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    Jackie stumbled over this, sent it to me as a joke… I showed it to Cory, and he almost went out of his fur, even though he usually ignores even real birdies (nawt skwirrls… if they come onna balcony and he sees, he charges at them, which shocks them becoz every other cat inna nayborhood ignores them).

    Izza channel on YouTube with bideos… for cats n dogs! Cannot aay how well the goggie ones work. At least, on goggies. My kids like anything with birdies and rodints.

    This is link to channel:

    This is link to my playlist of all the looooong videos, like, 3 hours up to 12 hours (!!!) (is lots n lots of shorter ones too, but I saved the long ones):

    Cory likes teh robins and rooks and rodents, aifinkso he only got one section of the manual or somethin. But Freya and Trick enjoy watchin, too, and both Cory and Freya have smacked the screen of my tablet multiplol times, and I has to be careful if I put it on my laptop coz Cory will jump onna keyboard… Anyway. I’m not getting much use of my tablet rite now, it always seems to has birdies onnit. Is done in Cornwall, so is kinda neet to see teh birdies from there.

    It’s distracting Cory when he has allergy itches. I’ve seen him try to chew on himself but keep stopping to watch the screen, and if it’s on, he’ll turn his back before he falls asleep. “Must… keep… watching… birdies!” If it’s lined up behind his food, he’ll keep watching the screen while he’s nomming gushies.

    Maybe is interesting to other peeps with bored furkids? Especially with weather changing?

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    In fact, I are going with Jackie to her dentist appt… I gotta take an old-school print book, nawt my tablet, coz Cory am enthralled watchin teh birdies… :roll: I are NAWT leavin him watchin my lappytop unsoopervised!

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    LOL! Cory is just lyke a hewmin kidlet wif tee vee wif fuds!

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    Mai kittehs like tew tern awn the Roomba wen ai’m nawt thare. wunce wen ai fownd it, it spoke a forein lankgwadge….???? ai putt tish info hear bekawse teh lass thyme thay terned it awn, it ended up inn teh living ruum killified (temperarilie) by a loooong PK mause taylol!

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