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    Got bad news yesterday. Casey’s cancer is back. He will have outpatient surgery Thursday.



    Oh carpy sh*t. Ai’m sorry. Send my regards.



    *sends getwell beems adn wishes from teh New Mexico beemerator on ohai setting*



    thnx toona an LD.



    Sorry to hear that. Beems for a good outcome.



    oh boo. da wun doc sed cancer free, noa iz bak. wtf? him an u an ur nanimalz an awl ov cheezland iz werkin sendin beemz >>>>>>>>>> luv, strengf, luv, courage, an moor luv.



    Big strong lubs an gudgud thoughts from the even teenier tinier Eyerland beemerator x



    thangyew awl!






    Lots of lubs an beemz from TTI



    Moar beems an luv from akros teh pond =====>>>>>



    thangyew awl, wif teh beems frum awl ovur he shood dew gud.



    Oh gnoes! Eggstraw strawng beemz coming frum wun who habs been awn dat particular rollercoaster. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}



    Hyoooooooj beems an lubs cumin atcha frum VLC!!!!!!! Pleh Kansir, gedowta der!!!!!



    Prayers an Lub




    sends get well beems from teh bark-shire region






    jus seed dis, beeeemz on ohi fur yew boff
    maryqos an casey<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



    ginormuss BEEMS frum Middul Urth West fur teh pricklee wun….
    dangnabbit. Ai lubs me sum porkquepinez…..



    Hyuuuuge beems furr awor deer Mr.C! ####====>>>>{{{{Mr.C}}}}<<<<====####

    Wiffy lubslubslubs furr yu boff!



    Mr. C’s surgery went fine. Afterwards I asked Dr. Tiny ENT if it was cancer & he said he wasn’t sure, we’d have to wait for the report from Dr. Tiny Patholjist. Thanks for all your beems an luv-cheezpeeps ar teh bestist!!!!!



    Thnx for teh updaet. Ai hoaps yoo get sum rest (oar at leest sum gud kitteh thyme!)



    {{{{{{{{{{{ Mr. C an Maryqos }}}}}}}}}}}



    i’m sew confuzzled. ai got teh path report frum the biopsie from too weaks ago-sez knead moer test tew sai if canser is dere.
    anyhoo thay got teh moer tissews Thurdsdai sew showld hear soone.



    Yeersh. Da uncertaintee iz veree frusterateing. Keep us posted an rock awn der mr c an maryqos.



    Cheezfrends, bad nooze, speak off: Went to ENT & he says the cancer is back & he can’t help any more. He says it is undifferentiated and aggressive. He’s referring him to a head/neck cancer specialist. This type of cancer can spread to and along the nerves. He said the cancer must have invaded the facial nerve & is causing the droop & probably the shooting pain to the top of his head. He said Casey can’t have any more radiation. The oncologist told him before that chemo doesn’t work on this cancer. For the medical peeps (or just anyone with access to Google) it was a mucoepidermoid cancer of the parotid gland. Please pray for Casey if you pray or send beems of strength to him, thanks in advance. MQOS



    :( I hope the specialist can help.{{{{{{{{ Mr. C an Maryqos }}}}}}}}



    Hi maryqos. I just noticed this post. I’m so very sorry it came back. I am sending super beems of strength and love to you both.



    oh mai sweet maryqos an lovly mr c. no wordz can possible express how sad i am for you two wonderful people. anyone who loves animals and loves each other as much as you do is tops in all werld. i love you both.



    Dearest maryqos and Mr. C —- I have no words, just massive hugs and beems to you both.



    Oh deer deer cheezfrend, ai iz sew very very sorry. Dere aren’t werds.

    Holding you both in prayer and love and light. May I put you on a couple of prayer chains? I know some very powerful prayer warriors.



    Prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way from the Southwest again. Hoping for at least some symptomatic help from the head/neck oncologist…maybe some new treatment trial? I’ve no information about any new treatment myself but the specialist may know of something.



    thangyew awl mai deer frens, ai gots teers inn ais, sumwun cudding yunyins. prayer chayns welkome.



    Oh Mary, I’m so sorry.

    I just want everyone to know… When I visited with Mary and MrC in August (September?), I was so impressed by the spirit and attitude in that household. As we all know, MrC has had several problems over the last year and at one point during conversation he shrugged and said, “Well, I can’t complain”. Really? My jaw dropped. People complain over far less.

    I wish you both peace and comfort.






    Oh no! After all that to try to kill it… :-( I wish I knew how to help. Hopehopehope the specialist can think of something. And meanwhile, oceans of love and strength and healing pain-free thoughts coming your way from the prysma-household!



    My prayers are with you and Mr C.



    dew yu noe it akshullie HERTS tew goe tew werk at sixth inn teh mornink? teh son aisni’t evun op yit.
    haev tew taek Mr C fore PET skan inn affurnewn sew ai kame inna werk eerlie. reel eerlie fore me these dais



    Luuk attit tihs way: It’s almoast lonsch thyme :grin:



    Pee ess: gud lukk with teh scan!



    Beems continuin frum ober teh pond.



    Hugs and prayers xxxx



    O deer O deer O deer! Prayers and beeeeeems on OHAI!1!!!!!!! {{{{Mr.C & Maryqos}}}}



    ohai icha!
    ai gots tail showz hao tinder hartid Mr C kan bee butt WARNIN-it is sad awlsew:

    Sum stupid $%&*$%@%$-head runned ovur blak kat yesturdai. still inn rode tewdai, he wen down tew ware it waz an berried it sew sumbunnie kared an awlsew sew ai din’t hav tew bee upset ebry dai goin bai it.



    Him iz gud, gud kindharted man. Sendin luv an courate ur whey.



    {{{{kind hearted Mr.C}}}}



    ♡♡♡==========}}}>mr. C adn Mqos



    thanks Roofie an awl!



    Folks, I think I will have to stop sharing this because it is all so negative. So I tell about what we found out today & then just maybe when it is big news…
    Well it is big news today as the PET scan shows 3 deep tumors, 2 in front of his ear, and one behind. MD Says the surgery would involve 6 hours & another surgeon getting a skin graft from his leg. Said he might lose all of his ear or just part of it. And have eye surgery after to repair whatever is caused by surgery. Also he can’t have it till it is approved by the Tumor Board (???). He said it is either the surgery or “hug your grandkids goodbye”
    Now I know the following is not on the same life or death scale but came home to a phone message “It is not working out with the 2 dogs, come get them.” WTF?????????



    Oh my sweet. I have no words that could possibly express how sad and frightened I am for you and your wunderful mr c.
    You are both extraordinarily kind and courageous people. I love you dearly. Please know you are in my thoughts and my prayers.
    Hug each other for me, and pj and jessica send gentle nose boops your way.

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