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    theese ar grate! thanks fore the likn.

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    Fankees Puddy! Great piccies, awesome doggos!

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    Very blessed yesterday on the way back from the sanctuary. I go by a cool pond/wetland area where I sometimes see cool stuff like geese, cranes, deer, and the biggest snapping turtle crossing the road. Yesterday I could see something by the road so I slowed down. It was a cluster of big birds. When I got closer two bald eagles flew up and flew my way so I got to see them really close and OMG I was so excited. It was my first time to see bald eagles in person. They are so beautiful and regal. They definitely need a better name.

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    How about the scientific name? Haliaeetus leucocephalus. I can’t translate the first part, but the leucocephalus bit means white head. White headed eagle sounds better, I think!

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    Yes indeed. Or alabaster eagle.

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    a funny-last night I went to visit Mom and her new friend from there was also visiting. Her friend cautioned Mom as she was over-reaching for something “Lolly be careful or you’re going to fall and get stuck between the dresser and your chair.” Then she added “We’ll have to call the firemen……and some of them are real cute.”
    She’s one of us (some of us)!

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    okai sew serious radeeo teh nawt sebenties sez luk up yur Chineeze Zodiak yeer boarne. ai ar an tigurrrrrr! Ai lyke. Whut ar yu?

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    Ai’m a horse, by date. Butt(!) luuking at all teh chracturristikks, it seems to be a littlol inaccurate. My lukky numbers happen to be in mai howse number, butt(!) mai unlukky colo(u)rs are two uv mai faybrits. Adn teh purrsonalties adn careers are just off. Ai wuz borned right at teh beginning (oar end) uv a year, sew mebbee Ai’ll go chekk owt teh adjacent animalol.

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    yes, maibee cawse nawt Chieese. onlee wun uf mai nummers waz dere.

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    I’m a rabbit – although some say it is cat, not rabbit. Puddy should have been a dog, but he came early and is a rooster.

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    Ai’z a dogo. In partikular – uh fire dogo. Most uv da associations fur dat sign iz me, eggsept my faborite color iz blu adn dat’s considered tu be unlucky.

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    Pleeze tew think good thots, a potential hoomin mama koming tew meat an greet Zorro aka Cedrick aka Benjamin. Hur hassa 9 month old kitteh whoo needs a kitteh to plai wiff.

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    I’m a rooster. I suppoze dat meens I’m part dinosaur.

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    woman changed hurr mynd, Zorro will bee here at least till end of March because I’m going to have to take him back to my friends’ back porch.. :(

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    came round on teh tweeter yesterday –

    just a focks and dog sharing an ice-cream (video)

    focks appears to be called Juniper (she are a rescue focks) – more here.

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    OMG puddy_tat. That video is so cute. Such a happi focks. Fankies muchly fur postin da linkies.

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    Noo newz tew me: FDJ hazz a gurlfren! Thay lukk verrie happie inn teh pitchers.
    (all ovur world brokin harts an/oar glad fore such a nyse kittehman).

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    Reely, oh hevenz b praised. Ceiling cat brot a gurlfrend 4 fdj.

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