not just physical. If he so much as touches you (that can be interpreted as assault), or draws back his hand, or any other gesture that you take as a threat then you can get a restraining order. You don’t have to have bruises or an ER visit. If he says anything at all to you, don’t respond – turn your back and walk back in your house. Easier said than done, I know. But avoiding is probably a better bet – that way you don’t get in any kind of conversation at all.

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    How about a motion-triggered trail camera that you could hide but would take pictures of him coming on your property?

    Seriously, in your place I would be so annoyed if I had to be the one to keep doing extra stuff to stay safe, but if you don’t do anything, he will encroach a little more, and a little more, and a little more, and it will be harder for you to make the case that you don’t want him there if something really bad happens.

    Years ago, my neighbor was trying to buy my landlady’s house. He had “guys” working at his house, and they started coming on her property and making changes because “they knew she would eventually sell to him.” She confronted one of them one day and he stepped up within three inches of her and loomed over her and tried to frighten her although his words were “polite.” Well, he and I were of similar height and let me tell you I inserted myself into those three inches in a heart beat and intervened. I told her niece and nephew about it and they contacted the owner and threatened legal action if his minions came on her property again.

    Unfortunately you have to meet him head on right from the start. If you don’t get the little things stopped, it will just escalate.

    Sorry, rant over now!

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    thanks for advice! I have got to get one of those cameras for sure. I wanted one anyways to see if I could catch the bear. My brother has one and he has the funniest picture of a bear nose completely filling the frame. I wish he had sent it to me so I could share but he didn’t.

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    Gud hevins! ai got bak frum santchewairie an putt goggies owt, brot goggies in, sit in reklinur, think ai heer kitteh cry, lissin clothes, heer again, luk at windoe, dere’s former Miss Hissy Pants now Missy yellin at me fore sum gushy fud. ar yu kiddin me??? (of coarse ai oblijed)

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    Update: three (!) kittens and mama in garage. i pray no other babies are down there.

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    If you stand very still in the middle of the cellar for a few minutes and just listen, do you hear any trace of motion?

    Is Mom freaking out looking for a missing kitten? If she’s settling in and eating and nursing, then she presumably thinks she has her whole bunch. If she’s crying and trying to get out and get back to the cellar, then she’s possibly missing somebody. (Or just objecting to confinement, but that would look different.)

    If you haven’t seen any kittens other than those ones, then probably there are no more – you’ve seen those ones several times, right? Good job rounding them up and getting them out of the cellar, something in there (like the insulation) could be seriously aggravating the eye infections. Fingers crossed for a permanent positive solution for this little family. Hang in there, you’ve got the strength to handle all of this. Love n beems coming your way from the House of Prysma!

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    Thanks Prysma! I think Missy took the 2 littlest kittens. I’m amazed at the tortie though, she has the big kitten in the carrier i took out and she’s staying with it in the carrier. Missy had her kittens at least a week early so I think this is the black kitten I saw the tortie carrying about 10 days ago-I think that one is Missy’s. I feel happy that they are out of the nasty cellar but I feel worser that I couldn’t rescue them better-but time will tell. And my good neighbor saw Rocko a few days back wandering around in the woods. He’s not been around for 4 days now and that may have been the end of him. :(
    Hope the diarrhea has “run” it’s course. So much fun-not! Beems to you and Jackie in Toronto!!!==================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Good news-Rocko is back and eating.
    Bad news-today his nose is running snot and he’s very thin and a little wheezy.

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    Well. You have not lived until you have taken a sick feral cat to the vet.

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    Oh dear… I’m glad he’s back, but that sounds like a really, um, interesting day. Details? Whenever you recover enough?

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    Well. When I got home from work he was in the garage and the carrier happened to be there too so I walked over to the carrier-he was busy rubbing around my ankles and when he got in front of the carrier, I just pushed a little and in he went. No crying in the car which surprised me because all my cats sing the song of their people loudly when traveling…. All was quiet until the tech and I tried to get him out of the carrier, he bolted out and was flying around the exam room looking for an exit. Funnily he took a break on the scales so she was able to get a weight. She went to get the vet and he kept looking for an out. He went up on top of the upper cabinet and then jumped from there to the floor. All the time wheezing and breathing through his mouth. At one point he was sitting in one of the chairs and I was in the other!. So vet came in and tech had the big gloves on but she could not catch him or hold onto him. He went back up on top of the cabinet. So the vet got the snare pole and brought him down which was AWFUL , he was thrashing and howling and he bonked his head on the counter top on the way to the floor. She got him into the carrier and that was it. He was quiet again and I put him in Casey’s old room since he needs 2 weeks of antibiotics. He is not happy in there. Last night he stayed in the carrier when I went in to check on him and wouldn’t let me touch him. This morning when I brought his food I sat on the bed and talked to him and he came out of the carrier and ate but I can’t touch him yet. He tries to get out the door and cries a little. Gonna be a long 2 weeks. I hope he gets well again. Guess I’ll keep him in there until I can get him fixed and his rabies shot at the animal shelter. At least then he’ll have a chance.

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    I’m not kidding this time-he will NOT be staying in the house permanently. The clowder is fine the way it is and I don’t need any more personalities in it. JoJo is a handful all by himself. He stalks and pounces on little Susie which sucks and he does the same to Dixie and she is such a sweetie that all the other cats like her including Ronnie (which is amazing because he likes to whap-he whapped his own mother this morning). He plays rough but Timmy likes that so he has a buddy-JoJo I mean, not Ronnie.
    I was very happy this morning to find that Rocco had used the litter box. Whew!

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    okai, nawt a kitteh kwestchin butt yu gais halped me wunce afore wen ai leff maiselve a kriptik noet an den dunnawt noe wath it meens…..dis ai fownd tewdai an i member riting it fried egg an ai thot at teh thyme ai putt enuf infom intew it. rong again!

    Hear it is: letter to km exp

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    Write to someone with initials KM explaining something?

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    Does something expire soon and need renewing?

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    letter to kitty something expert?

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    a letter! ai meememburr!

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    2 friends came here to help me by putting the heavy stuff in the dumpster I rented. I had the brilliant idea of having them haul the hospital bed out of the room where the kittens were so I could have a better chance of taming them. I foolishly thought they would hide in the back corner so wasn’t careful enough and the 3 wildest escaped. I saw one go in the computer room so I have a plan for re-catching that one. Trap. One is loose in the rest of the house and I don’t know where the third one is. Please-any suggestions?
    Oh and I thought my day started with the worst. Hah!
    Between 5:30 wake up and 7:30 in order of occurrence:
    Saw Rosie squatting in a 8 x 10 picture frame that had been pushed on the floor and she was peeing.
    Sat in my recliner with my coffee and sat on a hairball barf
    Found another pee-she’s going to have to go to the vet again tomorrow-on the KITCHEN COUNTER. And that is the fourth time. GROSS GROSS GROSS.
    Went into bedroom. Stepped in barf.

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    caught one terrified little baby. it bit me, my first cat bite-really!

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    augh! Rosie just peed again on the living room floor, also found evidence in the back of the screened porch while I was scouring for trash. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough! I may put her in the computer room even if the other 2 kittens are in there, she won’t hurt them.

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    oh also on my first 2 hours of the day list-got in the shower to find a whole roll of tp sitting in the tub……
    note to self: at tp to grocery list

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    Oh mai. Frum badd two worst an beond. Yikez. Wishin ai cud halp. Butt u gotz mai luv an admirachun. Hang awn. Thingz bound too getz betterer. {{{{Marqos an hur misbehavin brood}}}}

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    Eek! somehow one of the kittens managed to squeeze into the closet and was crying to get out. Three in room, one in wrong room, not interested in going into the trap for the salmon…..
    My boss is a really understanding man. I have to get the garbage into the dumpster before tomorrow and I’m not done so he gave me a 7th day in a row off (well 4 were already days off but still…..) Also gotta get a vet appointment.

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    I’ve been following this, but other than sending you all the love and all the beems, I really have nothing useful to offer. Your boss is an angel. Rosie obviously has something very wrong – if the vet has ruled out a UTI, possibly she just cannot cope with living with so many other cats. (Honestly, and I’m really sorry, I hate saying this, but… with that many cats in one house, I’m a little surprised that you aren’t having more problems than you are.) Maybe the vet’s office could help keep an eye out for a possible home for Rosie? And maybe it would be worth a concerted attempt at finding homes, especially on a last-in-first-out basis? I know that’s super-hard, and I know why you keep rescuing them and how heartbreaking it is and how few homes there are… but honestly, you’re getting to the point where saving more is bad for the ones you’re already responsible for. Setting up a YouTube account is easy, and uploading videos from a phone… a cute video or two might help. Just a thought…

    Oh, and that bite? I hope you cleaned it super-well and watch it closely. They can get nasty, and it’s not like the kitten’s been vaccinated and living in a clean environment for long.

    Sending you loves and beems, still and always!

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    Yes, too many cats has caused the stress cystitis. She’s on two pain meds and a special food and I’m to get a fountain for her. She’s in the computer room with the still missing kitten and she doesn’t like it….so more stress…..augh!!! I’m only going to do that for a couple days to be sure no one else is also peeing. Rosco has to go. He’s a love to me but he’s too bullish for this group, we already have two-Timmy and JoJo. They are however-all three of them-playing with Sammy so he’s having a ball here. And I just saw Susie playing with him! WoW.

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    Oh CC the missing baby was crying this morning but I couldn’t find it. I hope it is coming out and eating and drinking, I’m taking Rosie out of there soon, she is not happy there. I’m putting mama back with the babies, too much going on. One of the 4 lets me pet her and hold her a little. I would call around for help but I missed a deadline at work (don’t tell!). the first ever. :( So tomorrow…

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    Has anyone had a good outcome with stopping cats from peeing all over and how?
    At least two offenders now.
    Calming collar on Rosie didn’t work. She’s at the vets again to get a urine sample for culture.
    Feliway plug ins not working.
    Put 2 brand new boxes with brand new litter around last night. So there are 4 places to go and still she went in my bedroom where I really don’t want to put a box. :(
    I think the second is Spanky. He and Rosie were in the bathroom when I got home from work and someone had gone into the bottom floor level shelf and backed up to the wall and peed. And the shelves are pressed wood or whatever you call that stuff that is not able to be 100% cleaned. Right after that I saw Timmy tear into him. So Timmy went into the time out room.
    I think soon I may have to put some in the barn. :(

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    This flaggged instantly: FOUR places to go? With your horde, and with a lot of tensions between cats?

    The usual rule of thumb is, one box per cat plus one. If they get along well, you can do less – I’ve had four very friendly cats with 2 very large (storage bin) litter boxes, with no trouble, but any time we’ve had fosters, I’ve added at the very least 1 extra for a litter of kittens.

    Also, they need to be spread out in very different locations. It is not at all impossible that 1) one or more cats can and will guard the litter boxes to try to prevent non-friends from using, 2) that the scent of non-friends could prevent cats from feeling safe/comfy using, 3) that the litter is just so used by so many cats that it feels like a porta-potty that hasn’t been cleaned in years and some cats just will NOT use.

    To complicate it, a cat that has had a bad experience in a litter box will often start to avoid it as an unsafe place to do business that leaves them briefly vulnerable. This includes another cat jumping on them. Or cornering them. So boxes need to be in quiet, reasonably sheltered areas that are not blind dead ends.

    For cats, it isn’t just a quick moment to pass waste. It’s a moment when a larger predator can strike, including another cat. It’s also a territory marking, even when it’s just a pee in a box, because it leaves their personal scent on the area. If they’re feeling stressed and insecure, the LAST thing they want is to remind other cats, potentially hostile, that they exist. When they absolutely must go, they’ll go somewhere they hope other cats won’t notice, instead of in a place that’s the equivalent of a community bulletin board.

    I keep saying things I do not want to say, but… you have how many cats in the house right now? Fifteen adults, give or take? You need a WHOLE lot more litter boxes, and not clustered together.

    And given the tensions going on between them… please forgive me? You know I love you and I love how compassionate you are, and I do not want to hurt you. But… I doubt most or any are particularly happy right now, or feel like they can ever let their guard down. Putting some in the barn might actually be a relief for ALL of them, including the ones in the barn, as long as they have cozy beds and enough food. Cats just do not do well crowded together. I know why you have them, I’d find it heartbreaking to refuse to help any of them too, but right now, I think you need to seriously think about exactly what helping is and who exactly is your responsibility to out of the bunch of them and what that involves. Is rescuing others fair to your original crew? I’m not saying start dumping them at a shelter that will kill them. But get seriously active about looking for other homes, and not just for the newest kittens – for their own sake and yours!

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    PS, soak any area they pee with vinegar. It counters the scent really well, and any lingering aroma might deter them from using that exact spot again. Wash laundry with pee on it in vinegar and water, then soap and water, too. Way cheaper than the enzyme stuff.

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    Thanks for the advice, I’ll try the vinegar.
    I didn’t explain very well. I meant there are four different areas where they now have boxes. There’s a former laundry room that always has at least 5 boxes and I scoop twice a day. Then 4 other boxes-2 in time out (which is a huge room with many things to climb on and three giant windows and a bird feeder outside to watch)and one in dining room and one on screened porch. I am going to get another one for the pantry.
    The room with the boxes has a cat door on it and I’ve seen cats ambushed there so I’ve been leaving the whole door open to prevent that. The other places are out of the way but not a good ambush spot.
    In addition to my FB Foster page, Ashley from Hearthside Cats will post my pictures when I get them. I’ve got Thursday and Friday off but volunteered to take two sanctuary cats to their vet on Thursday which will take most of the day and then get the rest of the trash together for the guy to take away on Saturday. Friday dogs go to groomer and maybe then I can take pictures. I noticed the vet doesn’t have a place for posting ads about cats. WTH? You’d think she’d want more business.
    So much going on this problem keeps getting pushed back. When I get the stuff out
    of the house I think I’ll be better at things.
    I thank you so much for the advice and I don’t get offended by plain speaking, I need it to stay in the real world! Hugs

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    Halp please!
    So many problems at my house with cats (my fault, I know).
    So I found out which cat is the second pee-er-just as I suspected it is Spanky. I caught him peeing in the kitchen sink last night! The sink was empty which is when he must think that is a urinal. My bedroom has a wood floor that has no sealant or anything and it REEKS. I found a product that is supposed to seal the floor and remove odors called Zinsser? Anyone heard of it? I can’t really do a spot clean because I can’t tell where-all the smell is.
    So second issue and my question today: other than keeping these two cats in a separate room forever-what do I do?
    I know I need to find a good home for crazy Kokomo Joe and his minion, Little Sammy, I think a cousin might take them as she lost 2 elderly cats but I have to find out if she declaws because I have a suspicion she does, also these two are 2 giant pissants. JoJo is teaching LS to bully already and sadly LS is a quick learner. She has other elderly cats that would not appreciate that.
    Spanky was an outdoors cat originally and he wants out sometimes-so do I let him out? Would it run off some of JoJo’s craziness to let him out as he wants out all the time? As I’ve mentioned before there is a “shelter” that will take them but if they don’t find a home quickly they may be euthanized and LS has 2 strikes against him-he’s black and he has a bluish film over part of one eye-scar tissue. They might not even give him a chance. 2 brothers with farms. Mike would take but his barn is right, I mean just a few yards from a busy and fast highway and-WARNING-you may not want to read the end of this sentence-Billy has a dog that is chained and when it gets loose it races to the barn and kills cats. Anyone got any “out of the box” suggestions?

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    :eek: oh mai, u iz tween a rock an a hard place, da devil an da deep blu sea. lemme think on it. ai luvs u sweet mqos an ur true too big hart.

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    I no has answers for you, but wish I did.

    You have a barn… right? Maybe, if you can set up warm shelters and a consistent food source there, a couple of your problem boys would actually be happier out there and would stay nearby? It’s not the safest way of life for them, but this is starting to come down to a quality of life thing. I don’t mean in and out, I mean just out, not exposing the indoor crew to fleas and whatever-odd else. Then you can work on finding them a more permanent barn to live in. Do multiple shelters. If they’ve got an insulated den, and healthy food so their fur comes in nice and thick, they’ll be fine and might be much less stressed. Collars with ID tags to show they’re not random strays might be a good idea.

    And if the problem boys are out of the house, stress might come down for the rest. And for you! No idea how to deal with untreated wood flooring.

    For heaven’s sake, do not send young troublemakers to live with elderly cats. They’ll be back in your lap or dumped at a shelter in no time once they hassle the elderly cats!

    BTW, your brother is crazy keeping a vicious dog. It’s gonna bite a kid or kill someone’s pet and there will be hell to pay, totally aside from keeping something that will kill his working barn cats.

    Please don’t think of it as your fault. Things just got a bit out of hand. You-know-who certainly contributed to the current situation. The lack of alternative resources did, too. Fault doesn’t help. Just concentrate on dispersing this horde in multiple directions to get the remaining indoor cats down to a point of equilibrium.

    Love and beems with you always!

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    good suggestions! Thanks! I think it is something that can work, worth a try. If not the barn, then the garage which is very big now that the garage hoard is gone. The neighbor still has her dog-that-kills but hopefully the cats are savvy enough. And it is rarely loose.
    Stopped and saw Mom after work, she suggested asking Bill’s MIL. They have a farm on a hill so maybe they would be interested in the 4 (or some) kittens.
    Little Sammy goes under the knife tomorrow-well, I need to weigh him first because it is hard to believe he is 3 lbs. of kitty. Boy is he going to complain tomorrow morning when he can’t eat!

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