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    Healin beemz ov luv awn hi odt eva settin. >>>>>>>>>♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡》》》》》》♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡》》》》》☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆~~



    Very hard news, mqos. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.



    anni- I see your suitcase-all ready for fun!



    There are no words m’dear, just love to you both. You are in my thoughts every time I stroke Miss Kiriko (and that is VERY often). {{{{{maryqos & mr c}}}}}.



    I really really wish I had the slightest idea what to say, except, love you, and hate that this is happening to two of the most generous and compassionate people on the planet, and sending all possible love and good wishes and hopes your way. Jackie says, her too… she just got home and she’s otherwise speechless.



    Many hugs and prayers!Under you are the everlasting arms!



    more hugs and beems from teh bark-shire region



    Upsetting and disappointing news. Whichever route you (and the Tumor Board) choose to take, you will be accompanied by beams of love and support.



    Oh mai deer, ai am sew bery sorry tew heer yore noos. Pleez noe dat yew an yore huzbin ar in mai prayers!



    I’m so sorry. There are no words. Please always update us; don’t worry about sharing whatever you feel like sharing. We’re here. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MQ and famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}



    loves and beems to you….on ohai+!



    No worries about sharing the negatives with us, that is when you need our love and support the most! We are a community of love and comfort for each other. {{{{Mr.C & Mary & fambly}}}}



    Beems and hugs and more beems!!!



    Sending wishes for healing to you adn Mr. C, Maryqos.

    Regarding the puzzle about what a Tumor Board does: I don’t know about your home area, but generally a “Tumor Board” is a weekly-or-so meeting of the doctors in a community who take care of cancer patients (medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, cancer surgeons, and specialty surgeons as needed, e.g. ENT, urology, GYN and whatnot) where newly-diagnosed cancer cases, or cases which have had new developments, are discussed. Generally the meeting reviews the previous treatments, X-rays, scans and history. The meetings are held so that the primary-care team can have the benefit of everybody’s prior experience and hear about any newly published studies which have appeared in the specialty journals but might not yet be widely known among the primary care docs. Surgical vs. radiation vs. chemo vs. immunotherapy and various combinations are discussed and recommendations are made. These recommendations are not binding on the doctors or the patients, they’re just a way of getting the maximum useful information to them so that the patient can make an informed decision. If the Tumor Board recommends against a particular operation, for instance, it would generally be because the members who know most about that operation feel that the risk would be too great for the possible benefit, or because they feel that the particular circumstances of the case (prior treatments or whatever) might have rendered the performance of the surgery impossible. Tumor
    Boards also keep statistics about newly diagnosed cancers so that regional increases in unusual tumors can be identified and their causes sought.–Lungdoc.



    That’s a lot of information-thank you so much-I don’t know what I would do without my cheezfriends.., xxxooo



    Interesting info, LD. Thnx for explaining. It actually sounds like a good thing.
    Continued beems across the hills to MQoS adn MrC.!



    Oh, my. That is so sad. My bee does are with you and yours😞



    thangyew awl an pssst Mugglemary ai preshiate teh “bee does” butt shamed tew admit ai duzzin noe waht taht iss….. :oops:
    fealin presshured bai hiz fambly an frens (awt uf luv butt still) tew taek hym tew Fubbalo kanser horse spittle. ai asks hiz onkolojist tewmorro. ai dunnawt want tew dew teh rong fing butt tew manie isshues including ai am awlsew berrie tyred tew an all sew stressded an short awn time off ai kan taek an Fubbalo furhtur awai an wine wine wine…..



    ai wuz wundrin maiselve watt a ‘bee does’ iz. iz itt watt aunt b wood due awn da olde any griffith sho? an dont startz two wistel . do do do do do do do……. uh ohh two L8 whistler werm haz struk.
    da cheezwereld iz wiv u an mr c. inn a crisiz evriwun becomez a expert. butt u an mr c will find da rite fing too due. listin to ur hart an eech othor.



    Jus got bak from visit wif Dr. Tinyonkolojist. He’s reallie wunnerful man. He sez dis not such a biggie an if surjerie is “no goe” he haz lotsa stuff he kan duz. he sez get it owt bestist wai tew goe tho. uppded teh payne menacing sew maibe payne goe awai oar at leest ebb. an refering Mr. C tew palliative kare group tew halp wif awl teh stuff. Wai bedder fealing affer leeving appoyntmint.
    rachets down stress tew elebentee minus wun
    oh-an fambly reterning Cricket an keepin Sadie (aifink). Cricket bited teh kid-noe broke skin-an snappded at teh wive wen wive putt teh fuds dawn…an chaesed teh kat????? (din’t have taht problim at mai hawse)



    oh mai, ai iz happe u tawked wiv dt tinyoncologist. iz bestest 2 getz gud inphormachion frum peepz u trustify. an sorree bout da goggie problemz, harumph, iz neva da goggiez oar kitteh da iz da problem, iz hoomans fawlt. dat last opinyon wuz strait frum mai kittiez an goggiez handbook.



    Update: The surgery will be next Monday the 21st. he will lose the hearing and maybe the ear. They will take the graft-a long piece of skin & muscle & stuff either from wrist to elbow or knee to hip. ugh. He’ll be in the hospital at least a week. They are most worried about the one behind the ear. And if they see it is too far gone…they won’t do the whole surgery. Then maybe chemo and/or radiation (which were both not supposed to happen…and the kitchen sink I guess). I’m trying to find someone to take care of the outside animals instead of the neighbor & a kid who lives not close that he has lined up. Also trying to get someone to take Cricket for a week. (or forever). Sadie didn’t come back because the little girl likes her (and she didn’t bite her like Cricket did…..) I’m going to put a picture in my 2016 file so you can see her. My boss saw the picture & said “that is the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen” (he’s REALLY NOT an animal person-unless he can shoot it, that is-but he has been very nice through this whole illness)
    And just because this is what I came upon this morning: The water bowl is a very large ceramic bowl that I keep full because otherwise Seamus will tip it over…well this morning I found the dishtowel the bowl was on at the far end of the kitchen, the waterbowl about a yard from where I put it and water running down the kitchen into the dining room. I have not a clue WTF happened. Poltergeist????
    I know I kinda put not so important things in the middle there.
    I also had to email the sanctuary today & tell her I couldn’t come there for who knows how long. I didn’t tell her yesterday because I start to cry if I even think it. It was a break from everything for me and for Casey too.
    Aneeeways…if he makes it till Monday for the surgery and you want to send him a card his real name is Larry Satterfield and he will be at Wilmont Cancer Center, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY. But just beems and prayers will do just fine. Love you all & you’ve been such a source of comfort, positivity, joy and love, just a real blessing to me. xxxooo



    Awl da luv ai kin gathor r awn dere weigh four u an mr c. Ai iz sorri dat suchly gud gud cheezpeepz haz too endure sew much pleh. 》》》》》》》♡♡♡♡♡♡ 》》》》》》☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ >>>>>>>>>> ◇◇◇◇◇◇ 》》》》》》》



    My dear friend, I am so sorry that you have this load of worries. My prayers and thoughts are with you. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{mqos an Mr C}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}



    Wishing the best of luck and speediest of recoveries (and a home for Cricket). My friend’s son recently had some cancer removed from his face and needed a graft. She showed us pictures of him with what looked basically like a slab of skin under his eye. Kind of weird, but whatever is needed.

    Thinking of you both!



    The grafted places often look lumpy and peculiar at first but may flatten down and smooth out over time, after the swelling in the operated tissue beneath goes away. Skin around face has lots of blood supply, so grafts attach and thrive better than on some other places, if I remember right.

    Lots of getwell beems getting loaded into teh New Mexico beemerator for delivery in your direkshuns, this week adn next!



    {{{{{MQoS an Mr C}}}}}



    thangyew awl!!!



    {{{{MaryQoS an Mr C}}}}



    Sending both of you beams of energy and hugs. I know all your energy is focused on your husband, but take care of yourself too. I’ve been where you are (a lot!). Trying to stay positive in front of a sick loved one while you are dying inside is HARD! Teh Cheezepeeps are part of your support system. Use us! Also, we are very lucky to has Lungdoc as a Cheezepeep. Don’t know about you, but I find all the medical talk very intimidating sometimes.

    I know I am mostly a lurker, but the funny Cheezepeep pictures have lifted my spirits when things were bad. Just had to pipe up and say fasten your seatbelt and Hold On.



    Hugs and high energy beams to you both. Doan furgetz to take care uv yourself also. Ifinkso we are lucky to number Lungdoc among teh Cheezepeeps. Teh medical talk can be confuzing an intimidating.



    Yes thangyew LD, ai tell Mr C taht, maek him feal bedder.
    (ai dunnoe wai thay cannawt taek eer off, save, den putt bak wen awl surgerdie dun. ai will ask teh Dr. tiny Sturgeon.)



    Sending every positive thought possible, beems, hugs, the whole lot, to all of you. You are held in my heart.



    All possible beems etc! Xxx



    {{{{{{{{{{mqos and Mr C}}}}}}}}}}



    Beems and beeems and even more beeems from over the pond!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3



    {{{{{{{{MQoS an Mr C}}}}}}}}



    Aifinkso saving da eer tu reattachify souns lyke a gudgudgud plan! Tuu bad ai nawt noe wut ai r talkink abaowt. :sad: Gentil hugs anna plenty ob prayers furr yu boff anna tu fine Cricket a gud hoem! {{{{{Mr.C & Maryqos}}}}}



    oohooh Sully’s mama just tole me teh ladie innerestid in Cricket is teh president uf teh kownty aminal sossity!



    Ai ar weeving teh beeg beeg spell ov Hoep an Strenf an Cumfurt foar yu boaf.
    {{{{{{{MQoS an Mr. C}}}}}}}



    thangyew awl deer peeps.
    erm….faver….if’in anee wun uf yu noes hao tew preevent a wethur predektshen—supposded tew snoe awn Maundai! Ai kan noe duz teh snoe. rellie…less sea…hao kan ai egg spress mai feer uf snoe dryvin? Maybe OHH HALP ME OHH HALP MEE THYMES ELEBENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    *Sendin zeffers ov snowmeltin desert sirocco wind from teh Soufwest tu blow teh slipperee snows bakk intu teh lake or wherever, adn out ov Maryqos’s way… Whoosh!* (Ignore teh white gypsum sand, it iznawt so slipperee.)



    thangyew LD!



    Beeeemz and prayers and prayers and beeeeeemz for yoo bof. Ai is sew sowwy yoo habs to goe fru dis. Wii am awl heer for yoo wiff hugs and chonklit and listening eers.



    Ai wishify dat ai kud zoom up dere anna dribe yu twu tu da horsepital onna Moandai! Nawt dat dis gulp coasss gurrrl noes ennyfing baowt dat butt(!) ai wud du eet furrr yu boff! *smooches furr Maryqos anna gintelol wuns furrr Mr.C*



    awwwww! thass sweet uf yu icha! (obveeyuslee icha neber bin inn kar wif mq wen snoe awn rode-kinda serprysed hur dint heer teh skreemin an cryein inn Taxes).



    Just so yoo knoes how we deelz with (or duzzn’t) teh snoe on tihs side of teh pond – :)

    Ebery beem and hug pawssible beeying sent in yor direckshun, mq.



    thasss sew funniez! thangyew tew awl wif the gud wish-hiss!



    Am tumorrow sirgury dai? Bettor too put awn ur koat wiv da deep poketz. Awl ob cheezland iz goin wiv u an mr c. Oui promize too beehave.



    Will be thinking of you both.

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