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    I know this is wayy off topic, but gives a bit of a look at where I am at the moment … plus would love ideas :)

    Would love ANY ideas and thoughts … You are my friends and people I trust!!

    I am working on “recreating myself” with focus on gaming and media and product reviews.

    But am looking for angles … not gimmicks, but a way to make myself unique within the flood of other video makers.

    Taglines, actual user-names – was playing with Jackie the Stoned Gamer (but that might be too limiting) and JackieElle Gaming (but doesn’t sound right)

    With current headaches with the court and stuff – I want to migrate from “ms Jackie Elle” and don’t want to go back to my hacker name (lfesavr) … but want to be unique, popping and much more …

    Working on taking SkillShare classes to upgrade my skills in video editing, publicity and much more.

    Also looking at being trans but doing gaming reviews that include content, in a heavily male-dominated and often misogynistic online culture

    I am looking at Youtube, twitch, live streaming, website, and more focusing on gaming (especially independent creators), cannabis, mental health, reviews, marketing, education and such … so this will be me – recreating myself with a new focus and new image … also looking at this as therapy – working behind the scenes, so when it is safe to go public – I just hit publish *lol … but gives me something to work and prepare for during this time … my mental and other health can really use it!!!!!

    So any thoughts or ideas would be an amazing help!! Help me invent myself … help me create a brand, with a twist and something that will stand out … my creative energy for this is low – since I have been trying to work this out for a bit. Plus … if I can position myself properly, I might actually be able to do it as a job of sorts …



    I don’t have any bright ideas, but I do wish you all the luck in the world – you deserve a break after all the unpleasantness of the past months. Hugs, annipuss.



    Thanks Annipuss!



    hmmm ai’ll ponder an alsew wish yu teh bestist-bowt time fore teh even-ing owt uf teh loes wiff sum ohais!



    Hmmm…I will give this considerable thought, as I will be entering a new phase when I retire and wanting a bit of a re-brand myself. It’s an interesting thought exercise, isn’t it!

    Because I am not a gamer, I will think about it from the point of view of what would draw me to games. That may not be the most useful perspective, but I’ll work on it!

    Tell us more as you go along — hopefully we can help with both new ideas and helping refine and solidify what you come up with.

    Thanks for including us — it’s an honor to be asked!



    Pretty much what Annipuss said. The whole computer gaming thing is pretty much a closed book to me, so no ideas at all.

    Hope whatever you decide to do goes well for you



    I’m all for the mental health aspect, as I, myself, am BiPolar. I especially feel for those having to live with, and deal with depression. Don’t know how this could be incorporated into gaming, but I feel a kindred spirit with anyone living under the shadow of mental illness and it’s continuing stigma. Sue



    Hmmmmmmmmm…. having recently lost one of my very dearest friends to the Big Black Dog, the idea of a “serious” game strikes a chord — a game dealing with mental health? One would have to be careful that it doesn’t encourage people further down the slope on the one hand, but is not unbearably “preachy-upbeat” on the other.. Bringing home to people generally how mental ill health is a huge area with many, many shades of grey and bleak on the one hand and scintillating temptations on the other (think “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden)? That might also help the bereft and left-behind understand a bit better? Is this a macabre idea?
    Lots of uppitty-thumbs and encouraging vibes from across the Atlantic moat!



    P.S. batting the idea of the “serious game” around some more — would there be a market for instructional role play games about, for example, baby and child care to help young mothers learn the skills they don’t get at school, nor — unless part of a large family — at home? Or do these exist already? They would have to be fun and absorbing, with the educational aspect well woven in. A game based on people skills and emotional intelligence might also be fun…



    Calico325 & Soprano_Smurf -> The past year plus has been insanely stressful and depressing, dealing with certain allegations that caused me to lose my job and stop all volunteering I was doing since I was working with helping the public. Between legal restrictions, until this is over, finding a lot of my “support net” of “friends” couldn’t be trusted, this put me into a deep depression.
    Dealing constantly with chronic pain, these extra frustrations caused my weight to skyrocket, and in turn, makes my pain worse.

    I started looking for something to help me cope – and started exploring my Steam library – I currently have over 350 video games – most from independent developers gained from sites like HumbleBundle that you pay a small amount for a good amount of games, and your purchase helps charities and these small developers. My way of supporting small artists *lol …. Anyways I found that getting immersed in gaming really helped deal as both a distraction from pain, but a way to think outside the box for various puzzles. And when I need to – I can find a good first-person shooter and kill all the aliens … great way to control stress *lol

    I want to try to be one of the Twitch or Youtube gamers … playing games, promoting small projects … but also relate it to my own issues.

    Most of the games I play are story driven, with puzzles or problems to solve and I find it both relaxing and exciting to explore new worlds …

    I am sorry Soprano_Smurf, about losing a friend. There are a few games that deal with grief and guilt – but not in an open way. One game I played was about a person that was just … not to be offensive – but off the cuff looney *lol … but then we learn his backstory – and find that it was characters like us that made him that way. Another one I started was of a girl with the gift to turn back time to fix mistakes … and the nightmare having that sort of power creates.

    I really wish more games taught liveable skills … actually, I wish schools taught them too … I guess we have to find what we are looking for in the puzzles we see around us. :)



    From what I’ve seen of twitch/youtube gamer channels I’d suggest just picking games you enjoy playing. If there’s interesting information that’s worth conveying on a topic related to the game then that’s something to talk about as you’re playing, or a narrative for dubbing over replay footage. As long as it isn’t from to far “left of field”.
    Overall it seems as if the trick is to just start producing content and, if it works out, the channel will shape itself over time based on your preferences and the feedback from your viewers.

    The one warning I would offer is that turning fun into work can make it stop being fun.

    As far as mental health in videogames is concerned, I can’t think of any that would fill an educational niche. Most that touch on the subject are generally exploring the cause and effect in a way that may not be particularly comfortable, or possibly traumatic, for those with first hand experience.
    Some youtube gamers have touched on the subject. I’m not sure if it’s still there but Fiaura The Tank Girl had a vlog series on her experiences. (Note: Fiaura frequently uses language that is not “family friendly”.)



    Huge update … for Steph and I … we just updated our Internet from 10Mbs DSL (we averaged 5-7, was flakey due to bad internal wiring) to 60Mbs Cable (averaging 75!). Tech came this morning, and we are up and running (we will need to grab a good router, I repurposed the old modem *lol). I just did a streaming test on Twitch and Youtube simultaneously, and 0% loss (on old connection was choppy at about 75+% loss) and only a 7-second delay … I think that is quite impressive. :)

    Thanks for info JK … I remember Flaura … and she was interesting … and definitely not always family friendly *LOL – I will need similar disclaimers I think *LOL

    nods I am going to start upgrading my skills via SkillShare … a lot has changed with webdesign and presentation … but will be working on those projects too …

    Would be nice to have a following … but I would be happy with an end product that is also ongoing that I feel shows creativity and I had fun with *lol



    Here is a random thought — I’m not a gamer, and when I “hear” about games or see adverts etc. they always seem to be about winning a war, blowing stuff up, pseudo-medieval alchemy or warfare; or else they are based on unicorns and lollipops.

    I know that is not a consumer-savvy assessment. But there is nothing in any of those categories that is going to entice me into a game.

    Are there new categories you could create or promote? Games for grown-ups that aren’t about war or winning, just interesting doing? I really liked the idea about the interactive new-mom training idea. What about dog training? How about go here/go there horseback riding? A realistic design, build, decorate and furnish a house game? Explore a castle or cathedral?

    Maybe these things already exist. I’m not competitive, and I would be more drawn to games one plays alone. If I think about it less as a win/lose game, and more of an “interactive virtual adventure” kind of thing, I think that would open up a lot of possibilities.

    My $ .02 for today!

    *Gets in line to be part of following*



    Shepmom: you sound like me. I tend to get bored with games that are competitive or non-stop fighting. My favourites tend to be simulation and world-builder type games (maybe edging into strategy if there’s more to it than that).

    One of my faves at the moment is calles Cities: Skylines and it lets you build up a city from scratch – plan the roads, the utilities, the zoning, the schools and hospitals and such, later even the bus routes and stops (!), the city policies and taxes.

    An old fave is Civilizations, where you take your people from a tiny hamlet to expanding and exploring the world, trading and negotiating – it often involves having an army to protect yourself even if you aren’t agressive, but there are ways to win other than conquering everyone (there are many versions, my fave is V, VI kinda killed it to me). I also like a sort of magical version of Civ called Age of Wonders.

    For Windows, there are a bunch like Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon that let you design and build the best zoo, or amusement park, or whatever – can’t play those personally anymore, we run Linux now, but I loved them. And a rather silly one where you play as a sentient potato, your challenge is mostly to create the best weapons possible to sell to heroes. :-) (It’s called “Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?”) There are puzzle-based games out there, including a lovely Android one called “The Room” with gorgeous graphics and puzzles that made me think without pulling my hair out.

    Old-school, there were point-and-click games where fighting wasn’t really an option, just finding the right objects and figuring out how to use them, some let you type in simple commands (USE key ON lock, LOOK book, GET screwdriver) and some were all pointer-based, and there are still a few that have been revived or new ones that have been created as nostalgia. Mostly by indie developers.

    The thing is, the big noisy flashy competitive games tend to get the most visibility, things like first-person shooters (yuck) where your point of view is behind the gun. I do like a few third-person role-playing games, if they have a story and they’re more than just non-stop killing everything that moves… but in most cases, they aren’t so much role-playing these days, with a few indie exceptions.

    There are tons of games, mostly indie, that aren’t just violence and you can just play them quietly alone, not online or interacting with anyone. :-) They just don’t get the hype.



    That’s great to know, PK! So maybe a niche market for raising awareness of that type of game for people like me would be one thing to think about…



    I don’t visit the forums much, but just saw this. I am also not a gamer (although I have a lot of friends who are). In the build-a-city type games, how about games that help raise awareness of a topic? One that I get frustrated with is the lack of knowledge on how to build or retro-fit buildings/homes for people with disabilities? You could do a “spot the problems” in a picture of a room and give options for correcting the problem. I know that I went to a demo last year where architect students were asked to build “green” homes…and one team actually went to AARP and ASKED what are the issues for older people that want to stay in their homes. Lots of people are caregivers and dealing with these kind of problems. This would also work with the ideas put forth earlier on how to take care of babies, or how to run a budget, any kind of life skills that people need and making it fun. I’ve played games that are sneaking in time management and organizational skills. You might think about hooking up with local career assistance or technical skills schools for ideas. Again, just my ideas for fun education games. And yes, I hate the misogynistic kill them all games that get all the hype. NOT great roles models for kids.



    Izza grate ideer, Badger! Wun coulds alsew dew puppy and kitteh care, puppy training, and hao to be trained by yoor kitteh.

    Maybe musiclol stuffs too — ai coulds halp wif dat.



    I have an updated I should have posted a LONG time ago *LOL

    The gaming site is LIVE – you can find me (and sometimes PK) at

    Actually, there are 3 vids of Prysma and I fixing my computer – if you want to watch some sillies – I will be posting those links shortly *LOL



    Cool! Thanks!

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