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    Jograffee kitteh iz askin peeps tu send him poastcards from arownd teh whirrrled fur hiz Projekt Poastcard. Iz an edukashunal projekt – moar infos heer: – an ai fort purrhaps sum otter cheezfrendz wud liek tu halp tu? (Ai sendid him tu awreddy – wun frum TTI an wun from Fronschland).

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    Oh fun! Ai’m in Fronschland right naow, adn Ai think Ai haz sum cards at hoam taht Ai never mailed frum warever. Sew mebbe he’ll get teh card, just nawt with teh rite postmark. Adn he luuks liek mai MooseCat.

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    Watt ufn. Aisle send awf a postkard frum santa Monica California.

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    ai gonna send wun! whut fun!

    *note tew selve-getta postic kard uf teh ville of Dans

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    Grate! Menny fanks ebery wun!

    PS to TJP: ai poasted mai card frum Fronschland wen ai waz bak in TTI (it waz ownly a kwik trip) sew aifinkso it duzznt matter iffn teh card an teh poastmark duzznt match an, yes, jograffee kitteh duz luk very liek Moose, duzznt he? <3

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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